Changes to Hamachi on November 19th

Below is an open letter from our CTO, Marton Anka to our loyal Hamachi users.

Hi Hamachi users,

I’d like to announce a couple of changes to the LogMeIn Hamachi service that will take effect on the 19th of November.

The first change concerns the use of the 5.x.x.x address space. As you may or may not be aware, this address space has been allocated by IANA to RIPE NCC two years ago. RIPE NCC has been handing out these addresses to their customers, and having Hamachi active on your computer means that you’re not able to access a growing portion of the Internet. We’ve added IPv6 support to Hamachi a while back, and you can simply turn off the use of the 5/8 space, but we realize that IPv4 is still very important to most of you. Therefore we’ll be changing every Hamachi node’s address to the 25/8 space. The first octet of your Hamachi node’s IPv4 address will change from 5 to 25, the last three octets will be unaffected. If you’re using Hamachi with any sort of dynamic name resolution service (Bonjour, etc) you will not notice anything different. If, however, you use Hamachi IP addresses in scripts or, say, saved them in SSH client address books, you will need to change these and add the digit 2 in front.

Why 25/8? Well, it rhymes a bit with 5/8, and furthermore, it’s a block that’s been allocated to a foreign government agency for private use for almost two decades. We have no Hamachi users from this address space, and it’s highly unlikely that the general public would need to access one of these IP addresses. However, our general recommendation is that if you can, please turn off IPv4 support in your Hamachi clients. The IPv6 space we’re using has been registered to LogMeIn, and most modern software should function perfectly without needing an IPv4 address.

The second change concerns licensing. Hamachi is an extremely popular free service with many millions of active users, but we here at LogMeIn can only treat it as a hobby since the revenues from the paid product can only support a rather small dedicated development team after we pay for hosting, bandwidth and power. We have very interesting ideas for the Hamachi service’s future, but in order to fund development, we need more customers. We’ve introduced a very affordable pricing tier for Hamachi a while back; $29 per year gives you a network capable of hosting 32 computers. That’s less than a dime (or ten cents for you guys outside the US) per computer per month. You’re paying 250 times more just for electricity in any given month if you use your computer 8 hours a day.

So, in the hopes of converting more of you into paying customers, we’re making a small change to Hamachi: unless a computer is part of a paid network, you need to be logged in and running the Hamachi UI on your desktop in order to allow it to function. If no user is logged on to the computer then – even though the Hamachi service or daemon is active in the background – it will not go online in any networks that it may belong to. We believe this a fair change; if you’re using Hamachi casually (such as for gaming), then we’re glad to have you as a free user and this change does not affect you. If, on the other hand, you’re using Hamachi to access unattended computers, then this change does affect you and you will want to upgrade to the premium service in order to continue to benefit from it. If you upgrade to the premium service before the 19th of November you’ll save $10 on your standard subscription, that’s just $19/year for 32 computers. Like I said, the price couldn’t be more fair, and by upgrading, you’ll show your support to a few extremely bright and dedicated engineers as well as enable them to bring some extremely cool improvements to the product.


-Marton Anka
Founder & CTO
LogMeIn, Inc.

Sandor Palfy

Written by

Sandor is the Chief Technology Officer of the Identity & Access Business Unit at LogMeIn.

253 thoughts on “Changes to Hamachi on November 19th

  1. Last paragraph is really a bummer 🙁 But I understand your concern regarding rising cost of maintenance.

  2. Because of it’s simplicity and reliability, I’ve used Hamachi for years. I use the free edition personally. But I’ve purchased commercial license for several of my employers.

    I can certainly understand the need for Hamachi to fund it’s own development. However, it seems like would better to add premium features, not take away features your current users are depending on.

    If you are forcing me to pay for my VPN service, then I’ll choose a a service that supports Android, iOS, and bridging.

  3. This is a painful post to read. As a user of hamachi since before logmein’s acquisition, this makes me quite sad.

    I think my problem is that it FEELS like… extortion? It’s a strong word, but the general feeling is there. You’re basically saying to people that have been using your free services for years that if they want to keep doing so, pay up. What do we get for the money that we didn’t get for free yesterday? Nothing.

    Rather than playing up how little 30$ is, you’ve got to consider the carrot and the stick. Give us something… anything. You’ve got “extremely cool improvements”. What are they? Take a guess as to when we will see them. Give us something to be excited about, and a reason to not feel like you have a baseball bat and are knocking on our door.

    Here’s an example of making this sort of announcement work for someone like me: “In order to make logmein a more robust product and less of a hobby we’re going to introduce an android/ios client in the near term. We need paying customers to make that happen, but until we deliver that functionality, your hamachi subscription also gets you logmein pro on one computer”

    Obviously, swap in your future functionality/logmein pro with one of your other products as you see fit.

    People like me want to support the development of good products. And yes, 30$ isn’t very much when you consider bla bla bla, but your approach matters when it comes to community response. It doesn’t feel like you’ve really considered that, or if you have, you don’t care.

  4. Basically, this sucks. I’d rather you limited the number of connected computers to, say, 5 for personal use rather than extort current users like this. Who the heck uses 32 computers for personal use?

  5. Before the change earlier this year I used the free service on multiple computers. I was initially upset that something that was free would now require a small payment for use, but having “freeloaded” for 4 or so years and enjoying the benefits of the software for no cost I was happy to pay and still am. I’d rather have continual support and use for a small fee than have Hamachi go away. It’s well worth the small charge. I would like a native android client sometime soon, however.

  6. Thanks for the comments!

    You guys guessed some of it: Android,iOS, (and any mobile platform with IPsec support is in the cards for Q1 next year. Much of the fundamental development has been done. Since it’s impossible to install low-level software such as a virtual NIC on modern mobile platforms, you will be able to configure your phone’s VPN settings either manually, or with the help of a Hamachi app.

    • We look forward to a more detailed announcement or blog post on this forecasted development due in Q1 2013, preferably before stipulated deadline of November 19th. This gives us some allowance of time to consider, and for MSPs, time to relay the message to their clients as well.

  7. How will this affect Linux command-line clients? I’m using it for some of my PhD research. Will they still be able to run in the background without a premium subscription, since there is no user-level GUI?

  8. It looks like logmein policy isn’t “pay to have something more” but “pay so you don’t have less”.

  9. “and by upgrading, you’ll show your support to a few extremely bright and dedicated engineers” who allocate IP address ranged according to rhyme?

  10. Well, if you want to provide something actually useful for me at this point I’ll stay on, but since you’re killing the one thing I actually use Hamachi for (VPN into my home network) I might as well say screw it and actually roll my own VPN at this point so I can run something unattended.

    Highly disappointed.

  11. You have just lost TG Technologies as a client. due to this “Quote: if you’re using Hamachi casually (such as for gaming), then we’re glad to have you as a free user and this change does not affect you. If, on the other hand, you’re using Hamachi to access unattended computers, then this change does affect you and you will want to upgrade to the premium service in order to continue to benefit from it” we run headless linux hosts with no GUI and now we are ganna have to roll our own vpn service.

      • This won’t effect linux user witch I’m excited to hear. How will this effect users that maintain central, rescue, numerous professional licences and such, will this be a additional charge
        or just included?

        • The hamachi arm client ceased working earlier this year. So, this “we won’t touch linux” is simply not true.
          Decreased users per network, linux hamachi not working anymore, and now this, you lost me too. Moving on to Neorouter.

          Thanks for nothing.

      • I don’t know the answer to that but what about losing clients that pay the money, even some who are on $119 networks? That is what we’re doing with our paying clients because of this. Switching everyone off of Hamachi, as quickly as possible.

  12. I concur with the comments here, and certainly users elsewhere, who are disappointed that LogMeIn consistently seems to take away features while adding charges. If you are “extremely bright and dedicated,” demonstrate it by developing something new that’s worth paying for, rather than crippling your own software and services and demanding money for it.

    This is not the first time. Remember limits on users in a network, and how you silently, quickly, and unexpectedly decreased them? I paid the ‘extortion’ then, but not again. Fool me once… twice, and all that…

    Some of the services you provide are reasonably priced and compelling, but the company’s impressively poor record on consumers leaves me unwilling to ever use them.


  13. I would just like to add to all of the above mentioned (and fully agreed) that the way this whole switch is announced and implemented has no bright marketing or commercial strategy people involved. You are super engineers but you should seek some pro assistnace on commercial issues. Even the short notice is a drag …. you do not give the time for people to search for alternatives etc etc etc.
    I would recomend to reconsider and try to see where the trend is and get fees out of there instead of switching a free service to a paid one (even for a small fee) it is not a good proctice to your customers (or potential customers) base.

    • they’re not super-engineers – they BOUGHT a free product and have progressively ruined it – greedily demanding money and thinking they’re tricking us – yet THEY PROMISED THE PUBLIC they would not ruin Hamachi or ever make it pay-ware. Note the tricky legalistic stretching of words to pretend they’re not breaking this all-important compact they made with the public. They are breaking their compact and they need to be punished. Hamachi should be released from their greedy grip back to public domain.

