Coming soon: Ignition iOS update

I’m Tara, the new Sr. Product Marketing Manager for Ignition. You’ll be hearing more from me in the coming months, but I get the pleasure of telling you about our upcoming iOS update as my first blog post.

We just submitted the app to Apple for approval so we’re just days away from getting you the latest enhancements and improvements. We’re excited about the three new features coming to users of Ignition for iOS.  For now, I’m giving you a sneak peak of our photos and videos feature which allows you to copy photos between your iPad/iPhone photo library and Ignition, so they’re always accessible in one place.

Fresh off the development build, here are some screen shots.

I have gigabytes of photos on my desktop computer and I obviously can’t carry all of them with me. Now I can easily grab my favorite photo of my home town (Anchorage, AK), copy them to Ignition using File Manager and they’re automatically available in the Photo app on my new iPad2. Slick!

Stay tuned for more details on our update, it’s coming soon.

Tara Haas

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Tara is the Vice President of Products at LogMeIn. Tara's team is responsible for cross-product coordination with regards to customer insights, product launches, data analytics and pricing and packaging.

12 thoughts on “Coming soon: Ignition iOS update

  1. Looks pretty good! Did you integrate in a quick preview of a photo so if I want to see 5mb photo from my computer on my iPhone I can see an optimized preview of the photo and not have to download 5mb just to see the photo?

    • Eric – Unfortunately, no. A preview of the photos or thumbnail view would have been ideal, but just didn’t make it into this update. Thanks for the feedback. ~ Tara

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  7. Sounds good, any chance of seeing LogMeIn Rescue integrated into Ignition? That would make my life so much easier!

    • Hi Michael. Please make sure you update your host to build You can do this by going into the logmein software on your Mac and selecting “check for updates” in the “About” menu. Then go back to your iPad and login. It should fix the issue. Thanks!

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