We like to say if you’re not syncing, you’re sinking. And in our latest update, you’ll know you’re afloat because all your cubbies are now marked with a Cubby icon when viewed on the desktop or via your file explorer. Goodbye boring, unsynced-looking folders. Hello, knowing what’s a cubby and what’s not all at-a-glance.

Take a look:



That extra “C” means you’re certified and officially synced– or as we like to say, “cubbified”. Feels good, doesn’t it?

And don’t forget, we’ve got 3-ways for you to make anything a Cubby so, cubby-away.

Chaz Logue

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Chaz is a Cubby product owner.


  1. Yes, those folder icons look good.

    But why does one of my computers show that I have TWO Cubby installs on it? (i had to uninstall it and then reinstall it).

  2. It was a simply amazing addition. I already sent you an email congratulate this nice feature. I really like to see now this icons showing that the folder is syncing and the time remaining to sync all the files left. From my experiences I think cubby’s sync is slower than Dropbox, but I like cubby a lot more…

    Keep the pace and the great work.

  3. That’s not accurate. If I have a normal icon in a folder on my Mac, certainly adds a C, but if I have the icon changed to one designed for me, change it to Cubby standard folder + C and my beautiful design disappears. Not the best idea as it operates now. I think that it’s best to let the user decide whether or not the C, or keep the icon if the user has set up another for a folder. You could also add a symbol similar to that used on Mac or Windows when it is a shortcut and not a folder created on the desktop. Could have a small C in the lower right corner, for example, and avoid changing the icon.

    Thank you for hearing this humble opinion.

  4. I would love to have a similar indication on each file icon (a la Dropbox) that gives me an indication as to whether it is properly synchronized.

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