What’s New: Windows Host Update Version

­LogMeIn Host Software Update (Windows): This update provides enhancements to our Windows Updates feature improving speed and performance.  Additionally, this update fixes other performance and stability issues with previous versions of LogMeIn.

Tara Haas

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Tara is the Vice President of Products at LogMeIn. Tara's team is responsible for cross-product coordination with regards to customer insights, product launches, data analytics and pricing and packaging.

297 thoughts on “What’s New: Windows Host Update Version

  1. Confusing version numbering don’t you think? This version 4.01.2138, my previous version, Why not just or 4.1.2138?

      • As a software engineer, I would agree with DVD. When I started writing code it was pretty simple, we used VERSION.REVISION. Now there is number.number.number.number ad nauseum. I vote for simple terms – let’s all go back to VERSION.REVISION.


        • I can’t get rid of the thing. Every time I bring up my computer the darn LogMein Updater requests that I update again. I have tried several times to update it, but it hangs up in the middle and starts a new request to update. I’m tired of it bothering me. Can you tell me what to do?

          • Try closing all other apps (you knew that). Quite often I forget that some programs need to be run as Administrator. Right click the file or icon and run as Administrator!

            Otherwise, you may have protection like the SpyBot Teatimer which will prevent changes to the registry or some other software like Norton (not recommended at all) that can block you.

            Also, you may try running in Safe Mode (press F8 repeatedly before Windows boots) to prevent other programs from launching. However, depending on how LogMeIn is arranged, that might not work.

            Cheers, A.

          • I had this – in my case it was because I’m running SP2 not SP3. The answer was to download the patch and run it manually. They may have fixed this issue though, as it’s not happened since.

          • There is a problem, the update program is not able to stop the service for logmein. Stop it manually and disable it, then it works.

          • I had the same problem until I noticed that the upgrade program could not stop the service LOGMEIN. I could not do it manually either, so I set the service to be started MANUALLY instead of AUTOMATICALLY. The upgrade then went without problems. Then I set the service to start again automatically.

            Running WIN7

          • Thanks Arne. That worked for me as well. Now I don’t have the annoying upgrade popup constantly popping up. 🙂 Thanks.

          • Having the same problem…..I am happy with what I have now – why would I want to change it. Get that message off my screen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Just uninstall the application or make sure it is being upgraded by stopping the log in service when the upgrade shall be done. Seems like they have made something wrong in the previous version taht makes it impossible to stop the service automatically when upgrading.

        • I’m with you Al, keep it simple.

          “Red & Blue? Does the ADA apply to Congressmen too? (It’s not personal ladies, it just is)
          It the scales have to tip, I’d rather see them tip toward physical disabilities over mental.”
          Me, today

          • Yeah, I learned 45 years ago that ever present accronym: GIGO and as even as important KISS. For you neophytes these mean: KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID AND GARBAGE IN, GARBAGE OUT!

  2. I’m not sure why this blog says it is version 4.01.2138 because after I installed it, the version stated is I’m thinking it’s a typo on this blog, not a change in their versioning.

    • JoeE – this blog post says and the installer when it finished is 4.01.2138. you got your versions crossed. Its retarded that I’m even posting to this because honestly, I really DON’T CARE what the version number is. Maybe, there were internal versions that never saw the light of day and …. I think I just lost some brain cells.

  3. JoeE is correct. And no BCB, it doesn’t make a huge difference which is why nobody was ‘arguing’. In fact, the only one who seems to be upset by all this is you. Pointing out an error doesn’t make anyone ungrateful.

    • dVd, I don’t know what you spend with Logmein if anything but as someone who spends well into 4 figures a year with them, how they manage their version numbers is as irrelevant as your real name or sMb’s for that matter.

      If you were spending that kind of money you’d have an account manager to complain to.

      Can I suggest that if you two don’t have anything useful to add to the new release you keep quiet.


      • The accuracy of all information is important. What if the version that was posted was, in fact, an older version and you just loaded it onto your desktop. You now have a version that is, for example, incompatible with your operating system. Information/data quality causes untold costs throughout business all over the world. It has just cost me 15 minuites of reading the comments about this. I don’t know about you, but my time is valuable. Think of how many jobs could be created by just cutting all the time that is spent by employed people because of poor information quality every day!

