Introducing: Cubby Locks, switches, icons and more

This week’s Cubby update introduces a major security feature along with some significant UI enhancements. We think– no, we know– you’ll love this update.

This week, start taking advantage of:

Cubby Locks: Your data in Cubby is secure even without Cubby Locks. But sometimes you want an extra level of protection for your sensitive documents and files. By activating the all-new Cubby Locks feature, you’re now able to place an additional lock on any cubby, requiring your account password to use it or share it.

Once you activate Cubby Locks for your account you’ll be able to lock any of your cubbies. All you’ll need is your account password to access, modify or share it.


When you lock a cubby, we provide a special code called a Recovery Key. Should you forget your password, you must provide the Recovery Key to regain access to your locked cubbies.


To get started, access your Advanced Settings from, take the tour, and click “activate.”  Once you’re activated, head back to your cubbies and choose which ones you’d like to lock. Ahh, security.

Cloud On/Off Switching:  Saving space in the cloud by enabling DirectSync™ is now easier with the addition of a new “Cloud On/Off” switch found directly within the desktop app. Switching the cloud “on” enables sharing, links and gives you access from anywhere, including your iOS and Android devices. Switching the cloud “off” allows you to then sync to another computer to save valuable cloud space.

cloud on-off

One-click access to Cubby content: Whether your files live in the cloud or are synced locally to your computer, you can now get them with just a click. Simply click on any of your cubbies from the app. If it’s not synced to your computer, we’ll bring you right to its location at (sign-in if you need to). If that cubby is already synced, we’ll send you right to the file’s location on your computer. Easy, peezy.


New iconography: We don’t advise you judge a book by its cover, but if you decide to judge a Cubby by its icon… well, that’s probably a good idea.  Now, at a glance, you can tell which folders are being shared privately, publicly, in the cloud or when you’ve reached your GB limit.

In the example below:

  • Event Planning is being shared privately
  • Expense Reports stopped syncing (no additional cloud space is available)
  • Family Vacation is not synced to the cloud
  • Schedules is a Locked Cubby
  • Weekly Brainstorms is being shared publicly



Cubby owners:  Not the owner of a Cubby, but forget who is? Now easily ID the owner of shared Cubbies directly within the UI. Pro Tip: If you need to set your name for Cubby, simply access your Account Settings on


 Whew. That was a lot to share. What do you think? We’re dying to know and would love to hear from you below or on Facebook.

Chaz Logue

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Chaz is a Cubby product owner.

43 thoughts on “Introducing: Cubby Locks, switches, icons and more

  1. Is the Cubby lock the full-encryption feature mentioned in the blog previously?

    “When you log in to and choose high security mode we use your password to temporarily decrypt your cubby keys so we can show you what you store with us, but when you’re not accessing the website we simply don’t have your encryption keys in a usable form. Your computers with Cubby installed do have a copy of these keys so they’re able to sync information back and forth without your intervention”

    Or is this high-security mode still in the works?

    • Hi Josh, yes this is what we referred to earlier this year as “high security” – the ability for users to hold their own encryption key.

      • There seems to be a problem with this method of implementing the concept, typically high-security in cloud storage would mean that the files would be encrypted and decrypted all on the client side… and while this may be happening (no idea, no specifics given on the “lock” feature really…) — it being encrypted using the client’s password is a problem. Since the admins at Cubby would technically have access to the user’s password, or an encrypted version of the password — which is probably what would be used as the key to the file encryption… unless you’re encrypting the password differently than you do on your servers?

  2. Hello,

    I don’t understand the purpose of the cubby lock. If I log on cubby, it means I know the password, so I can open the lock with the same password.
    If someone steal my password, he can also open the lock.

    It would be better if we could choose another password, or even better, have a two step authentication (like dropbox and google drive).


    • I also wonder what this “extra security” is good for. I hoped to find a clientsided excryption as the next security feature. Something like the “Zero knowledge” method wuala or spideroak use. That would make Cubby secure.
      Now as Cubby has got my files and my password no file is secure at all.

      • The feature works as follows: The file has two layers of encryption. The first layer uses your Cubby password as the encryption key. The password is stored by cubby as an encrypted value, the key for which is given as the ‘Recovery key’. The recovery key is not stored anywhere by Cubby after generated. The password is also kept as a non-reversable hash, for account authentication.

        This double-layer method keeps your data safe, even from the Cubby staff. If you forget your password and lose your recovery key, no one, not even Cubby staff, can recover your data from its encrypted state.

      • Thank you for your answer, Kevin.
        That sounds good to me and is a gret feature for all the security freaks like me out there. You should mention this detailed description on your security site and within the faq page. I do not believe the existing texts satisfy people looking for strong security.