  14. Used hamachi since Constant crippling of this basic product made me furious each time. So now finally goodbye! Switching to the competition…

  15. I’m a new user having only just installed the Hamachi client on an unattended machine two weeks ago to see how it works and whether it’s something i can use within my company. I dont have a long history with Hamachi and i was disappointed that it didnt provide support for Android but now with this annoucement, i’m not so invested in using it or in the position of some that commented here that they’ve had good use of it for free for some time – so looks like you just lost another customer – i too will look at alternatives like lan bridger or setting up own VPN.

  16. I understand that you need to be funded. When compared to other systems like Cisco vpn or Teamviewer Hamachi paid is still VERY cheap. But please, decide on what you are doing and son’t just keep moving the goalposts. But after all that thanks for an excellent product.

  17. Marton, As a IT administrator and Hamachi user long before LogMeIn got involved.I use it on probably 50 clients. I pay for it on probably about 5 of them who need more users. The rest are all for a single connection from a remote office, for me to get in for support or simply so they can run an off-site backup of the data. I understand the need for charging but don’t know if having to be logged in is a good motivator. In a case of a backup being made nightly over the internet, leaving a server logged in is just not an option so the free version is certainty out. I have clients that would switch to settings up their own VPN.
    The $29 is certainly reasonable but perhaps an option for 5 users for $10 or something along those lines. Perhaps discounts for multi-year payment, like with domain registration? Pay for 10 years one time for $199. Something that doesn’t make it another reoccurring bill for a client (or for the IT administration who pays for it for his clients.)
    Love the product, will continue to use and support it but would like some more options.

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  19. Oh yeah, great idea. Because 25/8 cannot POSSIBLY released to the public at some point in the (near?) future, and then you won’t have the SAME problem you have now with 5/8. Well done.

    • No, 25/8 is very likely to stay the way it is. We looked at all available options and chose this for a reason.

      But as I wrote in the OP, everyone should be considering IPv6 instead of v4. You’re probably going to be just fine with 25/8 for a very long time, but why not get with the times?

      • Isn’t that exactly what you thought when you chose 5/8? “Oh yeah, that’s reserved and very likely to stay that way, let’s use it”.
        I don’t even use Hamachi, I’m just one of the folks trying to run a service on legitimately assigned 5/8 IPs.
        Kudos for pushing IPv6, but I guess most of the Hamachi-typical applications (i.e. games) won’t support that for quite a while…

        • Nope. First, that decision has been made by Applied Networking, the original creators of Hamachi, that we acquired about a year after the product has been launched. Second, I believe 5/8 has never been marked as reserved, it’s just been unallocated for a long time. Third, we actually made attempts at licensing that space from IANA and ICANN – guess how that worked out…

          We’ll continue to support v4 through 25/8 exactly for the reason you cited: compatibility with old apps.

          • How many billion dollars where they asking for? 😉
            I still think using an already assigned space is an even worse decision than using one that’s merely been unassigned for a long time.
            But that said, I don’t see a better IPv4 option for you besides using 10/8 (which would create other problems for some of your users – but I think would still be preferable to using somebody else’s address space)…

          • Yeah, 10/8 would have created a lot of problems. We considered doing something with a NAT scheme that picks a non-routable range based on what’s not in use on your LAN and lets you address the peers that way (i.e. they may show up in 192.168/16, or 10/8, or 172.16/12) but this just seemed super unfriendly to the users, especially because the IPs would likely change often as you move from one LAN to another. Plus, there are networks where all three non-routable ranges are actually in use. Finally, adding NAT into the picture would definitely break some old protocols. So… 25/8 it is.

          • Using 10/8 would have created a lot of problems but using 25/8 created a world of problems for my company. My paying customers all have pointers inside their SQL db’s that point to their server IP on Hamachi. Did you see the word “paying”? You pushed a switch which has caused me to work straight through the night and I’m still at it. You didn’t do an e-mail blast to all of the customers on this or any advance technical warning. As an IT professional I can’t even believe this is happening, it is surreal on the part of a company that I’ve been loyal to and have had my customers pay for. Did you even think about the technical ramifications for your paying customers? Did you have any goodwill for those of us who are already funding the product? I am still in shock that this occurred from a company that should know better to plan a rollout for its paying customers.

          • You should probably be pointing remote clients at an A record which you can then reconfigure whenever necessary.

          • FYI. I’m not a Hamachi user–just someone in the Internet interest and therefore that of users of both Hamachi and the address space–but I brought up this issue to the IETF, and as far as I can tell there’s simply no justification in repeating the same mistake twice. Please see the thread starting at:

            You should consider moving to (but careful this time not to suddenly disrupt your users) the shared transition space, since this is precisely the sort of thing you can reliably use it for, assuming of course that the NAT device does not itself run Hamachi. RFC 6598,


  20. As on the hamachi forum:

    Hi, we supply Hamachi to numerous large customers as a VPN Solution and use static IPs for all of these customers, could you provide more information on the VPN IP Switchover?

    Exactly when will this swap over? We need a time as we need to change over a lot of customers static IP routing.
    Is it definitely happening on Monday 19th? Is there likely to be any delays? If we change to the new static IPs, and there is a delay, then this could cause even more grief.
    Will the 5. range just stop at this time, or will there be a changeover period? We use this as remote access to these PCs, so this could be a nightmare!!
    How will the IP Change? I.e. will it need an Hamachi update? Will they need to log on/off of Hamachi? What about Hamachi’s which are ‘hidden’ by default?
    Why do the changeover on a Monday? I can’t think of a worse day to do it (apart from Friday).

    • We’ll pull the switch on Monday the 19th at 4am EST (10am CET). We expect the whole process to take a few minutes, and you won’t have to restart Hamachi, you’ll just see the new IP addresses appear. Obviously, IP connections that exist over Hamachi links will break; say, if you have an FTP transfer in progress the old 5/8 addresses will become invalid and the TCP link will shut down, but the connection can be immediately reestablished to the new 25/8 address.

  21. “we’re making a small change to Hamachi: unless a computer is part of a paid network, you need to be logged in and running the Hamachi UI on your desktop in order to allow it to function”

    -to the average user this means nothing right? i mean the UI is always in the system tray and most users are always logged on
    -if the computer is logged on but locked, does hamachi still work?
    -if switching users, does hamachi keep running on the other user?

    • Don’t be confused, it won’t be working any more unless you pay. I’ve been using Hamachi from before it was purchased by Logmein and am also running it on a headless WHS Server… Guess I’ll be looking for an alternative *sigh*

  22. Restricting networks to when a user is logged in prevents restart using remote desktop over Hamachi as connectivity will be lost before log in is possible. This seems to go against a “log me in” philosophy.

  23. I have used both your free services and now for several years a paid license for my company. I think $29/year is not in any way onerous for most needs. This is a good value. If background functionality is required you aren’t just using it for gaming and your business model should cover a VPN as a business expense. I applaud you at LogMeIn for making the adjustments necessary to keep your busines model and technology moving forward. In my opinion, this move contributes to stability in your market.

    After reviewing quite a number of comments here, I would add that development teams and technology companies need to be granted the freedom to operate as they see necessary to adjust to changing conditions in the marketplace and underlying technology platforms. Your basic function for the free market remains free with paid functions regulated under free market economy.

    Also, keep in mind that nobody owes us a free lunch, in the grand scheme of things, we get what we pay for. Software and services are expensive to develop, maintain, host, and monitor. I know–it’s my business too.

    • I am not a gamer and I use Hamachi for my own personal use, so it is a false dichotomy to say that anyone who is not a gamer is using this for business purposes.

    • Agreed. I dont know why so many people are upset that they are changed to a model which makes they actually pay for something. Remember Facebook, Twitter, Ext, You ARE paying for those services by allowing them to advertise to you. Hamachi’s model is just providing a great service that if you need More of it then you pay. Its fair.
      Just with there was a 5 user package for less for people who need need to make a basic connection or two and dont need 32 users for $29.
      Out of my 50 or so networks, maybe half a doze need more than 5 connections.

  24. I am more than willing to pay for such an awesome service as Hamachi, especially if it means it will be available on more platforms, like production ready Linux, and Mobile Android/iOS systems.

  25. What is the competition? I use hamachi to get into relatives and friends computers, I’m not a commercial user by any measure but the people I support would never understand starting the client or stand for having it open all the time. Chrome remote desktop looks promising just to get into the desktop, but hamachi was soooo good. Hate to see it go!!! Is there something similar yet that doesn’t require me setting up my own VPN?

    • If you are just using it as a casual user then is a free TeamViewer product that you can use for non-professional connections. It works well to support family members. If you have a lot of people to support and you want unattended access then Citrix’s GoToAssist Express does have a monthly fee (I think it’s $59 a month) but you can set up unattended connections and it is a good product.