        • I cannot agree more with you on this, Diana, what you say is so very true. I come across it multiple times every single day, and it’s more often than not caused by someone who really doesn’t care about accuracy, which is really most people. If we did it right the first time, we would avoid tremendous amounts of going back to fix things, which seems to take up a very healthy portion of my day, every day. You really struck a cord with me here, because you are absolutely correct, and I’m glad you pointed this out.

  4. Hey Tara, that’s good news. I have a call with Cara early next week so I’ll try and test out the new version with the Central preview as well and let Cara have feedback.

    I’ll push it out to a few servers and desktops in the next day or so.

    Is it possible to get any more detail on the performance and stability issues? I ask as I’ve raised a good 20-30 bugs so it would be nice to see what’s been fixed so I know what to test.

    Keep up the good work!


  5. As you’re asking Rob, then no you can’t.

    By your own admission you don’t know anything about my relationship with LMI. I’ve as much right to comment on the post as anyone else – you included – irrespective of that relationship.

    So let’s all be grown ups and not get into a silly flame war.

    It’s simply astonishing, and a real shame, the aggression shown on the Internet by some people. It’s easy to be brave from a distance I suppose.

    • dVd, as a freebie customer, why not give something back and at least post some feedback on the new version.


    • But you’ve go so much to say, come on do indulge us all?

      Or are you just trolling for a flame war – you picked the wrong time and the wrong place I’m afraid.


  6. Can I ask you something, Rob?

    If I said to LogMeIn that the version number they’ve used is a bit puzzling, would that give you the right to attack and insult me?

    Because that’s pretty much what you’ve done to DVD. I mean, what he said to begin with, and the intensity you went after him with for it, the two just don’t mesh. He found it odd, and asked the question. He’s entitled to ask a question, and in no way did he sound aggressive about it, like you did in response. You are obviously having a bad day, and I can respect that, because I’ve had them, too. But I really have to say that I think you were the one who was out of line in that exchange. Just my two cents. Hopefully you’re not going to turn around and go after me for sharing my opinion.

    • LogMeIn staff do an incredible job.

      When a customer on a freebie is unable to say a single positive thing, seemingly more interested in being first to get a negative comment in right at the top; I think I was being fair and reasonable.  I openly invited him to offer a positive contribution; he declined.

      I however pay a substantial sum for logmein (which I’m very happy to do) and also dedicate my own time to troubleshooting and debugging problems….I get annoyed when people have nothing better to do than quibble over the semantics of the version number, don’t want to contribute to and then don’t pay for it either.

      • Did you hear a word I said, Rob? You make some valid points, worthy of acknowledgement, but I think you may fall into a large group of people that would rather be right than be happy.

      • You are just a self-righteous fool. Who cares if he’s using a freebie. Logmein offers the frigging product and promotes it. Go poke your head in the sand – please.

      • Como hago para sacar ese molesto cartel de actualizacion. Cada vez que prendo la maquina me aparece y no hay forma de sacarlo por mas que actualice la version. Por favor necesito una solucion. Gracias

  7. Wow! I’m glad to be able to read about this new release to hear the important features that were fixed and what the performance improvements were. That is what the post is for, right?

    Really this is a fantastic product, even just the free portion performs excellently. Being able to access my computer in my other location and to access my main home computer from work is a great benefit when I leave a report at home. The performance was already good for causal usage, the upgrade I’d expect would even improve that.

    No matter what your number the release, keep up the excellent work. My company uses this product commercially to support our client computers which I just found out the other day. The pro version that I tried was great for maintaining remote computers, transfering files, checking usage, and performing updates on top of remote control was excellent. Pricely for the home user, at least for me at this point in time. All and all a well performing product, diffentently worth the pro price and the free version is great for the home user causal use.