      • Thanks for the clarification. I agree that this should be posted in the FAQ section as it’s a big topic at the moment within the cloud storage world and would be a good showcase of the benefits of Cubby over it’s competitors.

        Now all that remains is for the iOS (possible other os’s too) to see and interact with the “Locked” cubbies in it’s app. That would really be a big deal for me. 🙂

        Thanks and keep up the great work!

  3. It looks like the problem introduced in the last updates is now fixed, great!

    (The problem was that when I updated a image on one computer (P2P sync) the other PC said the file was updated, but the first got the file back and deleted the original. Taking up much space in the recycle bin and making me wonder if the file was deleted or not.)

  4. what about behind the scenes improvements for cubby on Lans with multiple gateways/modems ? for that persky redundancy and all that extra security. does cubby finaly use lan for computers on different gateways or will it still continue to use the web for inhouse syncing?

  5. While I can appreciate the update, I’m not thrilled that Cubby updates “silently” and may introduce errors. In my case, all DirectCync Cubbies have stopped syncing and I only would out when a file I was looking for wasn’t on the machine I was using.

    So now what do I do? If I re-initiate the Cubby on each machine, will Cubby know that this was a former Cubby and NOT copy all the files over again? Or worse, create duplicates of each file?

  6. There is something going wrong with file sync. I have almost finished, one file only is still syncing and it seems it should be forever. Here is the error from the log:

    2012-12-03 09:52:39.201 – Info – Cubby – StoragePeer – – HTTP upload failed [Transaction already in progress from another host, (304)]: Manuali/Atlanti/21 – Atlante della riqualificazione degli edifici.pdf, lastmod: 2011-10-25 15:04:22.000, size:123214683, vv: [72057594038213971: 3]
    2012-12-03 09:52:39.201 – Info – Cubby – StorageUploadJob – – Backoff time: Type: WEBSITE_CALL, RetryCount: 1 SleepTime: 60000

    Any idea? (yes, I have restarted Cubby)

    • Hmm, this error log is beyond my scope of technical knowledge but I will pass this along to the Development team who will be able to investigate for you.

      • Dunno what has changed but a nightly update. After I restarted Cubby, the desperate file has synced. +1 for you 😉

  7. Cubby doesn’t seem to sync hidden files/folders.

    I want to use Frenzy ( with Cubby, but because it relies on a hidden folder (.frenzy) it’s impossible to do so.

    There is no way that I can switch from Dropbox until this is resolved…


    • Thanks, Paul. We’re aware that Cubby cannot sync to hidden and/or system files quote yet. We’ll keep you updated on the situation.

  8. Cubby Locks: Not sure how I feel yet, need more information on how this actually improves security. It reads as though you’ve enabled a double password that is the same both times.

    Cloud On/Off: Seems okay as far as a quick switch, but I was okay with adding/removing the Cloud as a participating member to share with as before.
    Question: If I have Cloud “On”, will Cubby be smart enough to sync locally to LAN connected machines, and then to the cloud, or will my cubby sync to the cloud, then the cloud sync to each machine? The way the paragraph is phrased, it seems like an either/or decision, not an integration of both when possible. (Though the answer does not matter much for space concerns, it may for network usage.)

    New iconography: I like the icons, but would prefer gray for lack of space, and orange for DirectSync.

    Cubby owners: Great idea! I have a couple questions though.
    Question 1: How will Cubby handle when the owner wishes to leave the shared cubby, but the members want to continue sharing? Will a member have to share the cubby with the rest and start a new group, or will the leaving owner be able to designate the new owner?

    Question 2: How does this affect storage in the Cloud? Obviously the owner will have a portion of their cloud storage dedicated to hosting this data, but does each participating member also forfeit a portion of their cloud storage, or do they rely on the owner to ‘host’?

    Thank you Cubby Team for the great work! You are still pioneering this market, and I have to give kudos for taking such care to provided a quality product. I realize this is still in Beta, and look forward to when all of this forge work is complete and we have a new, shiny sync platform!

    • Hi TP,

      I read through your suggestions. All good ones. Have you checked out You might enjoy some of the conversations happening on that community.

      Quick answers to those questions.

      1. We currently do not have a system in place so that a cubby owner can transfer ownership of his/her cubby to others, though it’s a fantastic idea and something I’ll make sure we look into. Today, if the owner removes the cubby from the cloud, sharing stops and the cubby disappears from others’ Cubby account.

      2. Your Cubby storage used is calculated by adding up the total amount of data in your own cubbies plus all shared cubbies you are a member of. A shared cubby will use up the quota of everyone who joins the cubby.

      Thanks for the wonderful compliments. Appreciative to have such engaged and communicative users.