    • I recommend TeamViewer. Great and free product for users, business users pay a little but it is very cheap. I use it free to support my family’s computer problems. We are also a paying customer at work. Zero complaints.

      • TeamViewer is not a competitor to Hamachi though. Hamach is/was a VPN solution. TeamViewer would be a competitor to the LogMeIn product. I am looking at OpenVPN right now for our switch. I still have 200 computers to fix and I’m afraid of what Monday is going to be like. With the extra stress created on a holiday week, I hate LogMeIn! I will be taking legal action. I just have to help my customers (who are paying customers with Hamachi networks) and then I will figure out how to legally go after LMI for this.

        • Correct. I was merely reffering to the easiest way to fulfill the purpose he was using it for. Why use vpn at all if all you need is connect to their computers and solve their computer problems? It is just like using windows remote desktop nowadays. You even get a list of all the computers you support if you want and can setup unattendended login. The application starts at startup if you want to also. I might be missing some of what he uses it for but to mee it seems unnecessarily complicated to use vpn.

          • I apologize, I’m so sorry, my brain is stuck on the way that we use Hamachi. You are completely correct, TeamViewer is the way to go! Mikogo is their free version for non-commercial use which I recommended earlier.

          • And I’m wrong about Mikogo, someone just pointed out to me offline that Mikogo is a free tool from BeamYourScreen, not TeamViewer. Yes, I will leave my desk now as you suggested in your other response – no more work. I did let go for the last two days and had to check in but now I will go.

        • We also previously used OpenVPN at work, but we had a porblem when someone typed their passowrd incorrectly all users were disconnected. The OpenVPN has been upgraded a lot since then but still perhaps woh looking into before switching. Tried it a while back again and now they have 64-bits support aswell. Otherwise a good product once configured.

          Nowadays we are using a Juniper SA4500 device and clients use Network connect. My opinion is that this is a complete waste of money, difficult to set up all the access profiles and administer, problems with checking firewall and antivirus statuses and therefore conenction problems… I’m contempleting about supporting a move over to Microsoft direct acces, but need to research it further.

          Hope you are doing well inspite of this chaos I read you are experiencing.

          • It was quite a week, not what I expected for my holiday week. I usually get caught up on the loose ends of the business and work on marketing but I did nothing other than remote into client’s computers (via Citrix’s GoToAssist Express) and change a 5 to 25. On top of it I got tough medical news on Monday so the whole week seems surreal to me. The first day I was frazzled, the second day I was resigned, the third day I was angry. Now, I’m focused and ready for next week. I still get 1 1/2 more days of rest ;-). Thanks for your kind words, despite my mistake in the thread reading!

          • No problem. Use the time you have left for relaxing and not focusing too much on work on your free time ;). Must’ve been one hell of a week though. I wish you good luck and especially also good health to you.

          • Oh and thanks for the head’s up on OpenVPN, I’m gunshy about any of them after this letdown of an experience. I trusted LMI, it will be a long time before I trust any other company to do things the right way for rollouts and testing.

  26. Bye bye, my dear Hamachi =) Nowadays there are better alternatives to your service, since im lazy i used yours, but now… thx 4 all

  27. I simply wish people would live up to their commitments, or don’t make them. The fact is that you guys have done this for years, but you made other business decisions that made it impractical to continue.

    So now you need cash to finance a small portion of your business, and you’re seeking FORCED investors, from those that have become dependent on your services.

    Extortion is far too kind, but it’s the new capitalism, where you either fail at some portion of your business, or not succeed as well as you wanted, and turn to customers to invest in you with absolutely no return on that investment.

    I feel sorry for those that need this service. For me it was a great product, but a convenience, not a necessity… buh bye!

  28. Quality services like this aren’t free to run – I know this from experience. The fact that you have offered it for free so far (and continue to offer a crippled version for free) is great. Adding these restrictions may cause people seek alternatives, but they will likely have trouble finding something as reliable and versatile as hamachi.

    I do question why you chose to do the must-be-logged-in thing rather than just saying “anyone running hamachi on server operating systems / linux-client needs to be paid”. This approach would likely piss a lot fewer people off while increasing your paying user-base. If anything, I’d reconsider how you choose to cripple the service.

    • Of course they aren’t, so why in the world would you EVER offer them for free?

      The Market has a cure for those that can’t provide a service at the price specified… STOP doing it, it’s that simple.

      But they don’t have the courage to do that, and resorted to these underhanded techniques to extort payment from the unfortunate souls that believed that they would live up to their commitments of promised service.

      As I said, either provide the service as promised, or simply stop doing it. Well, there’s another option… Open Source it, but like sick individuals, they subscribe to the “If I can’t have her, then nobody else can” theory, LOL!

      • No one is forcing anything? Rather than “stopping offering the service” as you stated is necessary, why don’t you just stop using the service and pretend they stopped offering it?

        Meanwhile, those who still find it useful will carry on.

        • LOL, I’m not sure where your logic comes from, but your flaws are showing.

          If you’re doing something and someone stops you from doing it, I think that qualifies as they forcing you to do something! That’s not really the question, the question is if it’s a good change or a bad one, and in this case, breaking an agreement is generally classified as a bad one.

          Secondly, I don’t like to live in fantasy land, unless a hot blonde is involved! So it’s illogical to me to pretend that reality doesn’t exist… sorry.

  29. I have no problem with the pricing — we use and love Himachi — rock solid.
    Is the 19th at 4am a firm time ?

  30. Can you explain how it affects Logmein Central users? I upgraded to central a few years ago just so I could have more than 32 computers. I use hamachi for personal reasons mostly for Remote Desktop and I have more than 32 because I support most of my family and friends for free (including 10+ computers in my own home). So will logmein Central users also have to pay more?

  31. Every choice is a choice. There are so many people using your architecture because the base services are free. We made a choice. You changed your initial coice. Most of us will choose something else. The remaing paying customers will be the ones who consider your product better than the other current payed ones… Good luck… and if I can say.. very bad commercial choice.

  32. I’m concerned… yes, I admit that $29/year isn’t bad… HOWEVER, I have very little faith in this. I have been a Hamachi user for many years… and slowly over these years I have watched you cripple this once amazing service more and more… first by reducing the maximum number of computers… and then reducing this again to 8… and THEN reducing this again to just 5… and now removing the ability for Hamachi to be connected and run as a service when logged off.

    So what happens if I pay $29 now… and in a few months time you guys decide you’re not making enough money… will you “cripple” Hamachi further and make us pay more to not loose any functionality!?? …Where will this end?!!

    I will willingly pay $29 right now if you guys can give me some assurances that the service I’d be paying for will not be “crippled” or otherwise “downgraded” in the future simply because you guys want more money of me!!

    As I say, very happy to pay for a service… but right now I have zero confidence that the service I’d be paying for will be the same service I continue to get from you guys several months down the line, given all your past “crippling” exploits a almost no notice!

  33. Absolutely right. I tunnel my server RDP via Hamachi and it’s well worth it compared to say . . . Microsoft’s Inbuilt VPN. I’m happy and am happy paying $30/y for 6 machines. Just wish you’d stop pushing the LogMeIn Pro Ad, cos RDP is faster and clearer.

  34. I am a paid user of almost all of LogMeIn’s services, and I understand the need to charge for services and support their decision, while still leaving a free version for those that do not use it for business purposes…that being said, I did not see a time being posted as to when those changes will take place. I have services that reference those specific IP addresses, so I will need to make those changes and would like to know when I can expect to be getting phone calls from my clients that say services are down.

  35. After using this service for years I completely understand the reasoning for charging for it now. It’s worth it to have my own personal VPN.

  36. I have read numerous comments about finding alternative VPN solutions. I thought it should be said that a professional VPN solution from Sonicwall is a $1200 investment plus a static IP address ($5-$10 per month). So $19 a year not all bad.

  37. I am a person who only uses Hamachi for casual gaming, and this does affect me. Previously I’ve used Hamachi as a means of NAT traversal so I can run a small Minecraft server for me and my friends. I will now need to find an alternative method. The convenience Hamachi offers is not worth $29/year to me.

    At least you’re honest that you are doing this to get money out of users who’ve previously relied on your free service. But you should realise this is not a great way to produce satisfied, loyal customers.

    If you want more customers to pay $29/year, you should add functionality that those customers value at $29/year. Don’t cripple parts of your software then insist on us paying to have them back, especially when many people like me simply don’t see them as being worth the amount you’re asking.

    I’m now pretty confident I will think twice about using any LogMeIn products or services again.

    • I’m in exactly the same position and have no idea what to do now. My servers just will not work at all, they were working perfectly fine before the update and now they just never show up as Online for people who wish to join.

    • I found a temporary workaround so you can still run Minecraft SMP with Hamachi. As long as the host computer is running the previous version of Hamachi (before they updated it and messed everything up) the the remote client version doesn’t matter. Simply put, if you are running the old version as the host then the people who want to play with you can be running the newest version or whatever they want.

