What’s New: LogMeIn Host Software Update Version 4.1.2450

LogMeIn Host Software Update (Windows): This update features a variety of host enhancements including:

·   Updates to Windows Patch Management – Several enhancements have been added, including color coding to indicate patch installation status, an indicator for computers requiring a restart and overall improvement in performance when installing Windows updates.

·  HD Color Quality improvements – Color quality for remote control determined automatically by host computer performance.

· Remote Control Suspension – Suspend a remote session during desktop sharing, in the event a moment of privacy is needed to check an important email, etc.

Additionally, several host fixes have been implemented in order to provide you with the best LogMeIn experience possible.

For the full release notes please visit here: http://help.logmein.com/SelfServiceReleaseNote?product=lmipro2


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63 thoughts on “What’s New: LogMeIn Host Software Update Version 4.1.2450

  1. I like many of the features that GoToMyPC offers. It would be nice to see some of them implemented in LogMeIn. It would be nice to scroll the mouse to the 2nd monitor without having to go to the top of the screen and select the other monitor. Also the Caps don’t seem to function properly. Caps on or off and it does the opposite. I’m not sure if this is unique to a Mac but that is what I use to remote in.

  2. Dear retired folk,

    I suspect the reason your computer is updating this ‘LogMeIn’ software, is BECAUSE you are retired and struggling to make your computer work properly. Your helpful computer technician needs this software to be up-to-date, so that he/she can assist you from a remote location, when you get stuck.

    kind regards,
    Barny (Master IT Technician to many retired friends and family)

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  4. Getting very tired of your LogMeIn update pop-up. Don’t even know what you are or what you do, but please get out of my computer. Bobbi

  5. Thanks for the update! I use LogMeIn to access my own PC when I’m away from home, and I also support some of my less computer savvy family members by installing it on their PC’s. Barny is probably right that the retired folks on this board have been helped by someone using LogMeIn. If you don’t like the update messages, just uninstall the program.

  6. Dear Jon Hyatt,

    Please contact me regarding your LOGMEIN UPDATE POPUP. I wrote a detailed explanation for these tactics to this post, but decided it would be best for every ones “good will”, to speak with you off-line first. Look forward to speaking with you.

  7. the most recent update is really slow to login to a remote machine and i can not been able to you copy/paste from local to remote since the update i am using firefox on windows 7 accessing a remote computer using xp and vista. has anyone else had the same problems?

  8. Please stop sending me notice on your upgrade. I’m perfectly happppppppppppppy without it.

  9. Has anyone else had the problem that JB mentioned, that logging in to a remote machine is slower with the update? Could someone from Log Me In let me know if this is common? I log in to my work computer quite often, and am very happy with Log ME In at present. I don’t want to update something that works well only to encounter problems that I don’t presently have.

  10. You have already tried to update and can’t finish so stop with the pop up please.

  11. I have tried to install 3 times, but I continue to get the install message. It appears that the program is downloaded but not installed. It takes 20 minutes, and yet isn’t complete. How do I get rid of the install popup?

  12. I’m not sure why people are asking on a chat line to unsubscribe them… I’m not very techy … however if you go to programs, then to control panel, then click on uninstall program, you can remove it if you don’t like or want the program anymore. Otherwise ask the nice people here and I’m sure they’ll walk you through it.
    Only you are in control of what is on your own computer.

  13. Sorry I forgot to add — go to your “Start” button, usually in lower left hand corner… then control panel….then uninstall etc .. sorry.

  14. I think the problem is the latest update is not installing properly. I keeps asking to install the update over and over again. This is confusing some of the non-techy users because they think the update has already run and installed. When it asks again within hours of the last install, people are assuming it is a different update.
    I have tried running the install several times, it seems to freeze when the installer is restarting the service, it looks like it is finished because the progress bar is full but I don’t think it is truly finished and that is where all the confusion is coming from. People are leaving messages here because the link on the installer popup points to here.
    Someone at LogMeIn needs to figure out why the installer is not finishing, seeing the pop up time after time is very annoying. For those of us that need the porgram, we cannot just uninstall it. For those asking to unsubsribe, they do not understand that it is just a program on their computer that is trying to get its update.
    If anyone else has figured out why the installer is not finishing, can they post how they fix it?

  15. PLEASE unsubscribe me from your annoying attempts to get me to sign up! Your POP Up only makes me NOT want your product more!

  16. Do you listen to requests??? I asked that you no longer try to get me to subscribe so please respond to this request immediately. Thank you, Pat

  17. We are installing the program because there is no acknowledgment from LogMeIn that you are trying to fix the problem with endless updating.
    Log me OUT

  18. I agree with the two pervious comments! I want to unsubscibe immediately! I have no use for Log-me-in.

  19. Dear Log in,

    If you look at the comments history above you are doing yourselves an awaful lot of ill will towards your product and the constant “pop up”.
    Please remove it from my Computer & may I say that perhaps you ought to get a grip of this problem
    It really is a nuisance & almost makes one feel that Login is like a virus!!


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