A peek inside the Cubby inbox

Typically, our lawyers are really adamant we don’t share what’s inside our email inboxes. You know: company secrets, road maps, financial information (all the boring stuff, really). But there’s one part of our inboxes that we can’t help but share… and that’s the amazing amount of feedback we’ve received about Cubby.

In addition to the feature suggestions, bug reports (SQUASH!), and questions about our future, we’re getting a lot of  love. So here’s a whopping “thank you” for all the feedback so far.

The emails we can’t help but share (and love):

“The Cubby is exactly what we need, hopefully it leaves beta soon so that we can start deploying the service.”

“This app is AWESOME!”

“The product is working extremely well especially considering that it is beta. I love the peer to peer ability and the speedy sync and the fact that I can sync any folders on each system”

“I really love the desktop application’s interface. It’s so smooth and the edges are nice and curved. I love the lime green colour against the white background. It really is quite amazing.”

“Knocks the socks off the competition! Love the mixed ability to Cloud sync or just machine to machine sync.”

“Best. Online storage. Ever.”

“This is the most awesome cloud storage idea on the net today!!! A cubby account has become a standard recommendation to all of our clients.”

“Amazing service, really outstanding”

We’d like to hear from you, too. Go to Cubby.com, and click on “Talk Back.”

Chaz Logue

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Chaz is a Cubby product owner.

25 thoughts on “A peek inside the Cubby inbox

  1. Since au few days my cubby crashes after startup. The same on alle Computers.
    Is there an update?

      • I’m trying your reinstall solution Ryand. I’ve tried this before – even uninstalling with Revo. It usually does nothing.

        I agree – it’s a great product, but not if it doesn’t work.

        Let’s see what happens now….

        AND FAIL!!!! Same thing. Starts – immediately exits.

        This is a good product, but clearly not ready for prime time. I would REALLY like Cubby to get back to me with a solution. I’m getting annoyed at the lack of response.

  2. Everything works fine for me. I am using it to share content with clients, students and synching between all My Apple Machines (iMac, Macbook and iPad) without a problem.

  3. This afternoon my cubby began crashing after startup as well. It is the same on all of my computers in multiple locations. Please let us know if we need to download a new version. Thanks. I love the product!!

  4. I would love Cubby even more if it supported P2P syncing between accounts/devices, as it stands it will only allow peer-to-peer syncing of the same device. Excellent product nonetheless.

  5. I am having the same exact issue with the crashing on start up. Upon deleting it and re-installing it no longer crashes but now sits at connecting. On all my other computers I experience the connecting issue but not the crash. I submitted a talk back yesterday saying something was broken and today with no response so far.

    Aside from this issue I must say I do love it so far and understand it’s in beta and that thing’s are expected to go wrong or break.

  6. I have strong problems with uploading my files to the cloud.
    P2P works perfect, but the files will not be uploaded to my cloud even if I run my computer the whole night.

  7. Since approx 10 days I have difficulties logging into my account. Also the “Talk back”-Button doesn’t do anything. Only the “Blog”Button is working. Then – sometimes – suddenly everything works fine again. I do understand that this is still a beta-version but I think it would be nice to receive some feedback through the Cubby-team. When I read through the other posts I guess I’m not the only one who is feeling a little bit left out in the open….
    Would be great if there would be SOME kind of reaction….

    • YES!!! I have had issues for about two weeks. No response at all. What could have been a terrific product is starting to really turn me off. SOME RESPONSE WOULD BE APPRECIATED FROM TALK BACK!!!

      I don’t think this was ready to release yet. It seems to have WAAYYY too many problems. Frustrated.

      • @mcseidel: We should join forces and go into Cubby-strike…! Har Har!

        But, joke aside, I repeat: PLEASE, dear Cubby-team, give all yr frustrated (almost former) fans at least some kind of sign that you are still alive and hopefully kicking..!!!

        • Aha! Solidarity!

          I *will* become a former fan. if it doesn’t work, it’s not doing me any good at all. And I LOVED the concept and the premise…

          Logmein/Cubby – Your move….

          • A beta version of something that doesn’t work at all is not much of a Beta. I can understand a few kinks, but mine has essentially become useless.

            I was more concerned over the lack of response from the Cubby team. A little “hang in there’ pep talk would go a long way to assuaging my fear that my issues are getting ignored.

  8. I think I give up – I’m defeated…
    Another day passed by without any reply.
    I guess the Cubby-team got on to “Curiosity” and got lost somewhere on Mars…

  9. I finally got a response of Cubby-team. My log-in problems were browser induced. I had to reset my Firefox-profile (boah: lot of work to get back all the personal settings) and, yes, I can log in again. I’m not that technical savy – so it never crossed my mind that it could have been a browser-thing.. Well. Felt obliged to mention it…

  10. Hey guys… I wrote to the Cubby team but I didn’t get an answer…
    When I sync 2 computers P2P, the transfer speed gets stuck at internet upload speed although the setup is set to not sync to cloud… In the FAQ I read that I should reach local network max upload speed…

    Anyone has an idea to solve that problem ?

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