      Just log in to with your account and “deploy” installation links to all the people you want to play with. Then fire up the older version (google search it, super easy) and voila! First 5 slots, counting yourself, are free. My computer couldn’t handle a lot more anyway.

      Don’t know if you were looking for an answer or just wanted to vent, but I wouldn’t want to take the chance and leave a fellow Minecrafter out in the cold.

  38. Can I easily move the license from an old machine to new hardware if the old one packs it in, without having to buy a new copy?

  39. I understand your need to be able to maintain and enhance the service down the road. Operations, maintenance and development do have a cost. I do not consider it unreasonable for you to ask us as users to absorb some of that cost. The price you are asking does not seem unreasonable. But I also understand Hamachi is used as a feeder product to help sell your LogMeIn products and services. As such, I do not expect us as users of Hamachi, to bear the entire cost.

    However, keep in mind I do take exception to your past practices.

    Why up till now have you not made any effort to keep the community informed of changes to the service? Reductions in number of allowed computers per network were implemented with no advance notice on more than one occasion. Making changes to a service without notice is very poor business practice.

    I only found out about the most recent changes today, as I happened to be updating Hamachi on a couple of my systems. You do have e-mail addresses for most of us? Yet I have never received a single e-mail from you. You also have the capability to pop up a message on our clients machines (like I saw today), but this has never been done in the past either (to my recollection).

    You mentions that you have some “cool ideas” that you would like to develop. That’s a nice teaser but without detail it is very empty. Again your past lack of communication makes me suspect.

    I will subscribe for now, but my continued usage/support will depend entirely on what I see from you in the coming months. I expect much better communication than in the past. Just coming clean about your past transgressions would be a major step forward. The ball is in your hands.

  40. I think anyone who has been actively following developments of the free version after Logmein’s purchase should be surprised. They have the right to do what they want with their property and users luckily have alternatives to choose from if they don’t like it.

    I got the message clear and loud when they decided to decrease the number of clients and happily moved over to openvpn.

    I do wish them well as it is a great product.

  41. This sounds like $29 will get you access to a network that supports up to 32 hosts for only one system, but if I have several systems running unattended then they each need to purchase a separate license to stay connected? That’s going to cost many of us hundreds of $$$ to stay with Hamachi every year. I see the value in Hamachi but you should consider a flat fee of no more than $2 or $3 per host per year. Your current model is going to price it out of competition.

  42. Extremely annoyed as a long-term Hamachi and LMIR paying customer that I had to ‘stumble’ on this announcement the day before it takes effect. You have no problem communicating when it means collecting money, but you don’t have the decency to email your customers when a big change like changing the addresses of all clients is happening. I have over 200 clients and 8 servers where Hamachi is in use. This is not going to be a small change for us and now I have less than 24hours to try and mitigate the issue. Thanks a lot.

  43. Agree with a lot has been said about how you guys have been tightening the noose over and over again, and how you should – if you need more revenue – _add_ features, not take them away. Make these new, additional, amazing features _so_ compelling that I just can’t live without the paid version! You should be making your users fanatical about your product, this is _not_ the way to do that! I’m sure you’re quite aware of the difference in cost between acquiring a customer and keeping a customer, so I hope this exchange pays off for you guys.

    After using Hamachi for years, since it was first released, I unfortunately will most likely be moving to another solution to satisfy my needs. I would perhaps consider a compromise of a perpetually licensed upgrade that enabled headless use, while retaining the rest of the free-version restrictions for a $5 or $10 one-time payment.

  44. I’m barely computer literate – have no idea what half this terminology is referring to – we have a private practice with one computer and a daughter who lives in another state that does computer work for us at odd hours of the day and night on her one computer. Give me the dummy version of what this means is happening to her ability to access our computer. The fact I had no warning until the day before this happens gave me no time to try to get answers – and since I only know how to turn on my computer, access my business files and get on the internet, I have no idea how I would be able to look for/set up alternative services. Our business is at stake, thanks for the concern (where’s the sarcastic font button?)

    • Dummy version: If something is critical to your business, get a professional to do it.
      You wouldn’t dream of using an x-ray machine nailed together by some neighbour kids from used car parts and an old microwave oven, so what is it with computers that makes people think any old cobbled-together solution is good enough?
      I’m not defending logmein here, I’m just sick and tired of “business” people only realizing they should have gotten a professional when their existing setup has stopped working.

  45. This promotion of $19.00/yr is actually going to save me a bunch of money. I was purchasing the $199 annual plan for two networks (one under 32 and one around 50 clients). At such a price, I thought I was paying too much for the few minor irritations (Failed to connect to engine and gui doesn’t open, causing headless machines to be returned to me on a few occasions, Hamachi thats ‘powers off’ without someone manually doing it, and incorrect online status’.) and I looked at some competitors a few months back.

    Sure there were free options, but they had issues. One very large competitor, they had a DOA installer for windows on their site for 4 days before I notified them and they quickly replaced it. Its bad QA like that that will sink your business if you rely on the smaller mickey mouse competitors.

    There are other competitors with more features, but they also have more bugs that go on long time without attention. Bugs irritate the hell out of me.

    A lot of the competitors rely on you providing your own machine or generate your own keys or whatever. That right there makes up for any $29.00 a year when you think of the hardware, OS, electricity, and the ISP downtimes. Running windows, requiring a reboot at least once a month, already becomes higher downtime per month than Hamachi has. Some require you to handle your own NAT and port forwarding. That is a lot of work and hassle. As a working person, I value my personal time. The hassle to roll your own comes at its own cost in money and time and hassle. Do not think that the $29 per year is exploitation, its very reasonable.

    So I just went from $199 a year to $60 for the year without losing any features that are being paid for. I did segment some really old offline clients into free networks ‘in case’, but the central web management allowed me to do that for free and fairly easily. I did lose about 3 weeks of my annual subscription, but it was worth it. I don’t think you can get central web management from competitors for $19-$29 a year.

  46. I’m not looking forward to the support calls that will be coming in a few hours from now asking why their connection stopped working. No thanks to Hamachi’s change of IP address. This episode should be featured as a case study for Bad Examples Corporate PR and Communications. Should we also nominate them to the Hall of Shame in the same category as well? #rant

    • Yes pretty cheesed off. I was already on the paid version, after restarting everything on the network (web server and all) checking all the network adaptors are showing the new IP address … hamachi is now completely useless.

      Each adaptor shows green lights etc like it’s connected but – all pings timeout… wow thanks, this is the first reward as paying cutsomers. to completely mess up my network, disrupt my business and my day.

      One poster suggested removing opendns which I have joy. I called support who sent me a useless email with the original announcement on. What I need right now is an FAQ / trouble shooting guide to try and sort this mess out.

      • Had OpenDNS issues this morning, whitelisted and those clients using OpenDNS finally reconnected. YMMV.

  47. With only 30 minutes before the policy change I have no idea whether it affects me or not ! I run a client-server database, with the server being a headless MacMini which is on, and logged in 24/7 with Hamachi running (in the menu bar). This machine never goes to sleep or locks itself out unless the power is out, and the UPS runs down.

    When working offsite, I connect establish a client-server connection using the Hamachi IP of the server.

    Will this work on a free Hamachi account any more ?

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  49. After the switchover all my connections are suddenly relayed and hella slow…. This feels like pestering me away

  50. Ok, I don’t have any other choice then to switch to something like Comodo Unite… All my non-payed connections are suddenly relayed and thus unworkably SLOW ! (pingtimes > 160ms and max 15kb/s speed…)

  51. Quisiera saber que ventajas hay en esta version pagada sobre la gratuita ? Que ganaria al pagar el servicio ? Cabe resaltar que existen en el mercado muchos VPN gratuitos. Gracias.

  52. Terrible news. i will change to openvpn hamachi is getting worse and worse everytime they upgrade.
    I havent been notifed of this change and now i have to make a drive for 200km to change the bluddy firewall because of this change. Fuck this i will never pay for a service like this.

  53. I spoke too soon. There is another change to the client that has nothing to do with whether or not the client can be started as a service. As soon as I end a remote desktop connection with the remote computer it kills the hamachi connection. That is new behavior. Is this REALLY necessary?

  54. Holy tamale, hundreds of paying users have to be manually touched to change our IP database pointer to start with 25. I didn’t know this in advance and this is hitting me this morning. Crazy. Why couldn’t existing clients stay with the 5. and just have new users start with 25? Hundreds of people, I have to get on their computers and support them!!

  55. This has made a complete chaos today! A lot of customer calls complaining they can’t work. And yes, I had to connect to each machine and change a lot of ODBC’s, SQL linked Servers, Custom Apps, hosts files and haven’t finished yet. I even have online server witch aren’t accessible yet!!
    A lot of downtime!

