The New LogMeIn Rescue: Efficiency. Satisfaction. Android

We’re very excited to announce that the new version of LogMeIn Rescue is now live!  The New Rescue was designed with two things in mind: keeping our customers productive and improving the end-user experience.  To do that we loaded the New Rescue with Android support capabilities and features like Connect On-LAN and Tear Away Remote Control Windows.

First, let’s cover Rescue+Mobile for Android tablets and smartphones.  With our initial release supporting Android devices, technicians are able to see system information, transfer files, and chat with users of today’s fastest growing mobile platform.   Remote Control isn’t currently supported for non-telco deployments of Rescue due to Android OS security restrictions (sorry!).  We’re definitely excited about supporting the growing community of Android users, and we know our customers are too!  If you have a license or trial of Rescue, you can get started by instructing your end users to download our free Rescue+Mobile app in the Android Market.

The other key features in this release are designed to give customers more flexibility, quicker connections, and better organization of their remote support environment:

  • Connect On-LAN lets you instantly access any unattended computer on the LAN, so you can get in and start solving with Rescue’s powerful, purpose-built support toolset.
  • Tear Away Remote Control Windows give you a new level of ease when dealing with multiple sessions at once. Now you can see all your sessions at once and move them where you want them. It’s great for multi-monitor setups.
  • New group-level customizations let you add your branding to tailor the support experience for your customers. With your brand front-and center, they’ll know they’re in good hands.  You can also customize which technicians can transfer sessions and collaborate with others, ensuring that security and customer confidentiality are at the forefront.

Check out some of the new features in action:

Below is a full list of what you’ll find in the release.  You can find more information in our New Features Guide, or watch our What’s New in Rescue webcast.

  • Connect On-LAN
  • Tear-Away Remote Control Windows
  • Android Support
  • Group-level customizations for branding and transfer/collaboration
  • Remote File Management
  • Flexible Session Recording Storage Options
  • External Technician Survey Support
  • Remote Keyboard Layout Sync

To check out the new release simply log into your account or register for a free trial.  We hope you’re as excited as we are about the new Rescue!


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6 thoughts on “The New LogMeIn Rescue: Efficiency. Satisfaction. Android


    We have roughly 20 rescue seats in our account, supporting hundreds of customers in the middle east – most of which work in Hebrew.
    As of the latest update, we can’t switch languages, on the customer’s side (for support reasons, we have to work both in English and in Hebrew, therefore, we continuously jump between languages).
    To resolve this issue, we have to change the language on the technician side. Obviously, this is VERY annoying, especially while working with multiple sessions.

  2. I love the Tear Away feature but ever since these latest upgrades I have been having constant “Lost Connections”. To the point of being a major hassle. Not only am I losing my clients connection it’s also causing a MS error on their end about LMI. This makes both LMI and my company look very bad when I’m suppose to be keeping their computer from having problems and “Our” software is causing a problem.

    I have been dealing with LMI Support for at least a week now and no resolution has been found. Frustrated only mildly describes me right now. This happens when I’m working at my shop or my home and it doesn’t matter which PC I’m using either. Therefore it’s not an issue with my location or my PC and it started exactly the day the newest console upgrade happened.

    I was told that there have been no other complaints about this other than me. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

    I am seriously looking at the competition for a completely different solution. After using LMI Rescue for a year now I hate to go but I don’t have a choice if this isn’t resolved like now.

    John M.
    J&L Computers

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  4. Non telco… Does that rule out Any non US device then? No remote control of either iPhone nor Android. Is that worth $800

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