    Job well done. Thank-you,

    • Thank You Henry,

      I am a causal home user but have found that this is a great product and before i updated i just wanted to know what was in the update and how it would benefit me …

      Thank you for prodiving a product that is user friendly for all to use …

  8. Welcome to the reality of the internet, people arguing over trivia just because they can and because nobody can touch them for it. This is human nature in the 21st century 😀

      • I only have one issue and I agree with those that say arguing is so petty and a waste of time and space. I forgot I was reading about LMI. I got so involved in the drama that I just kept scrolling down to read the next post. I don’t think this was mentioned as a feature or benefit when I agreed to let my company install it on my computer. I’m not the USER, the company I work for uses LMI to access my computer to take care of tech issues that pop up from time to time. It’s wonderful, I can’t fix problems on my machine, but one of our techs can in a matter of minutes, from the home office in Wisconsin. What will they think of next? as Auntie Emma would say 🙂

  9. Like Henry, I am quite astonished over your aggressive reaction, Rob. When one tries to call another out on what they preceive as ungracious behavior, they should be able to be an example of what graciousness looks like. Certainly, they should not be accusing another of trying to initiate a flame war when clearly it is they who are doing it. I suggest you come back next week, when you have an opportunity to emotionally distance yourself and relook at posts. You might discover that you need to work on yourself a bit more and on others a bit less.

  10. This is an excellent product, I can’t even believe there is anything left to fix since I have zero problems when using it!

  11. Sounds like Rob is a crusty bitter old IT manager… who has nothing better to do than micro-manage forums on behalf of vendors he uses. Why don’t you go back to beating your employee’s and your wife.

    • Must totally agree with ya Rico! I Actually was looking forward to an answer to the “confusing version number.” Fat chance of that with customers with ooodles of money jumping all over us poor people that have to use the free versions.

      In my line of business I have to update a lot of software and have times where I have actually removed an newer version and installed an older version by mistake because the numbers with tons of decimals or dots are confusing. If you don’t have the time to study them you can get the wrong version sometimes –so the question is relevant.

      Actually I was going to suggest Rob go kick the dog or hire someone with his gobs of money to do it for him.

  12. What is the version number again? I really have no life, so I would love to continue the debate over version numbers. I think they should number it,2

  13. I think we can all move on from the earlier version number discussion now. I only use LogMeIn Pro2, and in a minimal way, as I’m not an IT person, so I won’t have much feedback for this forum. This is more for guys like me that don’t know anything, LOL. While I’m at it…. can anyone tell me if the warning my utility software told me of, that I should close administrative shares in Win 7, would affect my LogMeIn and being able to access that computer from my other location, if I did close it? Hey, thought I’d take the opportunity and run with it….

  14. wow, can anyone twll me what is really different about this release other than their numbering, I really don’t see where the product numbering affects how lmi works, this hasn’t been helpful to me at all. Now back to the argument

    • I’d suggest the upcoming winning numbers, but we’d need a new version every week. And nobody on here would be working anymore, so the forum would be virtually empty. Except for Rob. Sorry, Rob, couldn’t help myself, no foul intended, just trying to see the lighter side of things with, ahem, Jeff here.

  15. take me off i hate this ,it allows people to get into your private lives ,i have this on my computer by someone else and they will not remove it.

  16. I’d say that is a problem between you and this other person. Why do you let people put software on your computer? I don’t.

  17. For Dominic, who may have put it on to receive remote assistance from someone, I would suggest you contact someone from LogMeIn. They should be able to help you remove the software. And perhaps you should report the person who is refusing to remove it from YOUR computer, to the LogMeIn folks. You do have rights, and choices.

  18. I’ve used Logmein for quite some time, on several of my own computers, only the free home ones, though. There are very few issues but some that were very strange, it would be appreciated if someone could please post back and see if they fixed.

    A) A lot of windows open on a desktop environment would cause the logmein remote session to crash (This MIGHT have something to do with dual monitors, also, it happens at times when switching monitors.)

    B) Changing the size of your taskbar while remote logged in INSTANTLY disconnected me, before. Is this fixed? VERY frustrating because I have the task bar on the left side of my screen, not on the bottom.

    As for the previous flame war… Why would you do this on an update page? Version numbers absolutely should be correct for referencing purposes and as anyone who is a computer network tech they should know that as well. They responded to the person, and fixed the problem. It was done.

    • I too have a problem with A above. I hope it is fixed in this version.

      Also, my dual monitor resolution sizes never fill up the screen on my PC that is using LogMeIn to connect to the remote PC. I wish they could max out for the full screen effect.

      But I cannot argue with the price and this product is very, very good overall.

