LogMeIn and the impending death of browser plugins

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Update 12/23/2013: When starting a remote session, Firefox might display a “Launch Application” dialog. Please simply enable “Remember my choice for logmein links”, and click on “OK”, without starting to browse for an application with the “Choose…” button. The entry selected by default (“LogMeIn Client Application” or “Launch LogMeIn Client”) should simply work.

Update 12/19/2013: We have updated the Windows LogMeIn Client to version which will solve many of the problems you might have experienced. Users initiating a new RC/FM session will automatically update to the new app.

ending of browser plugins

Starting this week, the way you use LogMeIn to remotely access remote computers from a browser is going to change. Don’t worry, we’ve worked hard to maintain the same quick, easy, and robust experience you’ve come to trust and hopefully enjoy. But ‘how’ we do it is changing, and we just wanted to take a minute to explain what’s changing, why it’s changing, and yes, why this new approach should provide an even better experience for you.

The end of browser plugins 

The dawn of the new era is upon us: browser plugins are soon to be a thing of the past. Many modern browsers have ditched browser plugins completely. iOS and Android led the way, and now Windows 8 “Modern UI” Internet Explorer has also said goodbye to plugin support. OS X’s Safari 6.1 and above enabled click-to-run mode for plugins in October. Firefox will follow in December, and Chrome joins the party in January – their plan is to go even further, and completely remove plugin support by the end of 2014.

So what does this have to do with LogMeIn and your remote access experience?  At LogMeIn, we’ve long utilized plugins to offer a rich set of remote access functionality – plugins offered an elegant means of overcoming the web’s limitations and enrich the browser-based user experience. So we’ve been watching this march towards a plugin-free world and actively exploring the best ways to deliver the same great experience on which you’ve come to love.

Introducing the new, plugin-free LogMeIn

As we started to devise our solution for new age, it quickly became clear that native, operating system level applications offered the best experience. So starting with our next major LogMeIn host release – initially rolled out today — users of Safari 6.1, Firefox 26, Chrome 32 and above won’t see any more plugin installation prompts. Instead, when they first make a remote control or file manager connection in the browser, they will be prompted to download a small support file (.exe file on PC, .zip file on Mac). The LogMeIn Client executable automatically opens a new window and displays the remote control or file manager screen folks know and love. In fact, if you have ever used our online meeting product, join.me, it’s almost an identical experience.

The only difference from an experience standpoint is that your remote access session will be in a new window, not in the browser, itself. And that itself introduces some new benefits, the biggest being that you can now have multiple remote access sessions going at the same time – a perfect solutions for IT pros looking to multi-task management and troubleshooting activities across multiple computers.

The new experience will be gradually rolled out in the coming days and weeks, and you can get a sneak peek at how it works in this video.

So welcome to the new post plugin era. We hope you’ll like our new remote access experience as much as we do. And as always, we’re very interested in your feedback.

Akos Putz

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Akos is the Product Owner of LogMeIn Pro.

234 thoughts on “LogMeIn and the impending death of browser plugins

  1. Glad you haven’t tried to replicate the plugin through HTML 5, it would have been a nightmare and only give a worse experience.

    • Hi Rob! No installation needed and no administrator privileges required. App downloads, the user starts it – and that’s about it. After the first session the app will copy itself into a permanent place inside the user’s own folder and it will get automatically reuse on subsequent sessions.

      • The app installed itself to C:\Users\Michael\AppData\Local\LogMeIn Client on my computer, but it isn’t getting re-used by subsequent connections. I keep getting prompted to download the app again. Is there something I can do to get the browser (Firefox 26) to use the permanent app under AppData?

      • @Ben Heyman: QUOTE: “No installation needed and no administrator privileges required. App downloads, the user starts it – and that’s about it. After the first session the app will copy itself into a permanent place inside the user’s own folder and it will get automatically reuse on subsequent sessions.”

        Try this on Windows 8. It won’t install until you download this “client” software, then you have to right click it to Run as Administrator or you get Access Denied. As for the reused on subsequent sessions… it wants to download it EVERY TIME. What a load of crap. LogMeIn is getting worse every time you people mess with it. That dork-a**ed “window” won’t maximize, so you are stuck with a small window for an already grainy, sub-par display of the remote client. TeamViewer… that is where I am heading.

