Hamachi Mobile for iOS and Android is now in Beta

The open preview of the Hamachi mobile client brings Hamachi networks into reach from an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. Now, IT managers and network owners can give members of their team secure, on-the-go access to critical information on corporate networks. Network resources, such as intranets or proprietary software, are now securely available from mobile devices.

Check it out:

  •  Log in to the preview site with your LogMeIn ID: https://preview.logmein.com
  • Click on Networks in the left navigation
  • Add mobile clients and configure how you want them to connect: simply click Add Client, select Add mobile client and then follow the on-screen instructions

Picture1For additional tips, support and information on the Hamachi Mobile preview, visit our community. Let us know what you think by sending feedback to hamachi-feedback@logmein.com.

Note: The mobile client is free to use during preview, but is expected to be a premium feature upon release.

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6 thoughts on “Hamachi Mobile for iOS and Android is now in Beta

  1. Almost works, but keep getting Last login [Fri Jul 26 2013 06:55:13] : Invalid client certificate, I notice on the android config example the user cetificate is blank, I assume this is the cert installed from the email that just has not been named?

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