        • I’m replying here as I think my problem sounds most similar to this one, though since I’m in no way technologically savvy-I’m just not certain it’s the same. Bear with me here: I have a home laptop with Logmein trying to update. Each time it updates I’m suffering a temporary crash. There is another PC in the same room with my laptop with Logmein installed on it as well but suffering no issues. The PC and the laptop are on separate internet hookups though I don’t know if that has any bearing. Back to the teporary crash on the laptop: In order to get the laptop back online I have to start it up in a different mode and do a system restore. Once this is complete Logmein automatically wants to start the update procedure again. This process has happened identically the same now a total of 4 times in a row or I would have thought it a fluke. As it has been the same 4 times I’m convinced it is due to Logmein. Since I love the convenience of Logmein I DO NOT want to delete the program but am a bit floored as to knowing what to do about the situation. Can someone here direct me to the appropriate place for help? Thanks so much-Cathie

  19. eu não conheço o site,só sei que não me apetece ler tudo parece um testamento e nem sei porque fiz downlord no site,já nem escrever donloard .

  20. I’ve used Logmein for about 6-7 years. I’ve used it mostly for helping co-workers and friends with their personal computers. I’ve only used the free version and the pro-trial version, but I’ve always felt even the free version is an excellent, professional quality program. I miss the ability to be able to send invites to people remotely, but, using the free version… well, beggers can’t be choosers 😉
    I have recommended the product dozens of times, and I know at least 1 or 2 use the paid version.

  21. I use LogMeIn several years now, the pro-version for 5 pcs. But it will be the last year now. The use with google-chrome does’nt work well with win7. Doubleklicks e.g. on folderobjects don’t work, the message option is completely gone (to Central). The program is a lot slower now before. The test of ULTRAVNC with VPN gives me double speed to maitain the smallbusiness-pcs. And its free.

    • reading your blurb sure lets me know how little i know my computer. i retired 10 years ago and finally got a computer last year. am amazed at the advancements in the computers, i used one at work. that seemed like a long long time ago, so many changes. back to school for me or maybe my grandkids can show me!!!!!! everyone have a good day!!!!

  22. Thanks. Great product – great update. No problem with Google Chrome and win 7 here. Keep up the good work 🙂

  23. I use the professional version in the office and the free version at home. I am able to print remotely from home, however Google Chrome does not allow me to print remotely. Simple solution is to use Internet Explorer when I am logged in and working from home.

  24. Although it IS a great product, I am stuck in a LogMeIn Updater loop.

    It keeps prompting me to install updates (Which I do install), but this same prompts is popping up every 5 minutes. How do I get rid of it and/or properly install the updates so the prompting stops?

  25. Is there a website that discusses the characteristics and functions of LMI? If so, can someone, please, direct me to it.
    Thank you,

  26. “Can’t we all just get along!” The header of this page says “The Inside Scoop on LogMeIn Product Updates”! It would be nice if all non-relevant posts to that fact were removed. I’m just saying…

  27. I don’t know computers, my wife does and what makes her smile makes me smile. As far as I know I have never heard her curse Log Me In so, they must be doing something right (and great). Thank you Log Me In and keep up the great work because, when mama is happy everyone is happy.

  28. I would like the ability to resize and move windows. If it is supposed to work, it doesn’t for me.

  29. This has nothing to do with the update version #, etc., but I need to know if there is any way to “wake” my computer when I’m trying to log in from an off site location? My computer goes into hibernation mode after being on for a while. I don’t know a lot about computers so maybe one of you can give me some advice. Thanks.

  30. I have used it for several years ( I think 7 years). I am currently running my system on Windows 7 Home Premium x64 Edition 6.1 (build: 7601) Service Pack 1 on a Dell Inspiron Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q9400 at 2660 MHz (x 4). I have been nothing but pleased with Log Me IN since my first use. Occasionally it will hang up or disconnect but I’d give it a 98% out of 100 for reliability and performance. It has enabled me to do business from the road just as if I was sitting in my office. The only fixes I could conceive of needing was what I mentioned about the “freezing” or “disconnecting”. I’m sure there are others that use many more features than I do with Log Me In that might be interested in other fixes but LMI has my absolute vote of approval. Thank you for making me more profitable on the road and enabling me to keep up with things while I’m gone. Give yourselves an attaboy for me! Thanks!

  31. Guess I don’t understand what all this is about. WHY NOT just do it right the first time? Its as if everyone is in such a hurry to get the stuff done, that they don’t think about it first.