        • Hi Michael, we’re committed to providing the best solution for our customers and certainly do not like to hear that you are having a less than optimal experience. It sounds like the trouble you are having is you might not get to the first end of the session dialog, which asks whether to keep the app permanently or not. This means the app will always try and re-download. The workaround for this temporarily is ensuring there are no stuck LogMeIn Client.exe processes running in Task Manager. If there are, simply kill them.

          We will be releasing a new client tomorrow, December 19, that permanently fixes the problem.

          Should you wish to contact us, please do: http://goo.gl/1LuFf


        • I was having this issue on the machines on our domain. We block executables in the AppData and LocalAppData folders from running via GPO. I had to create new path rules to allow the executables for the new logmein app to run unrestricted.

          The executables for the logmein app are here:

          %LOCALAPPDATA%\LogMeIn Client\LogMeIn Client.exe
          %LOCALAPPDATA%\LogMeIn Client\LMIProxyHelper.exe
          %LOCALAPPDATA%\LogMeIn Client\LMIGuardian.exe

      • Each time I attempt to use logmein, I get a message to download and install the client app. Your comment indicates it’s a one time download. Not so in my case.

  2. When attempting to access one of my LogMeIn clients from Firefox this evening, the “new” process was initiated. The new LogMeIn Client launched but simply displayed the status bar and never connected. I finally killed the process via TaskMgr. Successive attempts were similarly futile. I hope you’ll more information somewhere on how to make this work.

  3. And how is this supposed to work on a Linux system? That was the beauty of the browser plugin that it works on al os’es Do I need to look out for another solution then logmein? ;(

    • Hi Peter,
      We never officially supported Linux – browser plugins are native applications just like the new client app. You were probably always seeing the flash version, which is still available by clicking on the “Start reduced session” in the first time user flow’s yellow bubble.

      If you are still having trouble, feel free to give us a call or submit a help ticket.

      • You don’t support Linux???? Well, I guess taht means there is absolutely ****ZERO**** chance of my buying your “Pro” package. As I *ONLY* use linux on my home systems, Linux support is a non-negotiable requirement.

        And to think, I had been considering going to the “Pro” package for supporting various relatives’ machines. Not gonna happen now. And LogMeIn fails just as thoroughly on Google Chrome as it does on FF26.

        • I agree with James LaBarre.
          No support for linux just lost me as a customer. Most of my work is on a Linux workstation. I use Logmein to connect to a windows Laptop.
          And with the new app, I can’t get a connection to the remote laptop since I’m behind a firewall. At least the plugin version used the proxy settings of the browser.

      • Well, just wanted to say, the screen flickers super fast from the option to “start reduced session” to a “page not found” logmein page. It attempts to download a UNIX.ashx file, which ends in the not found. Result: The option to start the flash session is visible for about half second before automatically failing. No way to click that in time.

  4. I’m just seeing a blank white window/screen in the new client.

    How do I roll back to the previous host version (3430) until the problem is resolved?


      • And to make matters worse, on one of my host machines the ‘automatic update’ preference was NOT honored and the host 3888 update auto-updated even with that setting turned off.

        Come on now, this is not going well. That on top of repeated and repeated and repeated and repeated and repeated and repeated downloads of the client (yes 6 tines I had to download the new client) for a single unstable session to accomplish one single task on one system. Please halt forced updates and if you ask me ANY updates to this new host until you’ve worked out the issues with people and systems that have volunteered to be beta testers. Forced beta testers are not a way to make friends and influence people.

        I guess it’s time to look at going back to RDP……


          • Already did that 17 hours ago and so far no follow up reply other than indicating that they’ll not help in rolling back until y’all these issue fixed ……..

          • Ben – the latest client update does appear to have resolved the repeated download issue for me. However support has refused to assist me in rolling back the one host where the update preference was not honored and the 3888 update was applied contrary to that preference setting being turned to not auto-update.

            And as to this plug-less approach being LMI’s answer to browsers like FireFox 26 no longer support plug-ins, I’m on FF 26 and it still has plug-in support. Where are y’all getting the information that it no longer supports Plug-ins? Other than LMI, I’ve seen no reports of it anywhere else. And for my host that didn’t get forced over to 3888, I’m having no issues accessing them via LMI’s browser plug-in.

