Cubby goes to the spa

Heads up Cubby users: we’re making improvements to our sync engine and will need to briefly retreat to a zen-like place for a few hours while we’re doing some fine-tuning.

Access to, the Cubby desktop and mobile apps will be temporarily unavailable from approximately 12:00 am to 8:00 am EST on Thursday, July 26th. Don’t worry, we’ll be back before you know it!  Better and stronger.

While you wait, might we  suggest organizing desktop folders, inventing new Excel formulas and building a giant rubber-band ball?

Chaz Logue

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Chaz is a Cubby product owner.

8 thoughts on “Cubby goes to the spa

  1. It would be super helpful to be able to set the Mac default Cubby folder. I like my cubby to sit on the desktop and right now I have to navigate to it.

    Also would love a way to cubby my google docs folder.

  2. Is there any way to delete the archive folder , it is growing out of control and sucking up all my allotted space

  3. The Cubby on my main desktop computer will not connect to Cubby. I’ve been using Cubby very smoothly and successfully for about a month, linking my desktop, laptop and iPad using the sync feature and the cloud. But for the past few days my main Cubby, where most of my information is stored and uploaded, will not connect to Cubby.

    The error I get on my desktop when it’s trying to connect is, “You are not connected to the internet. Please check your network connection.” I did check and my network connection is working just fine. But Cubby is not. Please help! I need my Cubby!

    • That Happened to me once. All I had to do was download and reinstall the client and it worked again. Hope this helps!

  4. Thanks Chris. That worked somewhat. But now my cubby shows my desktop icon twice, the new one that is working has a (1) after it, and the original desktop icon is grayed out. My laptop is not syncing with the new desktop icon. Instead the laptop is syncing with the cloud, which is not what I want. I want my desktop and laptop to sync with each other the way they used to do, not with the cloud. Only those files I want to share with my iPad need to be in the cloud. What a mess!

    I may have to remove everything from everywhere and start all over again.

  5. couple things:

    -as Cubby writes changes to the cloud, it uses your allotted space for making archives/revisions of each folder/file. Eventually your allotted space is taken over by archived copies. It does not roll over, and will no longer sync changes to the cloud as “your cloud is full”. Meaning it’s full of archived copies, with no way to delete them.

    -There should be a way to “flush” cubby archived copies, or set a limit as to the # of backup copies cubby can make.

    -No option to assign a mandatory password when making certain folders “public”. If anyone gets a hold of that link, everyone on the internet can access that folder. An optional password gives an extra hurdle of protection

    -When accessing the website Cubby page, there should be an option to ask for secondary authentication password (similar to the dropdown box password option in logmein)

    -Possible big security hole. If you run cubby on a laptop and that laptop gets stolen, you can easily change the windows login password and have total access to the contents of the cubby folder, deleting everything in sight, which will propagate to other member cubby devices. There should be an option to enforce cubby trayicon to ask for login/password whenever it detects the windows password has been changed.

    -The contents of the “my cubby” folder should have optional cubby folder encryption. If the laptop or pc gets stolen, at least everything in the “my cubby” folder is protected from prying eyes.

    -When you open a file from the cubby cloud or another member cubby pc, it does not “lock” the file or show it’s in use (common problem for almost all cloud based systems). There should be a way to lock the file if it is opened on one member pc, and unlock when it’s synced back to the cloud. It’s possible to work on the same file by 2 people, and possible to corrupt it/write changes which can revert it’s intended state.

    -There should be an option to manually schedule sync operations. For example sync to cubby cloud after 10pm everyday, or a certain day of the week.

    -There should be a way to allow certain folders the option to do “delta” sync changes. Re-uploading a large outlook PST file is both time and bandwidth consuming.

    -There should be a way to “lock” the cubby tray program options with an admin password (similar to the way you can lock teamviewer host trayicon settings). To prevent users from making cubby setting changes, or prevent kids from making folders “public” by accident.

    -I recommend having cubby cloud an option to scan folders on it’s servers for possible trojans/spyware/viruses. Its possible to infect other member cubby PCs if one member uploads an infected file.

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