  32. What does Log Me In do for me? I don’t do business on the road, don’t go between my computer, laptop, IPad, don’t have a website or anything else. I never asked for it – just showed up one day. I would like a nice civil answer not a war or put downs. Thank you

  33. Constant updates, constant renewals, constant new, “improved” technogadgets–do we really need them? Many of us profess to be conservationists, but are either forced or unwittingly yield to downloading or buying the very latest “state-of-the-art” technology. We have become the most voracious consumers in human history. And what of our freedom of choice: to download or not to download, to buy (consume) or not to buy? Once upon a time one bought a product (e.g. a car, a typewriter, a telephone, an oven, a refrigerator) whose longevity was a key factor in its purchase. Do you really enjoy being an avaricious consumer, spending time and money buying the latest product advertised on the market? Is “keeping up with the Joneses” a mark of distinction worthy to display?

  34. Really need AUDIO also. Right now, I have to go to a separate free website to transmit the audio in order to monitor the house while I am gone. I leave it on all night, so it will awake me should something happen, like a break in or something like that. Why does LogMeIn send me away to a separate website, then they could be a “one stop?” They should use the paid service for other features. Sending customers away is not conductive to business! I guess they are content being a “minor” player, rather than the leader in their field.

    • Me too. Can ‘t think where they found me from. But their repeated unwanted emails are currently a plague

      • hey is this the desparate joe that holds a piece of my HEART that u break time in and time out n thinks im always going to run back to in a snap of a finger,But the more i was hurt n caught u in and found out from ur liez n deseatful games i opened my eyez n heart. You gave us ur word to me n my children nothing but be let down so many times with faulse hope n lost dreamz .YOU CHOOSE TO NOT SHARE UR EVERY THING WE’VE BEEN PROUD OF U FOR FOR UR SELF N ANOTHER TO SHARE UR HEART N FUTUER WITH N i want u to know you who ur true family is n where ………. BLM&DND if itz NJCM
        JOE MOORE

  35. Hello. I want to stop this service (LogMeIn). Please confirm to cato@nobio.no that the service is stopped and that I will not be charged anymore. Thank you very much. Best regrads Cato Kjølstad.

  36. Frankly fed up with this interferences every day on my computer. Am totally uninterested and want to stop this harassment Vera Sartorius

  37. this program is power!, who cares about the version number it works! So many winers, whaaaaa, whhaaaa. Cry me a river spoiled brats! lol

  38. I dont normally post on things like this – I just install the software and be done with it, but today I would check to see what the updates were and found a bunch a idiots fighting over the version – are you guys serious ? or are you the guys that just like to cause a fight for the sake of it.

    If you dont like the version system that the Log-Me-In Team are using, then uninstall the product and get something else.

    I wont be back on here as I am just going to install

    There are letters in this version ? I wonder why – should they be capitals or lower case, I think I will cause an uproar on the Log-Me-In forum.

    See you later.

  39. Please stop sending me this update request – I don’t know what it’s for and I’m not authorized to update.

    • For many of you complaining about annoying requests, what you can do is look in your Outlook (if that’s what you are using, and most are), open the message, click ‘Rules,’ and set up a rule for any of those messages from a particular sender to go into a storage file or simply and directly into the trash. That’s what I would do, besides unsubscribing from it in the first place.

      • I thought you could do that or simply identify the sender and/or domain as “junk” and it would never make it to your in box? Either way, doesn’t seem that difficult, if you know how to use your computer. If not, why are you using LMI anyway? Thanks for confirming what I was thinking Jeff.

  40. We need the speaker to work through logmein… Be able to speak to the remote laptop. (not just hear)… Hopefully next version?

  41. Why do I need this logmein at all…what is for…right now it is just an annoyance…I don’t even remember why I signed up for it…64 years old, shrugging my shoulders, hands extended palms up..get the picture

  42. I have just started using this. So far it has been for fun rather than in anger. However I do travel and there have been times in the past when a product like this would have been great, to get those missing files from the base pc on to the laptop.

    Keep up the good work.

    BTW it is really cool to show my desktop on my iphone, shake it and see the otehr screen

  43. Cuando intento pasar una grabación pps al fecebook me dice que el chrome esta mal cerrado o bloqueado le doy restaurar y sigue sin responder. Que debo hacer me sirve este programa.

  44. Wow!

    I updated to the new version and it gave me a link to see what was in it.

    I got this page of garbage.