    • Daniel, I just want to let you know that you are not alone! We have over 950 client computers and I am having to connect to each machine to change the SQL pointers. Does LogMeIn think that only gamers are using this solution? Did they even begin to think of the workload they created for their loyal customers, database companies that pay and support them through their client base? I would NEVER have had my customers purchase this option if I had any clue that this is what I would be doing well into my night. I have hundreds more to go. I am having to touch every single machine via my Citrix GoToAssist (plug for Citrix, my heroes today!!!) and go into every database and change the IP pointer. My husband is trying to write a script that will do this that we can put behind a VB app but my clients pay for having uptime, so I can’t sit around until I have an app.

      What is even worse than having to touch all of these computers is to explain to every single client, when I’m on the phone with them, why this happened, without any advance notice. None of them received anything saying that the 5 was changing to 25. I didn’t receive anything, nothing! The first message they had was today regarding the default gateway. Not a single word of this before it happened, other than this blog. An e-mail blast, at the very least should have gone out to all paying customers, at least 60 days ago, so that we could all be prepared for what you did to us. And to top it off, it’s a short holiday week and we are trying to get everyone supported. This is crazy!!

  56. It’s nuts. Especially for paying clients, not enough warning. Not a smooth transition. On top of that mine is still not working as it should although in theory everything is correct hopefully by tomorrow everything will be working as it should again.

    • I got it working thanks to Ekleipsis in the forums.

      “Go to Control Panel , Network and Sharing centre, then to Change adapter settings, then bring up the properties for the Hamachi adapter, go into your TCP/IP settings and click the advanced button, edit the gateway from to to match the new network.”

  57. With the comment of yesterday I thought you were just a bunch a bad commercial people.. now.. reading all these post… I’m aware you are also a bunch of bad assorted techies…
    Shame on you… you created a disaster for your thirst of money.
    People will not forget it…

  58. Could there have been advance email warning? I see this blog post is Nov 9, but I didn’t hear about this until I saw a pop up on one of my clients, which was maybe a few days ago and NOT around Nov 9th. Not emailing advance notice was a pretty terrible idea as you can see from all the IP issues. On the PC I’m writing this on, the GUI hasn’t opened in several weeks due to the “Unable to connect to engine” bug that plagues the software and fixes itself some time later all on its own. On machines with this problem, they would not ever get notice in advance.

    So you have the people upset with the service reduction, and there are are those of us upset with the lack of advance notice. I’m in the latter column. I can understand the need to charge for services and do not think the free business model works that well in the long run.

    Its likely intentional that Logmein intentionally did not provide advance notice, so people will quickly pay instead of working on alternative arrangements. Someone in management probably got kudo’s for that idea, but will also get blamed when it backfires.

  59. I have made sure all gateways / dhcp are updated to the new but still cannot ping between client and server. Will try a restart in the morning.

  60. This change qualifies as a level 10 MCF (Mongolian Cluster F**K). The simple oversight regarding the gateway not changing in the adapter settings is inexcusable. This is going to result in THOUSANDS of man hours to correct. I think this warrants refunds or discounts from LogMeIn. Incredible ineptitude.

    The least you could do is post a tutorial about how to change the gateway via the netsh command. As for changing the Hamachi adapter via Windows Network Location Management, that unfortunately has to be handheld because there is NO scriptable way to do this!

  61. First off, with respect to revenue you’re turning a blind eye to a major opportunity. My company threw a pile of money at you to encourage Linux development and you’ve continued to ignore it. You fill such a niche in the cloud world and you just don’t seem to care. You’re so busy watching pennies you’re ignoring the dollar bills.

    Second, ‘hamachi list’ output suffers from a printf() formatting problem in Linux now and will truncate a address. You formatted for before, so when you added a character your formatted text takes the hit if it is a full 15 characters long (i.e. as long as one of the three octets behind 25-dot is less than 100 it’s not a problem). We rely heavily on that output for some really dynamic stuff (can’t share specifics), so we’re a bit broken now and looking to recover. Just bringing it to your attention in case you didn’t know… you seem to be stating the Linux client is unaffected, when it’s not.

    In closing, personally I still love your product and what it does. I pay for a premium membership, I’m happy with it, and I’ll continue to use it as long as it serves its purpose. I’ve rolled with the punches over the past year, but after all the conversations I’ve had with your execs, I really do hope you stop thinking so small and open up to the opportunities available to you. I’m sure others have championed your cause in the enterprise as I have; you’ve got some rabid followers, you could be so much more if you want it. Time is short, though… someone else will do it if you don’t.

  62. Dang, I’m a paid customer with 1000’s of customers. I didn’t get enough advanced warning to do testing. After the change my data bank of computers went offline in China. And many of my customers went offline. I’m now on my way to China to sort this out. $10,000+ in expenses. CEO says to dump this company right away. Any suggestions on alernatives? Hamachi is killing us, with no warning to plan for this. Crazy company!

    • Have you talked to Tech support? That may not be necessary if you just need connectivity and not an elaborate routing setup with IPs. I was checking in on a few clients tonight, and if they took the update to, the gateway fixed itself. So I’m guessing they will aggressively push that out and many clients I’m guessing will fix themselves and come back online. I wonder if Tech Support can manually push the update, speeding up the recovery process..

      • Thanks, Mike ours never came back online, and are techs in China couldn’t figure it out, so I had to take a trip to China to sort this out. I got us back online then we started to come up with another way to do this so we don’t have to rely on Hamachi. In the end I never got to see what our company decided to do. I got fired over this mess. The CEO told me I should have gave them more warning, but unfortunately I didn’t have any warning until they were offline. None of my guys had seen the pop-up note. Anyway, I’m back from China and now looking for another engineering job. Once again, thanks to Hamachi for getting me fired!

        • Damn, that really sucks. Though I don’t know why it was so hard to have someone over there get an internet connection and take an update. You REALLY should have talked to Support if you didn’t.

          Not to point fingers, but any time a business has critical services that cause a business to come to screeching halt when they go down needs to be aware of their third party limitations and have backup/response plans.

          I’m in the group of people that think putting EVERYTHING in the cloud is a bad idea. You never know when the outside company goes belly up or suffers from incompetence and you’re stuck being the scapegoat.

          You may have a wrongful dismissal case, unless you were the one to come up with the solution of using Hamachi for business critical services instead of implementing direct VPN. You could also say the problem was the ineffective team in China not able to get things running.

          Anyone have the Hamachi terms of service handy?

        • I’m so sorry to hear that they terminated you. Can you show them the comments from this blog to persuade them to take you back? It was NOT your fault and I think you can prove that easily. I have to admit that when I saw your post about having to go to China, it made me feel a little better about having to log into every one of 340 machines to change the IP pointer. I kept saying, “At least I didn’t have to fly to China.” I have complete empathy for you! I think there is a lawsuit for you, in these blog comments! Hint, hint. I’ve been saving them off every day to PDF.

  63. This fuck-up is so huge, it’s almost amusing. I wonder if LMI will be liable for damages. Definitely keeping this post on my spotlight.

  64. Second that. I have manually edited all the gateways – restarted / updated to the latest versions (only available this morning) . Final step is to remove Hamachi completely and then re-install the clients across the network. If this doesn’t work I will be looking elsewhere, I have already identified areas where I can use other means to secure my network. Considering they are aiming the paid business market, they certainly have badly damaged their reputation here massively.. love the choice to roll it out on a monday one week before the busiest retail day of the year. (jerks).

  65. This is annoying. The first I hear about this is today after all these changes have taken place and only due to a message that popped up after my client updated itself today. Not only that, this is now pointless to manage my 2 PC’s that I connect to at home because even though they are always logged in, as soon as they are locked (as for instance when I disconnect my RDP session) Hamachi now turns itself off. I agree with a lot of the posters above. Been using hamachi since before it was bought by LMI, and was assured at the time that the product will always remain free for casual use. You really need to keep your free products free and not remove access to something and then expect users to pay to get that feature back. That’s so underhanded and evil it’s not funny.

    I may have been willing to pay for this if I’d have been notified properly via email and actually had a chance to get the discounted price, but your lack of proper communication has now led me to go look for other solutions. 🙁

  66. @Vaughn : I have half a dozen LMI Pro licenses, including one for my server (which I use Hamachi for a VPN client-server connection. Isn’t it ironic that my paid Pro and Ignition licenses will sabotage and disable my Hamachi VPN.

  67. OK, I have now completely removed and re-installed hamachi on server and clients (hub and spoke w/ standard paid license) setup an entirely new network .. all clients are using the latest version. They are still unable to ping each other. Of course all gateways etc were automatically installed with the correct gateway on re-installation of adaptor etc. WTF, am I missing something here – it just doesn’t work anymore..

    • If your clients are Windows 7, and the NLA assigned them as unknown or public, as many of mine did, it could be the firewall rules applied to that network location. When I reassign them as private, mine all started pinging again. Hope this helps.

      The inability to script this change via batch is causing me fits!

      • Thanks Jack … man .. I was sure that would be the solution…sounded like just the ticket. On both server (2008) and client I changed to it to Private and Home from network and sharing centre (on win 7 client ) I restarted both hamachis… disabled and enabled the adaptors for good measure. I also disabled the firewall on both for a minute just to rule that out as well as – still no cigar. Final thing to try is another restart – but will have to wait until later.