          • I am having the issue of having to redownload EVERY TIME. I am using FF26 in Windows XP running in a Parallels VM (version 9). Here’s what I get:

            LogMeIn Client didn’t start?

            Maybe the system is waiting for your permission to start the application. If you cannot proceed, download the app again!

          • Hi Gaurang, do you have cookies enabled? The client app installed state is preserved in a cookie. If cookies are cleared, this info is lost and the app gets downloaded again.

  5. How do you disconnect from this new process? I hit disconnect in my browser, but the window is still active and I am still connected????

    • Hi Larry – have more information for you.

      This is a side-effect of having an app instead of running inside the browser. To disconnect from the RC / FM session, you need to close the app, as well as the browser session. This approach has its pros and cons, but it definitely differs from the previous experience

      • Thanks for the info – but the only way I can close the app window is to “X” out of it – there appears to be no “disconnect”. Is that the way I should be disconnecting the app? Thanks again…

          • Ben: My system is using the new Client.exe (1064) but there still is no way to DISCONNECT the app window. I am still just “X”ing out. How do you disconnect???

          • Hi Larry, just received word. That is the correct way to disconnect a remote control session. To disconnect entirely, back in the web browser window, there’s still a disconnect button that can be used to navigate back to Central.

          • Tried that before. That doesn’t disconnect or close the app window either … App is still connected and live. As a matter of fact, I logged out of LogmeIn Central completely and the app is still going strong….

            Using Firefox 26, Client 1064…

            Any thoughts?

        • Larry, are you certain that “X”ing out of the remote session window doesn’t terminate the application? In other words, are you simultaneously monitoring the Windows task manager and confirming that the “LogMeIn Client.exe *32” process is still present even after you “X” out of the remote session window? When i “X” out of my remote session window, the “LogMeIn Client.exe *32” process appropriately terminates and disappears from my task manager’s list of processes.

          If you have LogMeIn installed on your client as well (and not just your remote host), you’ll see 2 other LogMeIn related processes in the task manager, LogMeIn.exe and LogMeInSystray.exe. The former is the LogMeIn host software, the latter is the system tray icon, and both are always supposed to be there…only the “LogMeIn Client.exe *32” should disappear from the task manager when you “X” out of a session.

          • Yes, it does stop the process when I “X” out. I just want to be sure that the connection is killed also (for security).

            I guess that is the way it is designed…..

            Thanks, Larry

          • I completely understand your concern Larry…here is my step by step method of guaranteeing that the connection is completely killed at the moment you “X” out of your session:

            1) Log in to your LogMeIn account.
            2) Log in to the host computer.
            3) Once the standalone app is running and connected to the host computer, go back to your web browser and click the “disconnect” button in the left margin. That should kill the connection to the host through your web browser without killing the connection through the standalone app.
            4) When done with your remote session, “X” out. If the “LogMeIn Client *32” process terminated correctly and is no longer listed in the processes tab of the Windows task manager, you are now completely disconnected from the host.

            I kill the connection to the host through my web browser immediately after the standalone app is launched and logged in…that way i don’t forget to disconnect though my web browser and accidentally leave that connection open even after i “X” out of the standalone app.

  6. just make a browser that supports plugins, then eeryone on the planet will use your product, i am sick of firefox changing to the worse.

  7. The first time i got the message “download an .exe” i was like ‘what the h***?’
    I am sorry to say that I am really disappointed with the new solution. It has got more complicated when it was so easy before.
    First of all, we got a proxy that prohibits .exe files – naturally, so i am not flexible anymore with logmein.
    Second, the plugin was always so useful and easy to use – anywhere.
    If i needed more parallel sessions i just opened more browser windows. So where is really the benefit for us the customers? I need to be effective – every click every file every move more to do costs me time – and this new solution isn’t quite what i expected. Sorry. 🙁
    I hope you won’t remove the option to use the ‘old-fashined’ plugin!

    • We’re not going to remove plugin support, we just use the new app flow where we need to – in browsers which do not support plugins anymore. It is important to see that we’re not doing this move because want to, but because browser vendors force us to.