  45. I punch the update in. Yet when it’s finished, the update notice appears again, as if nothing’s happened. Even now, I don’t know if this won’t happen several times before the update finally settles in. This has happened over two periods now, each lasting over a course of days bordering on weeks. You have a great product, but please resolve this. It would most appreciated.

      • I posted a solution to this, possibly in another thread. The update program cannot stop the service, so I had to set the logmein service to be started manually. I can then install the update and enable automatic start again. This worked on my WIN7 installation anyway, Arne

  46. This update never finishes. It just keeps opening new update boxes. I’m up to four. The update itself has a bug because it won’t finish.

  47. For those complaining about annoying requests, try unsubscribing. If that doesn’t work, open the message you don’t want in Outlook, click ‘Rules,’ and set up a rule for any message from that sender to go into a storage file or simply and directly into the trash.

  48. I too thought there might be some notable fixes mentioned, the major upgrade was to the “fanning the flames” app

  49. NO TENGO NINGUN INTERES EN ADQUIRIR ESTE PROGRAMA Y ESTOY HARTO DE LOS MENSAJES ¿que parte de esta decision es la que no se entiende?

  50. Can you fix the problems with printing on your next update? Many of the logmein clients when trying to print will take there document and print it backwards… Mean from right to left instead of left to right as intending. It works well in for other organizations that compete against you.

  51. Because of the negative feedback regarding this download, I have concerns about downloading a product that appears to create more problems than it resolves. Maybe you need to simplify the product or the download to eliminate all of the problems mentioned.

  52. If you don’t like it, uninstall it! I use PRO and it’s GREAT. Keep up the good work LMI.

  53. Please… PLEASE … can someone tell me how to stop this infernal thing appearing every time I log on !! For heaven’s sake, I’m in my 70’s … I don’t own anything other than a Nokia mobile phone, no i-pads or any other modern gadgets. All I want to do on my computer is send and receive emails, reasearch on the net and use my ebay. And, believe it or not, that’s it I use Windows, MSN and IE 7. I am not a computer buff, and never will be. What right have these people got to annoy me continually ? They are a darned nuisance – I don’t want to sign up and I’m not going to. END OF.

  54. que droga esse logme não pará de pedir pra atualizar….toda vez que ligo o computador pede pra atualizar…esta me aborrecendo…será quem fez essa atualização é um amador? que sacooooooooooooooooooo………….resolva de uma vez essa mmmmmmmmmmmm

  55. Stop sending me Login Emails. This is a business computer and I don’t need more hassle! Get off and away. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


  57. Can someone explain to me what this is? I’ve never heard of ‘LogMeIn’ before and now all of a sudden I’m getting a prompt “that a new version has been downloaded and ready install. to update”. Since I don’t know what it is I just close the message box. . . . but it keeps coming back. Who downloaded’ the new version? I’m the only person at this address & I’m unaware of downloading anything. This makes me very uncomfortable. Can anyone explain it to me?

    • Cool concept – the program is designed to allow you to access your computer remotely – from another computer somewhere else. I take paper work home with me and access my work computer from home to do the work, rather than putting stuff on a USB/flash drive, downloading to home computer, completing work, put my work back on the USB/flash, then when I get to work, downloading to the work computer. Really great when you have forgotten a “form” or other needed materials and you are sitting at home, stuck, because you forgot to bring home that material on the USB/flash drive. LogMeIn isn’t the only program available so if you don’t like this one, try one of the others.


  59. Take me off your upgrading… I cannot get rid of your pop up and I do not want to use your product.

  60. Take me off your upgrading… I cannot get rid of your pop up and I do not want to use your product.

  61. Please take me off of your upgrade list. I do not want to get any more pop-ups, I am not interested in your product

  62. I agree with Susan Koppel. PLEASE TAKE ME OFF YOUR UPGRADE LIST AND ANY OTHER LISTS THAT MAY COME ALONG! I am NOT interested in your product.

  63. Please take me off of your upgrade list. I do not want to get any more pop-ups, I am not interested in your product


  64. Please take me off your upgrade list I am only interested in the version that I am currently using. No more pop ups please

  65. I do not need your product please unsubscribe me from your update list immediately and also delete the pop up which is becoming an absolute p[ain

  66. Please send me an e-mail to know how I get this Log-me-in thing off my computer. I did not want it and I’m not sure what its purpose is. I’m not even sure how it got on here. Thank you.
    Kathie G.


