Update on Cubby service disruption

For those who may have experienced or may still be experiencing issues around Cubby and/or join.me recordings, we wanted to provide a quick update on what happened, what we have done and are doing to fix it, and what steps you can take, if desirable, to mitigate near-term disruptions.

First and foremost, please accept our apologies. We’re a company that has long prided itself on making products and services that ‘just work’ when you need them. We recognize any disruption is less than acceptable. And we’re working around the clock to restore full service.

What happened and when:

On June 5th, 4:13pm EDT, in the process of routine maintenance – specifically in the process of updating a Cassandra database used to support Cubby – we encountered a system failure that caused multiple issues with the Cubby service.  Specifically, this issue affected the ability to upload and download new files, the ability to access files from Cubby’s mobile and web applications, and the ability to access shared files from Cubby links (this included recordings of join.me meetings).

What’s been done to fix it (and what has been restored):

We’ve successfully restored the ability to upload and download new files from Cubby. New join.me recordings are now accessible via their public links. P2P sync and share is now working.

We’ve also made progress restoring access to previously uploaded and shared data, including past join.me recordings. Access to a large percentage of join.me meeting recordings has been restored and we continue to restore more every hour.

Work to restore access to saved Cubby files is also in progress, which will also restore Web and mobile access while restarting syncing of local files.

What’s next:

The steps to restore web and mobile access, as well as public link access to files will continue today and throughout the week with more and more of your files accessible by the day – we’re doing this chronologically to ensure access to more recent files first and then working backward. We expect this full process to take days.

Access to the majority of join.me recordings has been restored with more and more taking place by the hour.

The work is being done in a way that will map to your existing file structure. This will mean it will just work on your side with no other action required on your part.

Ways to expedite access:

If there are select files that you want to ensure can be accessed by other people today, there are two ways to manually kick-start sharing in advance of a full restore.

First, you can use the Cubby website to drag copies of existing files into a cubby (and thus into the cloud).  The benefit of this method is that it ensures that any previously set up syncing or sharing options (including previously create public links) continue to work.  This is the preferred method and we’ve covered it in this quick how-to guide: http://help.cubby.com/knowledgebase/articles/620775-restoring-files-to-the-cloud.

The second option is simply creating a new cubby. i.e. Uploading files into a new, separate cubby folder. Like the first option, this will allow you share and sync files today. The only downside of this approach is that previously created links and syncing options won’t work, and would have to be recreated and redistributed, in the case of public links.

With both options, we’d only recommend this approach for select files that you need to share in advance of a full restore.  Once restoration of your files is complete – part of our ongoing restoration work – previously created links and sync options should automatically work.  So we wouldn’t recommend re-uploading all of your previous Cubby files, en masse.

How to stay up to speed on progress:

We’ve made and continue to make progress, and we expect the majority of this process to be completed in a matter of days. Many users will regain access well in advance of that, but if you are a Cubby and/or join.me user, we will post updates to our blog, as well as to our social media channels. You can follow us on the following channels to get regular updates:







Again our apologies for any inconvenience, and thank you for your continued support.  We’ll provide further updates as they become available.

Matt Kaplan

Written by

Chief of Products at LogMeIn