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Your ideas lead to new features. That’s how Cubby works around here. We have a hard-working team monitoring, listening and talking to customers around the clock– not to mention, a talented (and fun) group of developers ready to create, design and code.

Here’s the latest update which was released magically (thank you, automatic updates) to you, your friends and colleagues on March 7, 2013:

Custom referral link

As requested, we’re making it easier for you to share Cubby Love. We’ve introduced a link that you can copy, paste and post to your favorite social spot. You’ll find your link in the More Space? section of once you’re logged-in. Invite away.


Orange cubbies = Improved tracking of syncing issues

As requested by Cubby user Scott Bilas, we’ve made it easier for you to identify sync issues. We call it the “Orange cubby” fix.

When you see an orange cubby on the desktop application, click Issues to see detailed information about what might be preventing your sync from finishing. No more guessing. We promise.


Time stamp improvements

As requested, we’ve made improvements to how Cubby handles file time stamps. Cubby will preserve the modified date, but the creation date will be when the file first gets synced to a “new” computer.

Referral tracking improvements

We made some improvements that help ensure you’ll get +1 GB referral bonus when a friend installs Cubby on his PC or Mac.

Improved syncing

Lots of little fixes to make Cubby faster and even more reliable.

Note that Cubby should update automatically to the latest version, which is

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Chaz is a Cubby product owner.

6 thoughts on “Your custom referral link (and more) is here

  1. I have a problem that seems to have started just today with the release of the new version of Cubby. I have a custom Android app which links to various .jpg files in one of my cubbies. The address of these pictures never changes. As of today, every single one of my links is broken. I checked the address and it seems that you have changed the format.

    Address before:…../Cubby Name/Random Numbers/File Name.jpg

    Address now:…../Cubby Name/File Name.jpg/Random Numbers

    The numbers and file name have been reversed. Is there some reason for this? I have never seen an address for a picture file online where the FileName.jpg is not the last part of the address. I now have to recompile my Android app to fix all the new links

  2. And why am I hanging on version

    I’m happy to hear that you people have fun but – I’m a paying customer and I’m more than tired to read your joyful posts… while in reality there are still so many bugs…

  3. As I recently noticed, Cubby does much ado about nearly nothing when SYNCING RENAMED FILES. In this case, it syncs every single file instead of only renaming it on the cloud an it’s linked machines. This handling causes a lot of unnecessary traffic.

  4. Why would I give someone a referral here? Unless I wanted them to be mad with me…

    First of all, the timestamp issue is not resolved. They only fixed the modified stamp, not the created date.

    Also, this service is not ready for prime-time. They will destroy your data. For example, it can’t sync .file nor will it sync hidden files (like _vti). I did not think this was a big deal until I attempted to sync 3.91 gb of files. When I checked, only 3.45 gb had synced. I had all kinds of missing files. This never happens with skydrive or dropbox.

    Also, when changing a file name, cubby pinned by cpu to 100%. Instead of simply changing the file name, it deletes the files and then syncs them again. Baffling way to handle this issue.

    I’m a bit surprised this was rated so high with PC Mag… it is a beta program and not ready for real data.

    Take your money someplace else. Try and if you need online storage, Microsoft skydrive is much cheaper and secure.

    Cubby has shown an arrogance to its users in that it does not care what it does with your data. When you complain they don’t take it seriously… they will say things like “this will take weeks to fix” and then fix it the next day. Or they will say it is going to be fixed soon and we are waiting two months.

    It might “look” pretty… but believe me when I tell you, “Cubby is not your Buddy”!

  5. I have no love of Cubby. I demanded and received a refund over what Cubby did to my files before the timestamp issue was fixed.It was handled VERY poorly on LMI’s part with little sense of how to deal with customers. They’ll probably never see me again as a Pro customer, which is a shame because I think Cubby had the potential to take over the

    That said…to be fair, even Dropbox changes the file creation date when a file is copied to another machine. It seems harsh to criticize Cubby for doing the same thing,

  6. Unfortunately, Cubby has no Windows Phone app. It also costs $83.88 for 100GB/year. SkyDrive only costs $50.00. Referrals only work so well as long as people are willing to sign up with your link. The problem I have with this is the same I had with Dropbox… you have so many people in your circle of friends it ends up being a huge contest to get everyone to sign up with each other. If you’ve been in Network Marketing, you know it’s a numbers game and it gets annoying when you have people spamming you with links to sign up under you with Cubby.

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