  8. That’s all well and good, understood you had to go the non-plugin way.

    The biggest difference for me as an end user is how to access the logmein window.

    Previously, it was simply the first tab in my main browser.

    Now, I had to search for it for a long time, and it appears as the last button on the task bar. That could be off screen with lots of buttons (using win 7).

    Some usage directions would be welcome at this point.

    Seems like pinning the new button to the taskbar is the right thing to do for me.

    Change of usage patterns like that would a be suitable topic for this or next post about the new changes.

    Also, I can not use LastPass anymore. Will I have to start remembering complicated passwords, or find another complex software to manage off-browser passwords.

    A small change for you seems like, but a big difference in how users interact with the software.

    • Hi there. We appreciate your feedback. We are committed to making the best software and providing the best experience for our customers and will be sure the right teams receive your feedback.
      In the mean time if you have any questions feel free to reach out to us. Thanks again.

  9. I am supporting 2-3 companies with 30-60 hosts each on the Centrl. Your new app appears to work cleanly ONLY on Windows browsers. Mac OSX Firefox – either app or reduced browser sessions are now hanging – well app doesnt even start even if I executed this manually.

  10. I support around 100 users via logmein central and now I am unable to get to some of the computers. I use linux primarily from my laptops, home office and work office computers.

    I’ve always used logmein and love it for its simplicity and the fact that multiple connections to computers was a breeze.

    Llogmein is totally unusable for me on some of the clients and probably all of them once they update. What do you guys recommend?

    • Hi Steve, thank you for being a loyal customer – we appreciate it! In order to better serve you and troubleshoot, do you mind contacting us via phone or email? We want to make sure we provide you with the best support, which is limited via the blog. Thanks again! http://goo.gl/1LuFf

      • Sure, I will call support today. However, my point of posting here was to see if a simple answer is available for Linux.

  11. I would highly recommend better info to users.
    Especially with the initial screen notification.
    I am unhappy I had to search around to find this thread.

    I was unsettled and unhappy to suddenly be confronted with this issue.
    Initial concern was security / hijack of LMI, as it was operating differently and insisting on a download.
    I suggest sending out a notification email solely centered on this roll out.

    • Hi Anon, we appreciate the feedback. We are doing our best to notify our users of this change. As we mentioned in this post, this solution is something that was forced upon us by the browsers and not something we would have done on our own. Should you have any issues, feel free to contact us: http://goo.gl/1LuFf. Thanks again!

    • I wholeheartedly second that motion! Had I (a LMI Central paying subscriber) been alerted that this change was coming, I would have been better prepared. Really screwed me up, doing a bunch of triage for something that wasn’t there (thought maybe malware at first). Then thinking it was specific to Windows 8. I just discovered that my laptop with FF 25.0.1 works as expected, but my FF 26 does not. Trying to roll FF 26 back off my desktop so I can work as usual. So…


      • Hi Michael, we appreciate the feedback and are always working to put our customers first and ensure we communicate in the most effective manner possible. If you have any additional questions we would love to talk to you further! Thanks for your support! http://goo.gl/1LuFf

        • Ben, it just irritates me (and I am sure I’m not alone) that LogMeIn can SPAM my inbox with “buy this, upgrade that” emails all the time, yet when you get ready to roll out some garbage like this, you don’t say a word. You let your paying customers find out all on their own, by accident, wasting their valuable time trying to figure out why suddenly LogMeIn doesn’t work as it did the last time they used it. Try emailing us “change is coming” messages sometime….

          LogMeIn was a great product… and I took advantage of it when it was free. Then Central came along and I had no problem paying for it. But then you immediately started messing with it and next thing you know, it isn’t such a great product anymore. New and improved didn’t work for laundry soap in the 70’s, and it doesn’t work for LogMeIn today.

          FYI: when I say “you”, I am referring to LogMeIn as a company, and not you personally, Ben.

          • Michael, my thoughts exactly.

            I don’t even mind the increase in cost that’s coming with our renewal, it’s truly a pittance per system per year for the benefit we get, but the lack of communication is disturbing, and the functionality differences are going to be an issue too.