  68. Please get rid of this extremely annoying messages asking if I want an update. If I DO want an update, I’ll contact YOU!!!!!!!!!

  69. Please stop sending your pop up which I have to remove every time I start up my computer.

    Any interest I may have had in your product has now changd to anger! Take meoff your list!!!!!!

  70. I asked for this to be removed and it is still here, please do something now. It is soooooo! aggravating.

  71. Just follow the instruction on the e-mails you receive, that should take you off the list. But of course the program itself continuous to try to update till you either un install the program or do the manual update by stopping the service “logmein” and disable it.

  72. yes, please take me off your mailing list and also tell me how to stop these incessant notifications of new (useless) updates! It’s like every time I turn on any of my 3 computers there is a new f*ing update. Either get it right the first time or quit your jobs

  73. Thank you Arne but I don’t get emails, just aggravating pop-ups. Its a shame the provider is not reading all these complaints!!

  74. I am confused is Log Me in a commercial product completley tested which I can upgrade from a free version to a paid for “Pro ” version .becasue most of the stuff on this blog reads as if LMI is a hobbyist work and we are still testing it. If I buy a “Pro” version of software I expect ” Pro” value and custoemr service. I am fed up with dislaiemers as anb excuse for poor quality, Microsoft have been doing it for to long . Does this blog get watched by employees of LMI or is every one who contributes just “interested parties ” . Will someone on the development team at LMI make a comment here about the status of this product.. Is it out of Beta ?


  76. Please,take me of your mailing list and please stop that pop-ups.Thank you. SURESH PATEL.March 14,2012.at 06:00 pm.

  77. please take me off your mailing list and discussion group and stop sending those pop-ups. Suresh patel.March 14,2012 pm

  78. I intended to post you the very little word to finally say thank you over again relating to the unique tricks you’ve shared on this site. It’s so generous of you to give publicly just what a lot of people could have offered for an ebook in making some cash for themselves, precisely considering the fact that you could possibly have tried it if you ever desired. Those suggestions additionally served to provide a fantastic way to know that other people have the identical passion the same as mine to realize great deal more in respect of this issue. I believe there are millions of more fun sessions up front for people who browse through your website.

  79. I have just read all these all these pleas to be removed from the programme. Arne says “why don’t you uninstall the programme. Will he please explain how to disable it. I am a very lotech grandmother. Marigold

  80. I have had LogMeIn for several years. It has saved me a lot of time and trouble of taking my computer down and taking it to the repair store. I have thanked LogMeIn so many times I can not count. I have also gotten several of my friends to get LogMeIn. They are just as satisfied with it as I am. Thank you so much for your company.

  81. I’m having the same problem that everyone else is having—-annoying pop-ups. I like having logmein, since my computer -repair -man can correct problems on my computer from his home, but I don’t like the POP-UPS. Please leave information as to what I need to do in an e mail,

  82. Please get your pop up off my computer, i see an entire page of people asking for the same so this is absolutely a problem in your business. I wouldn’t mind using it from time to time but because of this pop up problem that is driving me nuts & you don’t give us an option to stop it. I never want to see your program again!!! I would predict you are losing more business from this issue than you realize. I am also taking issue with the person that had me use it in the 1st place so all around “NOT GOOD FOR YOUR BUSINESS”. Get a clue!

    • Make sure to upgrade it manually, there is a bug that cannot stop the service when doing the upgrade. The only way you can get rid of the message, is to do something yourself.

  83. Please remove me from your update list. I am not interested in your product. Thank you

    • Most likely, the program was instaled by whoever sold the PC to you. You will most likely see it in the control panel (Control PanelAll Control Panel ItemsPrograms and Features) and/or even as a service under Control PanelAll Control Panel ItemsAdministrative Tools. It is no mailing list, it comes up because the installed program recognises a new version when you are connected to the Internet

  84. I would like to unsubscribe to this site. Every day I turn computer on I get pop ups asking me to load. Please remove my name from your list, thank you.

  85. Je ne comprends l’anglais je ne sais pas ce que c’est mais votre fenêtre me géne beaucoup.
    Merci de me supprimer de la liste ou alors de m’adresser le même texte en français.
    cordialement. Régine

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