First look: Preview of Ignition for iPhone/iPad with file manager @ Mobile World Congress

LogMeIn Ignition for iPad

The new Ignition offers two ways to access your files and data

We’re here at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona showing off LogMeIn’s latest mobile products and previewing a few things we have in the works.

Yesterday, we offered a sneak peek at an upcoming version of Ignition running on the new Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet OS.

Today we have one for Apple iOS fans: A preview of the next-generation of our popular iPhone/iPad app which has a totally new design and many new feature enhancements.   In addition to remote control for Macs and PCs, the new Ignition provides the ability to directly view, copy and move files between remote computers and your iPad/iPhone.  From directly within the app, you can store files and access them anytime.  That means you’ll get remote control and file management all within the same app.

If you’re at Mobile World Congress, stop by our booth to check out the action in person.  For those of you remotely monitoring MWC from far and beyond, here are a couple shots to whet your appetite.

The best remote control experience on the iPad...

...combined with the ability to access, copy and view files from any of your computers

Let us know what you think.


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8 thoughts on “First look: Preview of Ignition for iPhone/iPad with file manager @ Mobile World Congress

  1. I am definitely anxious to get that capability as soon as possible! Are there any tentative release dates planned for this new function in LogMeIn Ignition for iOS?

    • We’re actively working on the update and should have more details soon. It’ll be a free update for existing Ignition for iPhone/iPad users.

    • We’ve been working on this for months, and it’s almost done. But we absolutely want to get the user interface right, and then there’s a little thing called a bug tracker… In other words, it’s going to be soon, but there’s a little more work we have to do before submitting to the Store.

  2. Will the remote computer need to have LogMeIn Pro to enable file transfer, or will this work for LogMeIn Free too?

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