On the go? So is Cubby.

By now, you’ve probably played around with cubby.com and downloaded Cubby on your PC or Mac. You’ve renamed your cubbies. Twice. You’ve read some FAQs. But have you downloaded the Cubby mobile app so your stuff is with you wherever you go?

Download Cubby for your iPhone/iPad or Android device for free to keep all your cubbies right in your pocket. Whether its the photos from the wedding you went to last weekend or the third version of the group PowerPoint you’re working on, it’s all right there, in your cubbies, whenever you need it. The app is still in beta (just like Cubby) so we’re looking to you, Cubbsters, for your thoughts and feedback to make Cubby great. It’s a serious task but we know you’re up to it.

Here’s the nitty gritty: The app will run on any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 5.0 or above, and on any Android device running Android 2.1 or above.

Has anyone been using the mobile app? What do you think?

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31 thoughts on “On the go? So is Cubby.

  1. Cubby is a very nice program and the App on IPhone is super as well. Could you just please add to sort the files by date, not just by alphabet only? That would help a lot to find new files in the App quicker. Thank you!

  2. Me too, I like the iPhone App very much! However, in my eyes there is one really big caveat – there is no access to cubbies which are not synced to cubby but are only synced between my own devices!? This would be the ultimate killer feature, I’d even pay for it. Background: here in Germany, there are a lot of legal regulations regarding IT security and data protection for companies who want to store data “in the cloud”, so services like the ones from your competitors can’t be used. Cubby has the potential to fill this gap!! Data could be stored on the central device/server, synced to the notebooks when they’re online. I just have no access (yet?), while I’m on the go and just have my smartphone with me. Please, can you provide this killer-feature!? 🙂

  3. I’d like that feature as well. One other suggestion (just to be sure, I’m sure it’s in the pipeline): be able to upload files/photo’s/music/whatever from your phone to Cubby, to the cloud OR to your synced devices.

    • Me too. Dropbox is way too complex for what I want. I just want to be able to send files back and forth among my several computers and gadgets. I’m not going to share with the public, and I doubt, for that matter, that I’ll ever share anything with another person. However, among my devices, yeah with twelve exclamation points.

      Also, for me to continue using Cubby, I need to be able to save for use offline in a much more streamlined fashion. Having to go into each cubby and check off what I want to save offline is annoying. Plus, the saving process is startlingly slow between my super-duper PC and my Galaxy S2 (i9100). I haven’t even started testing on my iPad and iPod.

  4. I also promote Raphael’s suggestion, and agree it would be a killer feature at this point in time. Though from what I can tell, Cloud storage integration was the main target for the mobile application.

    I also have a quick list of additional features I’d like to see in the mobile app:
    – Ability to delete a filedirectory from a cubby (This feature would allow for
    methodologies to recreate some of the requested behavior below without them being
    implemented directly, largely by downloading, modifying, and re-uploading the file
    once again.)
    – Rename a file
    – Move a file from one location to another
    – Imagevideo file icon previews

    I have also experienced a very sleight inconvenience in which the android app will not load upon initial selection, there will be a quick flash of the screen as if to imply it tried, but will require a subsequent selection to load the app.

    I think this is a great product, and I look forward to seeing in what ways it continues to improve! Thank you!

    • Hi there, I’m back again.
      Though I do very much enjoy the simple green on white,
      have you considered adding adjustable colors or themes to the interface?

      “Cubby works the way you want it to.” and “Cubby is all about you..”

      Having the ability to personalize your cubbies (like you could in gradeschool) may be a natural extension of this motif. Also, (and I may be uninformed here) I don’t believe other leading services provide this sort of customization, an opportunity to gain yet another edge.

    • I’ve also noticed that bug with the Android app. It’s a bit annoying.

      As for what I’d like to see in this app, perhaps the ability to play one’s audio files continuously like an actual media player? Nothing fancy like equalizers, I’d just like to be able to listen to a whole folder without pressing the previous and forward arrows.

  5. Linux support would be very nice. The client runs through wine as is – but has issues when making connections. If the windows version is .net based at – perhaps try a mono compiled version?

  6. Linux support far more important than mobile so I can have Cubby storage attached to my server at home.

  7. Hi,

    I’m a HUGE fan and I have a few suggestions:

    1. Peer-to-peer capability on Mobile apps. This one is a must have for me.
    2. Ability to choose cubby folder locations on Android (not sure if this is possible on iOS). This one is also a must have for me.
    3. Fix UI to comply with Android ICS design criteria. Currently, on ICS phones with stand-alone buttons, a three-dot menu bar appears centered at the bottom of the screen and takes up a lot of space. On ICS phones with on screen buttons, the menu icon still appears but does not take up any extra screen space.
    3. Create a user forum so users can interact with each other and provide feedback to cubby staff.
    4. Ability to purchase additional cloud storage.

  8. I miss the feature to open a file in my cubby in another app on my iPad like iBooks. In the e-mail I got this week about this request Cubby support replied that it will be in the next update. Thank you. I’m looking forward to the update! 🙂

    • I support and cannot wait for this feature too. It is nice to send a link to a document but sometimes you would like to email the document directly to another person.

  9. It appears that the document listing in the iPhone and iPad app can’t be hidden. This cuts into the reading space of the opened document.

    Please consider allowing the document list to be hidden.

  10. How can i exclude some files and subfolders from sync? This is a simple feature, but much needed. Also I’ve been using “talk back” feature of the web site but never received any follow-ups. It would be good if cubby would talk to its beta users.

      • and why only folders, why not files too? I feel this software could sweep the competition completely if they implement the most important features: Sync files, exclude files/folders. Share files. if the mobile devices also can stream movies, pictures, music, documents (working with as many formats as possible) without downloading it, then this software would compete with softwares that stream movies and music too. so great .. 😀

  11. It would be great, if there is a p2p feature in the lokal network. For example, you got a cubby with a friend or your girlfriend. He or she lives some miles away and you share yor pics, doks, pdfs and what ever with him/her. That works flawess so far. But if he/she comes for visit you can share your stuff over USB, FTP, SMB and all the things but it would great if you only use one Programm. Right now you upload your files to the cloud and then to the pc. Is is not the effektiv way, sure you can do this with an usb stick or other ways but in the end one Programm for all would be great and easy. Thanks so far for this pice of software.

  12. Another vote for GNU+Linux client.

    In FAQ you say “Linux is not supported, but it’s on our list.” — so how is progress going?

  13. Being able to access ‘non-cloud’ synced Cubbies from the mobile app. would be great….again, even as a paid service if necessary.

  14. Love Cubby, I would be nice to sync all my iPhone photos to the cloud or peer to peer to other computers with the iPhone app. Really like your service so far.!!! Got it on my iPhone and 3 other computers!

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