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You know how we’re always asking you to tell us what you think, because your opinion counts? Well, its true. We’re kind of like that genie from Aladdin, minus the lamp, and that crazy beard… Okay, maybe we’re not like him at all. But there’s a brand-new settings panel in your Cubby app and it’s all thanks to you. Here’s the deal:

Now you see them, now you don’t: You can now pick how often you want to see Cubby notifications on your desktop. You can choose to see notifications from all of your Cubbies, or only your shared Cubbies, or none at all.

Growl: Mac users can now opt to use Mac’s notification system, Growl, to see Cubby notifications.

It’s magic. No, really: Want Cubby to start automatically when you start your computer? Cubby works the way you want it to, so it’s your choice.

New proxy tab: Click over here to configure Cubby for your company’s proxy server, whether you let Cubby detect it for you or you do it manually.

You can access all these new settings in the upper left-hand corner of your Cubby app next to the “?“.

What do you think about these new settings? Let us know in the comments below.

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22 thoughts on “Update: New settings in Cubby

  1. All good stuff, but the Growl notifications don’t actually work – Cubby doesn’t appear in Growl’s Applications preference panel (should Growl.framework not be in Cubby.app somewhere?) Also, I’ve had these setting for a while – what took the post so long?

    • Timothy, I submitted your feedback re: Growl not working– thanks for letting us know! We’re going to try to get these posts out along with the updates as best we can.

  2. AWESOME SERVICE!!! OMG, it’s just like JOIN.ME! It’s so simple, easy, intuitive… I would gladly PAY for this service! (But I gotta say, I’m glad I don’t have to for now…)

    So, as a good BETA participant, here’s some glitchy feedback:
    I tried to make a Cubby out of C:UsersMyNameHereAppDataRoamingKeyText (which, btw, I strongly recommend), and it wouldn’t let me. Popup said “Cannot make that folder a Cubby”, or something along that line. Not a terribly useful error message, but at least it popped something up, so I should be happy for that. So, I thought I should mention it. If Cubby won’t do system folders, or hidden folders, or whatever, then that should be in the docs, don’t you agree?
    Still… AWESOME utility you’ve got here! Keep at it! and… THANK YOU!!!!

    • Great feedback. I’ll make sure these error messages are much more useful to you.

      • Thanks for that! So, what is the ACTUAL problem with that? Does Cubby not allow system folders? Or is it the “HIDDEN” attribute flag that is throwing it off? I don’t want to un-hide the folder unless I need to, but there are some app settings that I would just LOVE to sync between computers, and if that’s the only hang-up there, then I could do that. But, if it’s hard-coded to reject anything from AppData, I won’t bother trying…

  3. Is there somewhere a forum or ticketing system for annoying bugs in cubby? CubbyServices is suspending itself all the time on my 1st Gen. MacBook wit 10.6.8 – I would like to send bugreports and things like this. Since Cubby is flooding the log with entries the log gets much too long for this comments section. Also I would like to following progress 🙂

  4. Like the new options. So far everything is working great on my XP pro desktop, and my Win7 laptop.

  5. This service needs a bit more tweaking, I think that the concept is excellent, but when it comes to collaboration, there is something I would want. My friend has created a cubby, but he only wants to share one folder inside that cubby with me without sharing the entire cubby. I hop LogMeIn could do something about it, then I will change all my syncing services to cubby.

  6. Looking good! I’d love to have some information about transfer (upload rate) between the cloud/computers like Dropbox does… (And maybe limiting the transfer rate?)

    I’m loving the fact that I can sync my desktop to my laptop now! Thanks!

  7. An option to disable the default upload to cloud behavior would be very welcome. Its very sad when you’re copying a 7gb folder to another computer and then you realise it went aalll to te cloud..

    Would be a killing feature if you could “lock” a folder on one side, so that the other device could sync with the first, but not modify the first one

    • I second this request. It would be nice if the default was not to store the contents of a new cubby folder in the cloud, or if there was a popup option that asks you how you want to set it up, to the cloud, or just peer sharing.

      I wanted to add a folder with some large image files for a work project, and didn’t realize they were all being synced to the cloud storage, when I really wanted to just share them between my desktop and laptop.

    • @Fred: You can lock a folder when the name of the folder begins with a “.”, e.g “.private” instead of “private”.

  8. Cubby a savegame folder, go into game and save something, then save something in the same slot (or fast save), the game gives you an error or doesn’t save.

    Now I use another program likes cubby to savegame folders but I’d like to use cubby for everything.

  9. I’d like to be able to increase the interval that Cubby checks for items to sync. I don’t need instantaneous for most things. Perhaps up to a 300 second interval?

  10. Need the ability to pause sync’ing in case I am on a very limited connection and don’t want cubby to waste the bandwidth (for example 3G).

    I do not see any indication as to whether or not folders are in sync on each computer. How can I be sure on this? This to me is really important!

    Echo others that have said they would like to see the transfer speeds.

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