Cubby Desktop Software Updates


This week we released an update to the Cubby desktop software, giving users NAS support, public link improvements and more. You may recognize these features from our blog post in August, when we released them to our preview environment, where it was thoroughly tested by a dedicated group of users.

This week’s update includes:

Support for network-attached storage and external drives

Now you can create a cubby on a fixed or removable disk such as an external hard disk drive, USB stick (pen drive), Flash reader or similar, including NAS (Network-attached storage). For more information about syncing NAS devices, please see Using NAS Devices with Cubby.

Detach account on a Windows PC

To make it easier to stop using one LogMeIn ID and switch to another, we’ve added a detach feature for Windows users.

  1. Right-click the Cubby icon on your system tray and select Settings
  2. On the general tab, click Detach next your LogMeIn ID
  3. The next time you launch Cubby, you will be asked to associate it with another account

Improvements to account switching

When re-installing Cubby or switching between accounts, Cubby now provides the option to rejoin previously synced cubbies.

Improved public link creation (Windows & Mac)

  • Mac users can now create public links directly from their Finder context menu.
  • For both Windows and Mac, after generating a public link you will be shown the link to the individual file, rather than a list of public links within that cubby.

Automatic “switch back to live” on Mac host

Mac users can now easily switch between the Preview and Live versions of the Cubby Mac hosts from the Settings > About page.

Sync-related improvements

We also fixed various sync-related issues.

Note that Cubby should update automatically to the latest version, which is

Chaz Logue

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Chaz is a Cubby product owner.