Update: 3rd party application support for iOS app

We know that as much as you love your picture-filled cubicle and sounds of your coworkers typing away, you’re not always in the office. You’re in the airport, or bouncing from meeting to meeting, and looking for better ways to work with your files on-the-go.

In the newest version of the iOS app, we’ve made it easier to add files to the cloud from your mobile device and work with existing files already in the cloud.

For instance, iOS users can now take files from other applications (like email) and add them right to their Cubbies for access anytime, anywhere. Just click the attachment and “Open in…” Cubby.

Users can also do the opposite: Open a file in another application from Cubby.  This is perfect for editing or viewing using your favorite applications, like Quickoffice or Adobe. Simply open the file, click the arrow in the upper-right corner, and select the app.

In general, how much time are you spending with Cubby on your mobile device? Let us know.

Chaz Logue

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Chaz is a Cubby product owner.

9 thoughts on “Update: 3rd party application support for iOS app

  1. Hi Kevin, could you please add the version number you are talking about? There is no single hint given, neither a link for an upload of the new version, if any. Thanks

  2. Jealous on my android…
    I’ve not spent a great deal of time with Cubby on my mobile, but typically it’s to stream my music or modify a playlist I have saved for offline use. Some time was using it to write notes and such on the go to be picked up from my main computer, but after experiencing an issue with the sync from android to ‘home-base’ (an issue the Cubby team and I are currently working to figure out) I haven’t been using it much for that.

    • P.S. I’d also put in a request recently to be able to have the Cubby music player play through the music files within the cubby folder I’m accessing whether they’re saved for offline or not, which they quickly picked up on, and hopefully development is going well! Go team!

  3. This is just the kind of news I’ve been waiting to hear from Cubby. Can you tell me what mobile apps are available for editing .doc and .xls files open from Cubby?

  4. I’ve found myself syncing a lot of pictures from a friend. Using iOS App, I can see them, but is very very annoying: I have to select one to view it, then go back and look for the name of the pic I just viewed in order to select the next one and view it. Just enable to move between photos by sliding from left or right like the native camera roll app. Also, if there is a way to enable thumbnail view, that would be awesome! Thanks you very much!

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