Ignition for Android Update Adds Wake-on-LAN, Remote Sound and Tablet Support

As our first official product post, we’d like to tell you about our first major update to LogMeIn Ignition for Android.  This update includes many enhancements requested directly by you, our users.   Ignition for Android now has Wake-on-LAN to remotely turn on your sleeping computers via LogMeIn – as well as the ability to play remote sounds from your Windows PCs running LogMeIn Pro2.   We’re also excited that the latest version of Ignition now includes additional enhancements and optimizations to give you the best possible experience on your Android tablet.

If you already have purchased Ignition for Android, the newest version is free and is available by visiting the Android Market on your device.   If you have an Android tablet or smartphone, we invite you to check us out.

Here’s a full list of what you’ll find in the new update:

  • Wake-on-LAN (for PC and Mac)
  • Android tablet optimized (tested on Galaxy Tab and Dell Streak)
  • In-app search to quickly locate a computer
  • Remote Sound (Windows only, Pro2 subscription required)
  • 3-finger left/right swipe to switch monitors (select Android devices)
  • Retrieve forgotten password
  • Clipboard support – copy/paste in and out of Ignition
  • RSA login support (by russo)
  • Enabled installing Ignition to SD card (Android 2.2 and greater)
  • JPEG support for higher quality and faster rendering
  • Auto-login to My Computers with saved LogMeIn user credentials

We hope you enjoy the new update.  Check it out and let us know what you think.


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Dave is the Vice President of Product Marketing for LogMeIn's Customer Engagement and Support Products - BoldChat & Rescue

9 thoughts on “Ignition for Android Update Adds Wake-on-LAN, Remote Sound and Tablet Support

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  2. I was going to buy the ignition for iPad however in reading the reviews saw that the wake on LAN was taken out of the ignition for iPad. Is this true? I really would like your software but will not download it unless it has wake on LAN.

    • Thanks for your comments. We aware of the customer demand for wake on LAN – especially with Ignition for iPad/iPhone. Today you can WOL from an internet browser using My Computers or the Central console on LogMeIn.com. Recently we have added functionality for Ignition Android users to WOL from an Android phone or tablet. Regarding Ignition for iPad, the review you read is incorrect as we have not rolled out this feature as of yet on iPad. Please stay tuned.

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  6. Remote control is the blast at the moment. I am often in need of mobility but as well computing power and remote control is the solution. Awesome tips appreciates

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