New Search Now in LogMeIn Central for Better Computer Management

We’ve updated LogMeIn Central with new search enhancements based on customer feedback to help make computer management easier for users who need to identify and find computers from the Home tab and main computer list.

Simply select the drop-down menu next to the search box (see image above) and you’ll be able to search based on specific criteria for better computer management.

  • Any Field – search all criteria simultaneously
  • Visible Fields – search criteria shown in Detail View
  • Alerts – search by number of unacknowledged alerts (results show # or higher)
  • Status – search computer state in LogMeIn – just type “Online, Offline or In Session”
  • Description – search by computer description (very helpful if you use computer descriptions as tags within a group)
  • Group – search by computer group
  • Version – search by LogMeIn host build number or version
  • Subscription – search by Free or Pro

You can also enter multiple keywords – for example you can enter “default online” with a search set to ‘Any field’, and this will typically return all online computers in the default group.

Log in and try it out today.  Looking forward to your feedback, please leave comments below.


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Dave is the Vice President of Product Marketing for LogMeIn's Customer Engagement and Support Products - BoldChat & Rescue

5 thoughts on “New Search Now in LogMeIn Central for Better Computer Management

  1. Great update! Any chance of getting the “Computer name” and “IP address” fields available into the search criteria?

  2. That’s a nice feature, but for god’s sake, when is an Ignition client for OS X coming out? The iOS apps are outstanding, and I don’t understand why this has been dragging on for so long. So many of us, as seen in the discussion groups, have to run Windows within Parallels or VMware Fusion solely to run Ignition. This is crazy.

    As Director of Products, can you please shed some light on this and offer some real feedback in terms of where the Mac client is in the development process? Is it even being worked on? Please spare us the canned responses…paying customers would like a straight, honest answer. Thank you!

    • It is being worked on. We don’t have a release date that we can publicly share but rest assured, it’s an active project.

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