Now in preview: Easier account switching, public link improvements and more

We’re happy to announce a few small but powerful features that are now part of Cubby Preview. With your feedback we hope to release these features to all Cubby users soon.

Improvements to account switching

When reinstalling Cubby or switching between accounts, Cubby now provides the option to rejoin previously synced cubbies.


Improved public link creation (Windows & Mac)

Mac users can now create public links directly from their Finder context menu.

After generating public links, both Windows & Mac users now will be provided with a single window showing you the link to the individual file, rather than all public links within that cubby.


Automatic ”switch back to live” on Mac host

Mac users can now easily switch between the Preview and Live versions of the Cubby Mac hosts from their About page in Settings.


Sync-related improvements

We have also made various improvements to our sync engine.

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Chaz Logue

Written by

Chaz is a Cubby product owner.