  68. You know, the thing that bugs me the most is the lack of communication around this change. Hell I may even have been happy to pay at the discounted rate, but because I only received this notification after the fact, I didn’t even get the opportunity to buy at the discounted rate. While $29 certainly is cheap, it seems like a rip off to those of us that really only use hamachi for 5 or less PC’s. Offer a $9.99/year option for 5 PC’s and maybe I would reconsider.

    But as it stands, I’m not happy with this change and am definitely looking into alternatives. So if anyone can suggest some good alternatives that are easy to setup and manage and allow for direct p2p connections without needing a relay, then please let me know.

    • I am looking at either LAN Bridger or as an alternative. I think I will have a hard time finding something as simple and effective as Hamachi, but I cannot, on principle, support a company who does this kind of thing to their PAYING customers!

      • this is the thing, they are really giving to us up the tail pipe here .. as though our various operations are of no importance – they have lost my trust.

  69. I don’t mind paying, we’re using a 256 computer network, and it’s fantastic. Keep up the great work!

    • I didn’t mind paying either but if you realize that some of us have several hundred clients who have paid and they use the VPN for a database connection. Database connections are inside the database, or in an ODBC setting, so changing the 5 to 25 makes it so that many of us have to get on every one of hundreds of our client’s computers to just add a 2 to a connection. That’s a phone call, 5 minutes to connect to their computer, 2-5 minutes to get into the db and make the changes and 5 minutes to explain that it wasn’t my company that caused this inconvenience without sounding like I’m making excuses. We already have other work scheduled, this was not implemented in a standard technology way. Those of us who are mostly upset by this are paid clients who have been given a massive workload by LMI. If that’s “great work” then I am terrified! LMI needs a CTO who understands IT rollouts and implementation.

  70. jajajaja It can’t be, because You didn’t care about the trouble We will have with this change, because now I must to upgrade the connections at each store from my client. Thanks for give work I don’t need and let me say we paid license. Now My cliente will think twice about paid again for hamachi license.

  71. I know it might be a stupid question, but does it cost money now to use hamachi ?

    A friend and i played the day before yesterday – no problems.
    Yesterday we didn’t play at all
    Today we want to play but cant figure out why it doesn’t work.

    And we haven’t found a reason – and since we aren’t english-talking, all the comments make no sense, since nothing is stated clearly (as far as we read).

    But if someone could please fill us in, it would be great.

  72. I succesfully setup OpenVPN server on my router and configured to work exactly like hamachi did. Works great and I dont have to rely on untrustable company anymore.

      • I’m not sure what your setup is but I put OpenVPN on a client’s machine then they purchased DYNDNS Pro from and set it up to monitor the IP address of OpenVPN and create ****** for the pointer so that if the IP ever changes they will be fine with their database connection. You could do the same thing using Hamachi but I am not having my clients purchase Hamachi anymore. They can purchase DYNDNS Pro instead. It’s $20 per year and reliable.

        • How is the support and responsiveness of the guys at OpenVPN? Better and more reliable than Logmein, I suppose?

  73. I wanted to let you know that I was not contacted by logmein regarding this change and had 30 phone calls of clients that could not connect to their server or run their applications remotely, resulting in downtime and lost productivity I had no idea of the problem and just by chance I saw the IP address change. To say the least my clients who use Hamachi are very upset with me and I in turn are very upset with your company. I should have been contacted by email or phone for a change of this magnitude. My clients that were affected by this pay me several thousand dollars a month and are not happy. Hopefully they will understand that this was not my fault. I will be looking for an alternative solution for their VPN as I cannot afford and my clients cannot afford these types of incidents

    Jerry Forde, CEO

  74. i am tired tired tired of struggling with hamachi, intermittant connections, relay connections etc etc etc etc then its online then its probing … done- switching to neorouter

  75. Why did you not email customers about this IP change? We are a paying customer and have been for a number of years now. We pay for the service because we rely on it, and to not get advance notice of this change is really poor practice.

    When the IP address changed our entire order entry system went down because we rely on using Hamachi for our remote sites to communicate back to our server. It took the better part of a day to get everything back up and running, costing me an entire day of staff time and slowing down our order process.

    This is not the kind of customer service I expect from a company of your size. Please get with the program and communicate to customers when a change with the potential to blow up a customer’s network is being made. We would have certainly been better prepared had we received this notice via email when you posted it.

  76. In August 2012 I renewed an existing Hamachi subscription to the tune of $199, and with exactly zero notice I find that in November 2012 the computers in this paid subscription no longer connect through their dedicated Hamachi IP’s AND that I could get the same functionality for $30???

    So in addition to wasting about $170, I get to spend hours logging into dozens of my PAID (actually overpaid) client computers to change their rdp target ip addresses while their business activities conducted over RDP are on hold?????

    Wow. Just wow.

  77. I condone all the dissatisfaction here – free or paid users – I paid for Hamachi some time ago, long before the company had been bought by logmein. Let’s come to the senses – maybe we need some more hours to fix all this situation… after all they said once – “It will always stay free”… or so.
    But, if not, then I am moving to OpenVPN.

      • Everyone? Who could trust a company after such a major screwup like this? Those brilliant engineers obviously aren’t as brilliant as people thought. The real ones probably left with the takeover.

        • Engineers do not release software or plan the release. Managers do. QA team should also be at fault, as testing was inadequate and/or provided management with false sense of confidence. You can see from his initial message it should be a few minutes and painless.

          Bottom line, its poor management that allows this debacle. I’m not so much talking about the gateway bug that exacerbated the issue, I’m talking about the lack of notice to all the paid users of a product that has an intended use of being unattended for remote locations.

          A blog post? GTFO. I login to the site with my EMAIL address. When I login to my account, I’m immediately prompted to buy LMI Pro all the time. They could have made the switch over notice there and that would have reduced the problems.

          There should be someone at Logmein preparing a report of all the things they did wrong so they can learn from them. Actually, that shouldn’t be someone at LMI, but someone outside of LMI with experience in this industry who understands planned upgrades. Maybe a future CTO replacement.

          When the ISP providing internet to our company was changing static IP’s, they gave 3 months advance notice. It still wasn’t enough time to switch over everything properly but since IT could plan for it, we did as much planning as we could allow. If the ISP did what LMI did, for sure our company would have been destroyed and a lawsuit would be filed.

          I would be shocked if Marton wasn’t fired over this (unless they just blame the QA Manager). This is going to seriously damage LMI’s business for years to come.

          • Utterly astounded and just… speechless that noone from Logmein has bothered to
            a) apologise for the lack of communication to paying customers prior to the changes being applied
            b) apologise for the gateway balls-up,
            c) respond to anything written here
            d) respond to direct emails regarding this issue.
            The strategy appears to be to stick your head in the sand and hope everyone forgets how shoddily you’ve treated your paying customers.

          • On Facebook they replied that they did fully notify all paying customers so I asked who the contact would be that could forward the specific notifications with full headers so that I could understand why ZERO of my paying clients received advanced notification of the change from 5 to 25 and they haven’t answered me yet. I want to work with that person to give them a list of paying clients and receive the forwarded proof of their prior communication.

          • You likely won’t get a reply. They did not send out any emails. They did not make it visible to the web login account. I have machines popping up with that Nov 19 message only AFTER the 19th (ie, 22-23). If they are going to claim they did do a mass email but some glitch prevented it from getting to customers, the utter lack of feedback and responses the following day would have been clue enough.

            I am also not upset about the pricing, just the lack of notice and preparation, and then the handling (lack there) of how poorly this was handled.

            When Dropbox had a security breach through a coding error on their password authentication, they came right out and documented the problem, so that they could show they learned from this mistake and took steps to prevent that from ever occurring again. Someone needs to do that with Hamachi, but I think that person was fired already and no one wants to step into the shoes with this shit storm.

  78. Day two of technology hell is coming to an end. I only have 213 more computers, at client sites, where I have to call each person, get connected, add a 2 in the db pointer, explain that it wasn’t my company that did this to them and clearly make sure that they understand that it was LogMeIn (making sure to use the name because I HAD been recommending Ignition too and want to make sure they all know to be afraid of the name). I will NEVER recommend a LogMeIn product again and I was so loyal I could have been on your billboards. My head is exploding from the stress of taking care of my clients who were all taken down by this.

  79. I paid the fee but now nothing works. I can’t use RDP, SSH, or even ping any computer on the same network. I even created an entirely new network and re-installed everything and nothing is working. This is not cool LMI. When you force people to pay, you should at least make sure it is going to work. I want a refund…

    • This is where I am. Have been a paying customer for months. I have re-installed everything,with a new network. removed all adaptors prior to that, and made sure the adaptors are in private / home. All gateways are correct…. still no ping WTF. I have spent hours fiddling with this, Prior to this hamachi – always – just – worked. . The payment thing is non issue for me – the service disruption is what is pissing me off.