          • Martin, we will be updating everyone (via the blog) this afternoon with some known issues, workarounds and fixes we will be issuing in an update tomorrow. We aim to be as transparent as we can in our communication. If you should need additional help, we are here! Thanks for your support.

          • Thank you for the feedback, Michael. I will ensure it reaches the right people within the company.

            As always, we are here to help with any issues you might be facing.

  12. I am very disappointed that LMI did not notify users ahead of time about change to LogMeIn Free. A blog post is NOT advanced notification. How would I know to look here? Some information about how it works and why would be nice. Getting hit with a prompt to download and use a new application on my Mac without knowing what/why/where is not good practice and LMI can do MUCH better given how good your software is/was to use through the browser. I’m on Safari 6.1 on Mac OS X 10.8.5 and the web interface was still working fine.

    Please direct me to some documentation on this application re:Mac OS X and also for Windows 7 which I use too (paid version)

      • So there is no usage helppage for the app environment? This blog post describes the high level operation, but not usage.

        Also, in other posts you refer to ctl + alt. there is no alt on Mac. Do you mean the command key perhaps?

          • If there were written information available for this app LMI threw out without prior notice I wouldn’t have to experiment. How about a link to some FAQ or a Help page?

    • Hi Alex, that’s why we rolled this out before the browsers forced us to – so we can troubleshoot. Sorry for the issues you are having. Do you mind contacting us so we can further troubleshoot with you? Thanks for your patience! http://goo.gl/1LuFf

  13. Well, this blog has answered why I now have to download an app every time I want to connect to one of my computers, but can’t we get an app that permanently installs, or something that pops up when you click on the LogMeIn Helper app icon? I’d just as soon bypass using a Web browser.

    By the way, it’s taking 2-3x longer to get to my computers. The app has to download every time and then it does some thinking before it comes up. At least make it a permanent program so I can click on it and be taken to my log-on screen. Thanks.

    • Hi Dan, if you do not remove the tick (just press the OK button) then next time the app will be started automatically.
      When the LogmeinClient gets downloaded again and again that would be a bug. If you continue to have issues please contact us. Thank you for the information and we appreciate your patience. http://goo.gl/1LuFf

      • Just tried it again and this was the first time I saw the box the box with the option to keep it or not. Will try on my other machine tonight and see if that shows up.

      • Tried it at home on my XP machine and did not see the box with the option. still have to download each time.

          • I think it is FF 26, Ben. Thanks for the info. I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks for your help. I’m sure your plate is full!

          • I am not seeing any update to the client on remote Windows systems and manual update says there is no update. This is on both Free clients and on Pro.

          • Larry, the “host” software version is different from the “client” software version. The current host version is indeed still, as evidenced by the fact that a manual update does nothing (the same thing happened to me)…then Ben brought to my attention how to check the client software version – click on the “encryption: AES256-SHA” notice (w/ the little yellow lock icon in front of it) and an info box will pop up. click on “show details” at the bottom right and scroll to the top of the drop-down text box that appears – you should see a “host reports version” (which should still be 3888) and a “client version”…the “client version” number is the one you’re looking for.

          • The only way to easily find the client app version, in this case, is to look at the properties of the executable directly. It can be stored in a number of different locations, depending on the OS:

            Windows XP: %userprofile%\Local Settings\Application Data\LogMeIn Client\LogMeIn Client.exe
            Windows Vista/7/8: %localappdata%\LogMeIn Client\LogMeIn Client.exe
            Mac OSX: With RC open, the can click the ‘LogMeIn Client’ button on the Menu Bar, and select ‘About LogMeIn Client’.

            Note, for the Mac build, the current version is 149, not 158 as in Windows.

  14. The new interface is a nightmare. If it is maximized and I try to switch to other windows with the normal alt-tab method, this only switches between remote windows. I’m trapped in the remote session. I have to hover the cursor over a hidden bar, click it, and select minimize – all to do what too a single key-stroke before. Not an improvement so far…

    • Hi David, in terms of maximizing the window and switching between remote windows – this is the expected behavior.

      On Windows: If you click on the RC toolbar in full screen and use the alt+tab then it is the same at ctrl+alt (it will exit from full screen).

      On Mac: If you click on the RC toolbar in full screen and user the alt+tab then it tries to change between the applications on the host computer. The same thing happened with the Mac plugin on Safari 6.1 to host 3430.