  9. Please stop changing my folder icons! Why on earth would I want to have all folders i happen to actually use marked with little green C? It’s irritating.
    Other than that, great update, keep up the good work 😉

  10. The gray icon used for not syncing to the cloud, is a bad idea. People just generally associate that with a Cubby being offline. THis look definitely doesn’t do Cubby any favor, so do change it.

    • Agreed. Not only is the gray icon confusing, but when I hover over SYNC it says “Sync your cubby with this computer” regardless of whether it is syncing already or not. This is not intuitive and both the color of the cubby and the language imply it is NOT syncing.

  11. My two cents:
    1) update iOS client and website to enable files renaming
    2) add more icons to the website. It’s prettier to have .doc icon different from a .pdf icon or a jpeg icon. Now all are identical.

  12. great work, but since last update Cubby keeps synching forever, and logs show some errors

    2012-12-04 00:42:49.213 – Error – Cubby – CFileSyncSrc – – ReadChecksums() failed at: CFileSyncSrc::Sync:1013. Cause: The operation completed successfully. (0)
    2012-12-04 00:42:49.213 – Error – Cubby – CFileTransfer – – Sync() failed at: CFileTransfer::SyncSrc:674
    2012-12-04 00:42:49.213 – Error – Cubby – CFSFileTransfer – – Could not send file to host 10084*****: *********, lastmod: 2011-04-13 10:13:53.000, size:1237593, vv: [], Error: ER_General.

    this is just p2p sync, not using cloud, not sure what happens

  13. HI, what about the long names problem under osx? Is that solved?
    About the icon colors mentioned above by steve, its confusing

    • Hello Again. I did see that my last post did miss some comment. Not sure why.
      Anyway, here the followup.
      Is there a way, don’t know about this release, to have a setting that keeps the log verbose mode ( read size ) in control. To have a gigabyte sized log is nice for debugging but the logged comment size for just comparing two files it is, a little oversized.

      Keep us informed and keep up the good work.

  14. Did run this latest version from this morning. How can it be that I see that after 12 hours syncing I have left 3400+ to sync and then it jumps to 600000+ files to do and see the same files again? I didn’t change anything, not a single file on both side’s. Even the files on both side are actually clones from each other.
    How come?

  15. Hi.

    I’m having lots of problems with sync. The sync stops suddenly and Cubby begins to create conflict documents. Until yesterday the program worked perfectly… What’s going on?

  16. I have started to use Cubby “intensively” and I am finding a glitch that I can’t understand if it is a feature or a bug.

    At first, I synced my local network among various PCs and the cloud.

    Now I am trying to sync one computer of another network in another city and it gets the files directly from the remote computer and not from the cloud, using all the upload bandwidth. It’s not the behaviour I expected to see.

    Any idea?

  17. I’ve installed Cubby, and use it to direct sync about 3Gb of my Documents folder over my home wireless LAN. As I work around both urban and remote Australia, it’s incredibly useful to be able to bring my laptop back to my office and sync files – or ensure that when I take the laptop out, I have the latest version of all my files.

    However, I’m finding that there seem to be occasions when I update files, either on the PC or the laptop, and they don’t seem to sync at all with the other computer. I can find no pattern to this – sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

    This lack of certainty about what is an otherwise excellent product poses risks for me; I have to be certain that I’m working on the latest version of critical files, whether they are on my PC or on my laptop.

    Any suggestions? Something I need to do to avoid this? Thanks in advance.

    And BTW – I tried to post this using the ‘What do you think’ link on your nice new home page. The ‘post’ button doesn’t submit my post. I’ve tried this on two different computers, same result.

    • I submitted the form failure few weeks ago containing firebug screenshots and so on. In my opinion such bugs can be fixed within hours.
      I have also strange issues with syncing. Some files are being synced without an end. This has been posted by an other user before.
      I stopped using cubby because of the syncing bugs. That simply should not happen so often.

    • As far as I have understood, Cubby uses very little cloud to sync PC. It uses the PC you created cubbies onto as a master server and if it is off or offline, it can’t do its job.

    • Yup. I’m using my own resources for file storage and Cubby only has to look for changes. And I have to pay for that? Pft. I’m outta here. I’m not paying for unlimited sync when I’m the one buying the storage, bandwidth, and computers.

      • same here. I’d understand paying for storage in the cloud, even if there are bunch of alternatives offering a fair amount of space for free. But paying a monthly fee for p2p sync¿

  18. At 7.30 am I left a comment which is still “awaiting moderation” – whatever that means. So – I’ll repeat my comment with leaving the perhaps “offensive” word unspelled.
    “Whoa – what a nice Christmas-surprise! Cubby dropping the P2P-sync for non-paying users?! And that after all the monthes of messy beta-testing! And just silently, without any word to all the existing, faithful beta-testers…?
    That absolutely s…s big time!

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