      We relied on this to securely control access to server resources. For me it’s just a pain in the ass.. Although monday was a total write off. For some here the issue is so much bigger than that. Where is the LMI response? Any chance we could get some customer service here,

  80. This whole debacle has been… interesting… to observe. I smell a class-action lawsuit in the works. You’d better get ready LMI!!!

  81. Adding to the story. I used hamachi to backup photos and documents to my friends computers and they did the same to mine. Needless to say. This has been crippled.

    Sad to see this slowly fade away. Been using hamachi since it was 50 users.. Then 8… Then 5… Now not working as unattended service…

    I too, spoke warmly of LogMeIN. “It’s an great company. If you need any remote serviceassistance tool. Go for them. If you need an fast easy private cloud. Use them..”

    After this experience – This has changed into. “Never use this. They change without informing properly. They remove working features without informing”

    So. From actively promoting to demoting. Don’t think this will work out in the end…

  82. I found a work around to the unattended problem. Go into the settings and disable automatic updates, then uninstall and go install version (make sure you keep your old settings when uninstalling) You’ll have to manually fix the gateway, but it will now work in unattended mode again. Not sure how long this will last, but it’s good enough until you can find something to replace it.

  83. Wow. Just… wow.
    I only knew Hamachi from multiplayer gaming – I had no idea Hamachi was used professionally by so many users and in such large setups with thousands of users. But by the looks of it, neither had LMI or they wouldn’t have fucked up this change that badly…

  84. Does anyone know of a reliable VPN functionality that is similar to Hamachi? Preferably something that has always-on, auto-reconnect / auto-connect on startup feature that is transparent to the end user? Does Citrix have 1? I used GoToAssist as a backup to LMI Pro. Thank God

    • Might I add that I am okay with a paid service. Like many of you here, what I will not tolerate is a service provider that rolls out major “planned updates” unannounced and without a proper execution plan, without a proper support and communication channel.

  85. Since you made this change, my Hamachi doesn’t work anymore. I tried every trick with metric I know. Of course I have new default gateway on, but still, unstable ping. Games don’t refresh in multiplayer a loose connections, files are corrupted after transfer. What can I do?

    Best regards, Tom.

  86. I’m also a casual user, utilizing hamachi to connect several personal PCs into my office for ease of use and background (translation: very slow) connectivity. My first alert to problems was the hundreds of hits to my firewall in the 25 (instead of 5) range. The real eye-opener was that this range is listed as assigned to the DINSA. Reading above about the monumental impact on paid subscribers, particularly noting the lack of notice, lack of planning, and lack of response from LMI, I also will no longer be recommending LMI services to any of my clients.

    ps: I’ll also add my dismay of the gradual dumbing down of services which required us to upgrade a couple licenses to retain functionality. When that sub expires, I’ll be seeking an alternative.

    Well played, LMI. :/

    • Have you found any tutorial to setup OpenVPN so that it works like Hamachi? This tutorial looks close, but it isn’t clear if it is able to route traffic over the lan and wan. Thanks.

  87. Well that’s that. LogMeIn has finally killed Hamachi. Took them a few years, but this appears to be the final nail in the coffin. A technology with so much promise, ruined by a company who thinks giving users certain functionality and then pulling back that exact same functionality and asking users to pay to have it reinstated is a good business model. Hey Mr. Smarty CTO Guy – maybe if you developed your product a little, you could justify charging more for it rather than resting on the code base you purchased like 6 years ago. You’ve had plenty of time. The inability to properly monetize Hamachi is completely and entirely the fault of you and your “leadership team”.

    I will be sad to see Hamachi finally gone from my PCs, but truth be told, it has been relegated to “emergency backup” status for a few years now. Pretty much ever since LogMeIn started bastardizing it, actually. Which is a shame. Such a promising product.

    • Thank you for this. I’m looking into Comodo Unite because of your recommendation. They use 5. Do you think there is a chance that they will do what Hamachi is doing and change to another IP schema without notice? Have you used them a long time? Have they had good support and planning?

      • Just wanted to throw my 2 cents in on this and perhaps save you some additional headache. Unite is a free product with pretty much zero support. I was testing Unite for my 200+ client network earlier this year (as a replacement for Neorouter after their network started getting seriously flaky due to issues with older versions of their client). It didn’t take me long to realize that Comodo was not a product to invest time in deploying to all my clients after sending a couple of support requests and never getting responses. So, if you are comfortable with that caveat, then it’s probably worth looking into. But, as many of us have learned, “free” is not always the best way to go when it could go away at any time.

        Ironically, I “came back” to Hamachi after my testing with Comodo (tried Hamachi years ago, pre-LMI, but it wasn’t scalable for me then), because they had a very reasonable price on their 254 client network subscription. So, even a PAID product can bite you in the ass if the company is not executing changes in an intelligent manner.

        For what it’s worth, I have taken the plunge and begun developing an in-house VPN solution based on the Routing and Remote Access feature of Windows Server 2008. It’s definitely NOT as simple as the largely one-click deployment in Hamachi, but there is greater peace of mind knowing I am in control of any changes down the road.

        Additionally, I have taken that money that I would have spent on Hamachi and invested it in a fantastic management console called Bozteck VENM Console that does everything and more that the Hamachi interface allowed (like simple reporting, exports, and remote script execution). Definitely worth checking into.

  88. My issue is that my client base uses Hamachi at each of their locations and they are all small businesses, usually running from a base in a home office. If I was needing a centralized option for my internal use I would have put in a VPN router. The problem is that my clients are not technically oriented, in general, and most don’t have their own IT support so Hamachi had been a great option for them and I had them all purchase and set up their accounts. My husband is trying to write an application to update the IP address, inside our SQL db, to fix the issue created and I hope to have it this afternoon.

    I appreciate your feedback on Comodo. I do see that the initial setup that I ran indicated it is only free for non-commercial use so I have reached out to them to find out what the cost is for commercial use and if there is an increased support and reliability based on purchasing the commercial licenses. If Comodo is on their game, they will take this door opened for them.

  89. It’s just really annoying that one day, boom.. you cant access any of your home or remote pc’s from other places…. and been using Hamachi for years.. 🙁

    Time to delete and find other solutions.

  90. your incredibly overpriced initial pricing tiers are why you didn’t get the customer base to keep you so far ahead of your competitors- been a problem for years. Your creating an even less useful ,by limiting it as a service, has always been your failure.
    Like MS owned the world with MSWord, you also would have owned remoteaccess, and frankly much VPN space. Too bad that your plan is to even further reduce the functionality of your fabulous infrastructure for the casual user. You’ve made it quite a bit LESS enticing, and slowed your growth toward market cap.
    All you ever needed was enough capital to give it to everyone at full bandwidth for a year or two and none of your competitors would even have had space to develop effective alternates and your incremental incomes would’ve allowed you to hire their best and brightest staff to fast forward your innovation.
    You look like you are continuing to make stupid market decisions and that your infrastructure will melt away because no New Customers will try it – you are forcing the competition to thrive. Instead you could be offering scale of economy and everyone would be using it, licensing it, embedding it, making clients for it.
    I hope you are betting on being purchased by somebody with money and brains.

  91. I knew it couldn’t last. Any time I hear “Free” or “Lifetime” these days, I automatically scoff. Welp, can’t really be angry at someone for not providing something free…unless you’re the type who votes for Obama 🙂 🙂 🙂 Anyway, this is also why I don’t really trust any of Google’s services any further than I can throw them. Software as a service? Storage? You’d be setting yourself up if you don’t have an iron-clad agreement ahead of time. I’m already prepared for my gmail account to start costing.

    • Nahh, snoo. Google just recently got rid of their “Free” Google Apps Tier for Small Businesses. Guess what? They grandfathered in anyone who was already established in that tier. That’s how you do it!

  92. Good bye, Hamachi. Thanks god, there are tons of free VPN solutions, whose developers aren’t such greedy and stupid. Thus you are not getting a cent from me and you can kiss my butt.

  93. Way to screw up. Even your paying customers are having problems. Time to find another solution…and it won’t be that difficult. So long…

  94. It’s been more than 3 weeks since this post was published. Does anyone working at/for Logmein even monitor their blogs? #fail

    • I feel like Mr. Anka dropped a bomb on paying customers and is probably on some luxurious holiday while those of us he dropped the bomb on had to give up their time-off to help desperate customers who were hit also.

  95. Nobody should forget the long standing option of It’s $20 a year and this will work for those of us who have to point to a static IP, so this solves the 5 to 25 change. I used to use it primarily but then Hamachi was so easy to install and manage with an interface, etc., but I have to get everyone off of Hamachi as soon as possible so I’m leaning towards dyn dns as I know it is reliable and is created to avoid changing ip issues.