      In terms of being trapped in the remote session, using the ctrl+alt key combination should allow you to exit from full screen.

      If you need any additional information or want to troubleshoot anything with us, please contact us further. Thanks! http://goo.gl/1LuFf

  15. I’m accepting that this change is not by your choice, but the solution as it presents itself now is inelegant and unacceptable. Maybe something’s wrong with my system (Win7Pro, Firefox 26), but here’s what happens with every single login attempt:

    1. I log in to your website. (I need to do this only once per browser session. Good!)
    2. I get the list of systems I support.
    3. I click on the system I want to control.
    4. I get a login window for that system.
    5. I enter the appropriate password.
    6. I’m dumped back to a screen which says I must download the client. This happens every single time.
    7. I download the client.
    8. I look for the icon on my desktop (which serves as my download folder).
    9. I double-click the icon.
    10. The new window opens.
    11. I am prompted again to enter the password for the system.

    Yikes! This is TERRIBLE!

    Why can’t I make “Start reduced session…” my default option? No downloads. Flash-based. Seems to do everything I need.

    As it is, even to use that I have to enter my password once, cancel out of the download, click the “reduced session” link, reenter credentials. But it’s still BETTER!

    (Sorry you have to go through all this, but — please help!)

    • Hi Rick, this functionality is not something we currently offer but we are beginning to get some requests for it. We will continue listening to our users and if the demand is there we will consider adding the functionality. Thank you for your patience with us. If you are to have any other issues, please contact us further. http://goo.gl/1LuFf

  16. I agree with someone else’s comment that there could have been more warning or information about all this. I guess I will just have to stay with an older browser and start looking for a better solution than Logmein. I have been very happy with their product in the past but with how this was handled, I think I will look for something else.

  17. Not working well from Macs. Tried using Safari 6.1 or FF26, and had problems with both-
    .zip file downloading everytime I try to connect to other computers, even if I keep the app docked

    One of the worst problems…. on full screen, no way to get out, the top menu doesn’t display.
    The only way to get out from a full-screen, is to restart the other computer, and close the connection by force

    • Hi Maneul, we have noticed a problem with the .zip file downloading everytime while trying to connect ot other computers. We are currently investigating that problem.

      In terms of not able to get out of full screen, using the ctrl+alt key combination should allow you to exit from full screen.

      If you need any additional information or want to troubleshoot anything with us, please contact us further. Thanks! http://goo.gl/1LuFf

      • In most other Macintosh apps, the esc key allows you to get out of full screen. If you don’t use that key, do you think you could – just for consistency ?

        • Hi John, I checked with our development team and they said that using escape to get out of full screen is an interesting idea but think it is more important to transfer this keypress (among others) to the remote side.

  18. Hi,

    Is it possible to choose to check the start reduced session by default and not always purpose me to install the new client ?? Because I would like to work in the same window !

    Best regards,


  19. Ok, so I fire up a browser (Firefox as it has the plugin) and remote control is requiring a download.
    I just need to check something quickly so no bother “reduced session” will do. But no Flash is having none of it and crashes. Grr I will have to download the new app. But no! I am presented with an error instead: 28375623 and a prompt to contact support. OMG thanks a lot, so now I have no remote access. 🙁

  20. Well I can’t say that I’m much of a fan of the new implementation.

    First of all, the LogMeIn folks claim that one of the biggest “supposed” benefits is being able to run multiple remote access sessions at the same time…well guess what? I was able to do that before with the previous LogMeIn implementation that opened in the browser itself. Not only that, but my browser is set up to use tabs, and so multiple remote access sessions only took up multiple tabs within one Firefox window on my Windows task bar. Now I have to deal with multiple LogMeIn application windows cluttering up my Windows task bar…I already have enough stuff open on the task bar at any given time, all of which are more important than my LogMeIn remote access sessions…and while combining taskbar buttons/windows would turn those multiple LogMeIn application windows into a single item on the task bar, that is not an option for me b/c I find combining taskbar buttons/windows incredibly annoying.

