Introducing: Cubby enterprise (preview) and Cubby pro team trials

LogMeIn has long developed solutions for IT and business, and Cubby is no exception. In the latest update to Cubby, we’ve unveiled two key elements that will make it easier for your business to try, adopt and manage Cubby for your workplace.

Cubby enterprise

We built Cubby to be a secure, enterprise-grade solution for using the cloud in business so you can manage data security, compliance and risk when it comes to intellectual property. With the new Cubby enterprise, currently in preview, you can now:

  • Introduce or adopt Cubby in the workplace to boost productivity and collaboration across the board.
  • Hold the reigns on how your company’s data is shared, who is sharing it and who it’s shared with.
    • Disable public sharing
    • Prevent resharing of folders
    • Limit public sharing to team-members only
  • Easily onboard and off-board users from Cubby

Cubby enterprise is currently available in preview. For more information please visit:


Cubby pro tream trial

We know giving Cubby a test-drive is essential for making sure it’s the perfect fit for the way you do business. With the new Cubby pro trial, companies can now try pro features free with their entire team for 14-days, including:

  • Unlimited DirectSync™ without the cloud
  • Cubby Locks
  • 100 GB shared storage per user
  • Ability to invite an unlimited number of colleagues to join the trial
  • Basic user management

Starting a Cubby pro trial is simple: new users can click Try it free from the Cubby pricing page, or if you already have an account, simply click on the Team page once logged-in.


Using Cubby for business? Help us continue to optimize the Cubby experience for businesses and the enterprise. Leave a comment and tell us how you use or manage Cubby.

Chaz Logue

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Chaz is a Cubby product owner.

13 thoughts on “Introducing: Cubby enterprise (preview) and Cubby pro team trials

  1. Please explain the Office 365 item I see there.

    I’ve been having a huge problem opening xls files in cubby on the ipad. If it is going to integrate with office that would be a big help.

    • Hey Evan! Since the Cubby enterprise features are delivered through LogMeIn’s AppGuru product (currently in preview), that means you’d also have the ability to add other apps that AppGuru supports like, Office365 and Google Apps. You can request information through form on the Cubby enterprise site or check out more information about AppGuru at

  2. or you could have focus on fixing buggs like:
    – slow sync.
    – extremly slow sync then synking large folders.
    – almost impossebel to sync large folders with many files and folder.

    Cubby is great if you need to sync 25 mb over that it sucks.
    för 2 minuter sedan ·

  3. Because of our great experience with LogMeIn, I would love to try it, if there was a Blackberry 10 app. Otherwise Box is still the best solution for us.

    • Hi Jan,

      Glad you are having a great experience. I’ll make sure to share your request for a BlackBerry app. We’d definitely like to support as many users as possible.


  4. Not-yet Pro user here:
    I really would like to become a Pro user and testet cubby again,
    but unfortunately, hidden files and files that begins with a . aren´t synced.
    Example: .keystore.JCEKS.IBM_J9_VM.install
    I have these kind of files for example in the installation-folder of IBM Lotus Notes 8 and 9
    Will this be fixed?
    Yours, Tom

    • Yes this is a big problem with cubby. Fix this fast or i have to switch to dropbox or an other provider.

  5. I am a Pro user planning to make the complete switch from SugarSync to Cubby, but I see two problems:
    1. Cubby causes file permissions problems, especially with quickbooks and occasionally with Office 365.
    2. Syncing is SIGNIFICANTLY slower than sugarsync.

    But hey, Cubby is still in beta, so I am hoping these problems will be resolved. Otherwise, Cubby is much easier to use and I love the extra features like direct sync and locks.

    • I remember that quickbooks files are a type of database that can’t be shared through these sort of databases. Same reason you can’t host a QB database on some types of file servers. Be careful.

      • Agreed. I am just using Cubby for an external backup solution for Quickbooks. It only runs on my desktop or is opened from within my local network. sugarsync also had the same problem with QB in the beginning. I think it mostly just needs to wait until the file is not open on any desktop before syncing.

        • exactly qb changes the database with every motion. (simmililar to filemaker).

          What I do is I do backups into a “Do Not Touch” folder in my cubby and let that sync. However, because it is so important to us, we also pay for Intuit sync which syncs with intuit and then I know I have two backups. Also the Intuit service also gives me access to my estimates & invoices over my android phone which is a help.

  6. I´m now a paying customer because of directsync.
    I created a few cubbies and two of them make really problems,
    One is a Folder with Pictures and it changes very very seldom, but it´s contantly synced with the other PCs, How can this be?
    And when will hidden files and files that start with a . be synced?
    I find the lack of support very disappointing 🙁

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