Support OS X Lion users with LogMeIn Rescue!

Are you providing remote support to a Mac-heavy environment?  If so, then supporting users on OS X Lion devices won’t be a problem with LogMeIn Rescue.  In advance of Apple’s latest release, we’re happy to announce the ability to seamlessly support end users who choose to upgrade to OS X Lion.  With more than 250 new features, your customers and employees are bound to have questions, so get ready to Rescue them.

The best part?  It just works.  Technicians don’t have to do anything different than they do today to provide support to Lion users.

Rescue Remote Support for Apple Lion OX X image

How many of your customers and employees do you think will upgrade to Lion?  We’d love to hear your feedback.


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Steve is the Director of Products for at LogMeIn.

7 thoughts on “Support OS X Lion users with LogMeIn Rescue!

  1. This is great but what about the other way around?
    When we will be able to start a Rescue session from OS X Lion?

  2. Seriously. I don’t mind virtualizing but it would be great to have Rescue as a native app for Mac OSX so that we can support our clients Mac to Mac or Mac to PC. Not just PC to Mac, Android, BBX, etc.

  3. I have been trying all day to disable or completely uninstall LogMeIn but it just does NOT work on my Macbook pro using LION. Is there some way to make it go away???

  4. I have a Mac at home (Brand New) and I log in threw LOGMEIN to my work, I can get in to the system and then open the program that we use at work and it wont let me print from the System I am using call WIN OMS INC. I can print from the office Excell program and Windows word but the other program will not print to my home Printer. All other things do but My Win OMS INC HELP!!

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