    What’s worse is that my computers don’t all seem to want to do the same thing, even though they’re all running the same versions of LogMeIn ( and Firefox (25.0.1). That is to say, one of my hosts opens remote access sessions through the standalone application, while one of my other hosts still opens them through Firefox. According to your article, I shouldn’t even be getting prompted to use the standalone application b/c I’m not using Firefox 26 yet…so why my computers don’t all do one or the other is anybody’s guess.

    The bottom line is that remote access sessions that opened in the browser itself (with tabs enabled of course) was the easiest way to organize and maintain multiple remote access sessions. If I only needed to access one remote host at a time, I could live with the new version, but so far the new experience with multiple sessions going on is quite disappointing…i don’t need more windows and applications open on my desktop and/or taskbar – i need less of that, and the consolidated web browser way of doing it before was better.

      • well if that’s the case, then i don’t understand why some of my hosts aren’t using the new standalone app while others are. for instance, my work host (the one i’m on now) still opens remote access sessions through Firefox, even though it is running LogMeIn and Firefox 25.0.1.

        i just hope that the developers eventually plan on giving us an option, b/c opening remote access sessions through my browser is far more convenient than having to use the standalone app.

  21. Is there any possible way to have multiple tabs, instead of several windows for various sessions? I’m always connected to more than one computer, so this is definitely a minor annoyance. Having to switch windows, then locating the correct session is not the easiest through the windows taskbar.

    • Hi Danny, currently multiple tabs only works in IE with the plugin. We are working on a solution to make this possible with the new setup but do not have anything to announce quite yet. Thanks!

      • i beg to differ…i’m currently logged into 3 remote hosts using 3 tabs in Firefox 25.0.1, not IE. i’d take a screen shot to prove it, but it is not possible to upload a picture to this blog.

      • Hey Ben, I went ahead and spoke with tech support. I was under the impression that you wanted me to contact tech support b/c I am able to run multiple remote access sessions within Firefox when it should only be possible with IE. Nevertheless, it doesn’t really matter b/c eventually it will be impossible to do remote access sessions through a browser via a plugin.

        Aside from that, I don’t really have any tech support issues. I would just like to say that I much prefer being able to do multiple remote access sessions through Firefox via the plugin than through a separate (or multiple separate) windows. That said, I did file a “software option” request with the gal I talked to about possibly including a feature that gives users the choice of grouping LogMeIn remote access session windows (using the new standalone application of course) together on the taskbar. I understand I can do this via the Windows taskbar properties, but then it would group multiple instances of ANY application I have open, and I only want that to happen with LogMeIn. The only way to group multiple instances of one particular application together on the taskbar (and not all applications) would be to implement the feature into the LogMeIn software itself. Based on your above comment, it would appear that just such a feature is in the works…please keep us updated.

  22. I’m Using Safari 6.1 and LogMeIn keeps downloading LogMeIn Client everytime I try to connect to other computers. Is that normal?

  23. I can no longer access my computer behind an NTLM (ISA Server) proxy, it seems the client wants to connect directly to the PC not honoring the proxy settings the browser uses (prior to this, it worked!)

    Are there any plans to support that?

      • I’m having the same problem. Can not access through a proxy cause LogMeIn Client App for Chrome is trying to go directly to internet instead of passing through my proxy.

        Is there any workaround for this ?

        • Hi Kepa, sorry to hear you are having trouble. Do you have the proxy consfigured in Internet Options or Chrome. If it is directly in Chrome we cannot read it.

          • Hi, First of all, sorry for the duplication of the message.

            I’m using windows internet settings, as far as i know, chrome uses the same settings, if you go to Chrome -> Configuration -> Net -> Proxy it redirects you to windows control panel -> internet options , so it uses the same one.

            I was investatigating your Logmein client app and i see a hidden Dialog containing a “Proxy User” , “Proxy Password” text edits, a “Save Proxy” checkbox and ok-cancel buttons….So i think that this version of app is not supporting proxy yet …. I can not see where to put “host:port” settings…. And i’m sure that client app is trying to connect directly bypassing windows proxy settings.

  24. Google Chrome and LogmeIn Client app are not working ok for me. I can not choose a proxy connection at client side so client can not connect to host.

