2013 LogMeIn Pedometer Challenge

The LogMeIn Wellness Program has been kicking around LogMeIn for 4+ years now.  What started out as eager employees simply supporting scheduled walks and runs, such as the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge, the MSPCA Walk and the Breast Cancer Walk, has grown into a fabulous program.

In addition to providing complimentary healthy snacks and beverage options to our employees, LogMeInners have access to their own top notch fitness center and locker rooms complete with showers.

With the annual LogMeIn Health Fair coming up, we decided to plan a Pedometer challenge to coincide with the dates. Employees had a week long period to sign up and were split into teams of 6-7 employees with a team captain. We dished out LogMeIn branded pedometers and let the games begin!

Employees will check in at several points during the next few weeks and report their team’s average steps. The pedometers go up to 99,999 steps and so far we had three employees tick over that mark—an impressive feat!  I have also had reports of two going through the washing machine and one falling into a lake while canoeing but all are still tracking accurately.

All in all, we’re off to a great start. Happy stepping, everybody!

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(Source: provide.org.uk)

Kell Reardon

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Kel Reardon is LogMeIn's Office Manager.