The LogMeIn plugin for Chrome (Windows) is here!

The new Chrome plugin for LogMeIn will provide you with a seamless experience and full remote access functionality. Now you can remote control in HD, share and transfer files, print remotely and more… all without having to switch browsers.


We’ve also made improvements to the Firefox and IE plugins to make sure your experience is consistent across browsers.

Chrome lovers, check it out today!

Please note: The Chrome plugin will work with Windows machines only. It will not work with Mac machines or on a Mac Chrome browser.

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48 thoughts on “The LogMeIn plugin for Chrome (Windows) is here!

      • If you read the instructions carefully, ti tells you how to get around that. You open Chrome://extensions in your browser, and drag and drop the extension from its save location into the extension tab

          • As noted in my May 2 post, “it” worked for me. I was having a different issue, namely adding a standard short-cut conflicted with the “App” plugin; I think by having the same underlying URL.

            Anyway, “it” as I see it is 1) “downloading” to your system or LAN, then 2) “dropping” on the Chrome page, which I assume Chrome recognizes as a plug-in and adds it…

            A followup comment to the thread starter; I found that Chrome lags just enough to constantly remind me that I’m working remote, however IE8 is nearly real-time with mouse & key response I would describe as “snappy”, so I’m sticking with IE, but it’s nice to have an alternate just in case Murphy decides to visit.

          • You can install it if you put Chrome in Developer Mode, which is on the Chrome://extensions page.

          • I checked the box for Developer Mode on the Chrome://extensions page and it didn’t help.
            I tried again……..

            Lower Left of Chrome I see the message::
            “Extensions, app, and themes can harm your computer. Are you sure you want to continue? ”
            (I click continue)

            I see LogMeInPluging something something download very briefly in the lower left.
            (it vanishes)
            I then see “Apps, extensions, and user scripts cannot be added from this website”
            (it’s not in my downloads!)

            What the heck?

          • Can you key to downloads in browser, ctrl_J there you should see the file you downloaded, click the link View in folder, then back in the browser, click the upper right control (looks like stack), then Tools, Extensions, once on that page, drag the plugin from the open folder into the browser window pane. Report any errors or if these steps are not clear.

          • These steps do not work. Once it says “Apps, extensions, and user scripts cannot be added from this website”, it deletes the download, so it is not on the computer.

          • Download extension, go to search program and files on windows, write logmein , you see logmeinplugin.crx drag to chrome://chrome/extensions Wala!! you all done.

            Sorry for me english…

          • Hmmm…same issues as above, but I found LogMeInPlugin.exe in my Downloads folder (using 7). Dragged it to Chrome and bingo, works wonderfully.

  1. It won’t install. Chrome throws an error: “Apps must be served from the host they affect.” This is Chromium 21.0.1200.0 on Windows 7 Pro 64bit

    • Copy this link to any browser (EXCLUDING Chrome or SRWare Iron !) and download CRX file. Install it manually in any chromium based browser as usually.
      It works for me.

      • How do you install it manually as you mention in a chromium based browser. I have Chrome. I have Firefox. I have Windows 7. I have downloaded the crx file. But I cannot get it to install

  2. How do I uninstall it ? It is totally not useable with a client PC that is satellite connected to the internet…

  3. Chrome is starting to become useless- went through the process of downloading this, dragging it to extensions – says installed – still get ‘can’t load’plugin’ when try to access a pc, smae thing w uStream,,,,,back to firefox or ie just so i can get work done…understand security is an issue out there but the stuff has to work !

  4. It does not work.

    I keep getting the following errors:

    Could not load LogMeIn, Inc. Remote Access Components 1.00.1007.

    LogMeIn, Inc. Remote Access Components 1.00.1007 has crashed

  5. Yeah, loaded this in Chrome on Win8 … I can no longer even access the logmein website. I’m a networking professional and this makes no sense. even after uninstalling. the SITE won’t open in chrome. Works fine in other browsers. Other websites work in chrome, just not SOAB!!!

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  8. I was having similar connectivity issues with LogMeIn on my Windows 8 laptop that others have alluded to. App was working fine on iOS and Mac, so I contacted support. It was actually a really easy fix that I’m surprised LogMeIn hasn’t posted in an easy to find place on their website. Here’s the instructions I got from support that solved the issue for me:

    Is the new computer you are connecting from Windows 8? Please try disabling the AppEx accelerator through network connections.

    To do this, please open the Control Panel and select network and internet. Under the Network and Sharing Center, you will see “Change adapter settings” on the left-hand side. Please select this option to view your local internet connections. Please right click on your wifi connection and select properties. If you see anything under properties that says “AppEx Accelerator” please un-check this and save these settings. Once the AppEx Accelerator is disabled, please try reconnecting to your computers.

  9. I’m curious to find out what blog platform you are using? I’m having some small security problems with my latest blog and I’d like to find something more risk-free. Do you have any recommendations?

  10. Has anyone actually gotten this thing to work? I’m using XP on my work computer, trying to connect to my Mac at home. IE works fine, but Chrome just times out. I’ve tried uninstalling, reinstalling the plugin and updating Java – all without success.

  11. Google updated Chrome to only allow installing extensions via the Chrome store. Logmein haven’t bothered to check this or update this page so basically you can’t install it anymore.

  12. If you are still having issues, try right-clicking the link provided by Aleks: and “save link as” and then save it wherever you want. It will download successfully and you can then drag it into your extensions in chrome and it will install and work correctly. I just did this on my Windows 8 x64 system after running into the “Apps must be served from the host they affect” error and mine is working just fine.

  13. I am unable to install this extension in google chrome beta (27.0.1453.47 beta-m) at least. Yes, it is possible to right click and download the extension. Dragging it to the extension page (it even says drop to install) does not work. It just will silently not install.

  14. The app does actually download even though you get a message saying “apps and extensions cannot be downloaded from this site.” Open the “extensions” page for Chrome, then open up the “downloads” folder on your computer (or whatever your default download folder is) and look for the logmeinplugin.crx file. Drag this file to the open extensions page and voila, the plugin is installed.

    • Yes!, Thank You! I actually found three there because I tried to install 3X. Also good to know for future extensions. The other option mentioned above worked also.

  15. Am I doing this incorrectly?
    Dragging the LogMeIn.crx file into the Extensions page chrome://extensions/
    I get the following:
    could not add application because it conflicts with “”
    Tried with developer mode check box checked & unchecked same result, closed all other Chrome pages except the one extensions page, any hints or tips?

    • I had dragged a LogMeIn short-cut some time ago onto the Apps page, this was a desktop short-cut which I never used, but apparently the LMI adds as an App and does not show in the Extensions.

      Anyway, I removed the short-cut and re-dragged the logmein.crx onto the Extensions page, it changed to the App page and showed a proper LMI icon rather than a generic.

  16. I have had more trouble using LogMeIn with Chrome since they came out with this Plug In. I’ve had to find the LogMeInPlugin.crx on my system, open the extensions inside of Chrome and drag that file in there about four times now. It works for a while and then it quits. When I re-installed it this morning is said I was downgrading it, so maybe LogMeIn has a new version that doesn’t work.

    I wish that I hadn’t installed their plug in — It worked fine without it and now I don’t know how to get rid of it. It doesn’t show up under the extensions..

    If LogMeIn wants to create a Plug-In for Chrome why don’t they do it the way everyone else does instead of this backdoor approach?

    Anyone know how to un-install this plug in?

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