  96. I have been using logmein and hamachi for years. I understand the increase in price and just wished there were more options. 30/year is nothing for a product that I have used personally to share photos with the family before dropbox and what not. I have recommended it to clients and none of them are upset about the cost as they are all happy with what they get. I was just a little upset that I finally am reading this now and could not partake on the cheaper pricing. I never got an email….. I wish there was a way I could partake in the cheaper pricing…..

    I think everyone else who is bitching that a they lost there free service that they use to make money off of their clients is a f*ing republican retard. waaahhhh waaahhhh

    For the others that use it to manage their pc’s at a small business or when away from their office, it was quite the blow…

    • at least us republican retards can use the correct version of “there” in context.
      We are here to discuss this particular issue and how it affects us and our hundreds of clients using the PAID version, and hear you are bringing up politics and b*tching about getting it cheaper, grow up, or make a video and post it to youtube so all your friends can see how cool you are.

      • I think everyone needs to take a step back and stay on the subject here. I am a ISP provider and what I and many others are upset about is simply the lack of communication on LMI Hamachi’s part letting us know in a professional manner a out the change that occurred on November 19th. This had a serious negative impact on our many clients that we service so thus had a very negative impact on us as Small Managed service providers. Many of us had to spend many hours of unpaid time correcting a problem that if noticed in a timely manner would never have occurred. Some of us have even lost clients because of a mistake that we had no control over. This is the real issue being discussed here. We all know that logmein products work well and have for many years that is not the issue here. I would just like to hear some response or apology from Logmein regarding this issue and some reassurance that it will not happen again. We all make mistakes but its the real true professional that admits their mistakes and learns from it. Has LMI learned from this mistake. Their silence tells me no. Maybe they will wake up and realize what they have done. Here is to hoping.

    • I think you are confused Vanilla G. It is the Democrat/Liberals who demand “free” (the gubment has its own source of money and nothing comes out of taxpayer earnings, right?) services and support. After seeing Obama get reelected (honestly or not) I now expect LogMeIn to expand to 3 times its original size, provide nothing, but send a bill to people who don’t even know what LogMeIn does for more than 16 Trillion. Not to worry though, most of the workforce will be chosen by their non-caucasian qualities! 🙂

      • Two hundred comments in before it degenerated into political vitriol. Ten more comments before Godwin’s Law gets invoked.


        • Two hundred comments before someone “threatened” to Unsubscribed but never did. Dunno about Godwin’s law.. don’t adhere to trendy, airheaded internet memes like Flying Spaghetti Monster, or Santorum etc..

    • I missed the people who were complaining they lost a free service that they use to make money off of their clients. I see a whole lot of people who have their clients pay for Hamachi who were screwed over. But, I see the light at the end of the tunnel and am working to move everyone off of Hamachi as quickly as possible. Can’t go through this type of thing again. Blown away that LogMeIn doesn’t even care about paying customers enough to bother with an apology.

  97. Meh, I was also dissappointed to have missed out on the reduced price… for me the experience was like this, Hamachi has an update, Click… see some notes, notice how it says unattended pcs probably won’t work. Go home, find my work PC is still showing on the hamachi network but unable to RDP to it all of a sudden. So it’s odd even when my work PC shows as being connected I can’t RDP into it since the updates. My home PC is as expected, not on hamachi unless someone sits down and does something with it and it drops back off a few minutes after they stop using it again. In the end it would’ve just been good to know changes were coming before the day they happened, and I would’ve just paid reduced price without thinking about it since working from home is a convenience worth paying for. That said, since I’m finding work PC shows online but yet not able to connect to it I’m concerned something else was patched which broke that for me which hasn’t been discussed with this whole licensing requirement post above

  98. Damn, missed out on the cheaper pricing here as well. Did an email go out? Not everyone visits this blog! Anyway, I found this simply by googling on why the IP’s changed. But WOW! some of you are really out of your minds, “threatening” to “take YOUR business elsewhere?!? WHAT BUSINESS? Majority of you haven’t paid a cent for it yet you have “clients” depending on this product. $19 or $29/year is about half the cost to fill-up a tank of gas here in NYC! I guess you are who Romney was talking about with the 47% thing, you “takers” felt “entitled” to unlimited / FREE use of Hamachi forever!?!

    • agreed. i wish they would have provided more notice on the address change but other than that i have no problems paying for such a reliable service. i subscribe to central which still includes hamachi unlimited networks/clients. central costs 50 dollars a month. well worth every penny 🙂 –qubit.

  99. It’s one of the minor ironies of life that complaining about the gratuitous injection of political commentary into discussions where it has no legitimate place is itself an injection of political commentary, and I must therefore refrain from doing so.

  100. Although small in comparison to no notification of paid customers (which I am not, which is why I haven’t complained).. Another questionable decision with this update that I just realized after giving up on the issue due to lazyness (why Hamachi strangely did not work for me anymore after the update) is that the 25 range already belongs to DINSA, ministry of defense, which is on some blocklists.

    I was running Perblock on my computer and suddenly noticed that DINSA – ministry of defence was constantly trying to connect to my computer, not that I’m leaching anything but probably just because of paranoia :p and an extra line of defense.. That got my paranoia turned up to the roof for a short while until I found this and made the connection: O.o

  101. I found this thread by accident. The long story is MS is shutting down Live Mesh, in Feb 2013, which I use to sync folders between PCs (without anything stored in the cloud). Looking for an alternative I found LogMeIn’s Cubby which does the job perfectly (peer to peer sync, I don’t use the sync to cloud option). I was looking for a way to make a small $ contribution to LogMeIn for all the free services I use: LogMeIn free, Hamachi, and now Cubby. Hamachi’s pricing was in the price point I could afford. That brought me to this discussion. I too missed out on the $19/yr Hamachi. Anyone see a coupon out there?

    I feel sorry for the commercial users who were affected by the change to 25…. from 5. Agreed, more notice would have been good. I’m not affected as the transition went smoothly for me, but the lesson here is I need to be vigilant and keep abreast of any services I depend on.

  102. The Hamachi of today is no longer the Hamachi you bought from Applied Technologies,which means you’ve violated Andy Pankrat’s promise to keep free Hamachi as is.

  103. You know, I completely understand the necessity of trying to make a product more profitable, and I don’t think $29.99 per year for a 32-user VPN is all that much of a swindle (though, I certainly wouldn’t mind a FEW more users).

    That said, I really think that they DO have a point when they say that you guys haven’t done all that much with it lately. Literally the only thing that HAS changed, is that the number of users (for free) has gone down. There’s been an explosion in the abundance of mobile platforms lately, and even some settling — it’s pretty clear that iOS and Android are here to stay, it’s not unforseen that Windows Phone may occupy third place for quite awhile… yet there’s no Hamachi clients on ANY of these.

    Do you know how useful those would be? Yeah, yeah, you’ve got LogMeIn ignition blah blah blah I don’t care. As far as I’m aware, that’s just desktop access. With Hamachi, I get a NETWORK CONNECTION directly to my home computers. That’s powerful. I would pay for that. I would gladly pay your $29.99 for the ability to link my mobiles to my computer — hell, I’ve been doing it for free with Windows Mobile 6.1 for a long time now. Why not the more modern mobile operating systems?

    In this day and age, where smartphones are quickly becoming the most personal of personal computers, you guys need to capitalize on that. There are plenty of zero configuration VPN clients available for desktop and laptop users, and that’s really child’s play nowadays. The software that I’ve honest-to-goodness PAID for has given me the ability to keep my information in sync from desktop to smartphone — Hamachi could VERY easily be an essential part of that for many users… but without mobile support, it’s just not worth it.

    I understand your predicament, and I don’t think you’re necessarily sending your users the bird. But I do think that some of them make accurate, salient points when they point out that you guys haven’t done anything to make the product more compelling — and the most ridiculous idea of all is that Hamachi isn’t compelling. How is a free service with MILLIONS of users not compelling? I mean… that doesn’t even make sense. Obviously it is, because the equivalent of the population of a large city uses it. That’s a lot of people.

  104. well…. mainly used the working autologin feature… and now, this is no longer working… and so i might have to say… good bye Hamachi and hello OpenVPN… which delivers a more flexible solutions…what a pitty to drop this great tool out of my mind…

  105. Hi,

    I used Logmein Feee to acces a computer at home from work so I can check on the IP module connected to my house alarm. When I disconnect the iOS client, my computer is said to be offline and I cannot reconnect. If I purchase the Logmein Pro, will this keep my connection so that I can remote in again?



  106. had an amazing, RELIBABLE product

    LogMeIn Hamachi does not… I never had issues with Hamachi until LogMeIn purchased it and “made it better”

    It used to be such an awesome program that I would highly advocate to all my friends – now, if I ever speak of Hamachi it’s about how unreliable and basically crappy it is

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  109. Who the hell decided that using public IP space is a good idea for private network usage in the first place, much less address space assigned to the Ministry of Defense ? RFC 1918 anyone ? Beuhler ? Anyone building a vpn client ever hear of non-publicly routed address space created and assigned specifically for private use ? I had a goddamned heart attack this morning when I saw my son’s Hamachi left running.

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