    I’m getting “Error code 10061”, i think it must be related to my internet connection. It’s using a proxy, and LogMeIn Client app can not be configured for using it at this moment-

  25. Please do not rely exclusively on the blog to push information about the app and updates. There must be users who are not aware of the blog but would read a direct email.

  26. This is a horrible rollout. Was this even tested??

    I get an emergency call from a client, I go to use Logmein and it doesn’t work. I use it support these folks and nothing. You guys think a “blog post” is good enough warning? I don’t read your blog. You *have* my email address, please explain why you didn’t email us? I’d like an answer. And this is today – you knew about it yesterday and still no email.

    I just shelled out a redic amount of money for the android app – if this isn’t fixed posthaste I’m going to need to have that refunded too since I wont be able to use this.

    As well, in some corp environments, running strange exe’s throws virus or other warnings.

    There seriously wasn’t a better solution than forcing this kind of app?

    IN my case, when I run the app, it just hangs with a “not responding”. Is the app x64 compatible? I’m on a win 7 x64 system.

  27. Well, Rocco above (the poster you called Ricco) just described my exact situation — emergency call from a client, etc. I just finished reinstalling LMI Pro on his office computer, and of course it didn’t work.

    This falls under “you’ve got to be kidding.”

    I know, I know, you want for us to have the best experience possible.

    Try BETA TESTING before you pull stuff like this on your paying customers.

      • Ben,
        this update you said was released – how do we get it installed? I used LMI on Mac this morning and did not get any notice that the Mac client app was replaced/updated or that a download was available.


        • i opened the LogMein client on one of my hosts, went to the “about” tab, and clicked “check for updates,” but was informed that i am all up to date w/ v…so either the update hasn’t been released yet, or the traditional upgrade method just isn’t getting it…

          • Ben, is the update for the host system or to the remote system? It is confusing since both are ‘clients’.

          • i tried manually updating one of my Windows based client’s LogMeIn software, and its still telling me that I’m current with version…I have no idea how to get this new version…

          • Hi Eric, when initiating a new RC/FM session it should automatically download the app update (or auto update itself). Note: this is on the client side, not the host side. If you continue to have trouble please give us a call. Thanks.

          • Once you have a Remote Control session open, you can click the ‘Encryption:…’ button at the bottom-right of the RC session, then click ‘Show Details’ on the screen that pops up. Then scroll to the top of the text box that appears, and look for ‘Client Version’, which should be 1064.

          • Ben, i understand that the update is client-side, not host-side. but the host’s “client” software is exactly what is being used when it is hosting a remote session – you can confirm it by looking at the host’s system tray icon b/c it’ll show a little red head in front of the blue LogMeIn icon, indicating that a client is connected to that host. nevertheless, after having logged in, i can see that my client’s “client” software has not changed, and remains v4.1.0.3888…maybe i’m completely misunderstanding you, so perhaps you could just tell me in plain english how to confirm that my client has received the update?

  28. My session opened up in a new window with the new stand alone client but, wow, I’m stumped! There is no information anywhere on this! There are NO options like before on the left pane in the browser, such as, reports, remote control, DISCONNECT… How the heck do I actually disconnected from the session now? There’s nothin’! What am I supposed to do, just ‘X’ out of the window? It seems the session is still active, where is the ‘disconnect’ or ‘end’ session? So that on the host computer it doesn’t continue to say that the computer is being remotely controlled by a log me in session… I ended up restarting the host so that I knew for sure I was disconnected. I’m very disappointed that there is no information or guidance on the new set up. I’m fine if it needs to change but give us some details. Crazy! Right now I just want to know how to disconnect!

    • Hi Tam,

      It sounds like you might have been caught in a bug that we noticed. An update is going out today that is solving this problem permanently. If you still have any issues, do not hesitate to contact us.

      • Nothing seems to have changed. If I just close out with the ‘X’ the host computer still shows locked. This is frustrating. How do I end the session?

        • That is the correct way to disconnect a remote control session. To disconnect entirely, back in the web browser window, there’s still a disconnect button that can be used to navigate back to Central.

    • update:
      Firefox v26: won’t auto-start client app, must download each time
      IE 9: no option to use client app, only web interface
      Chrome v31.0.1650.63: plug installed, no option to use client app, only web interface

      For the love of Pete, just go back to the way things were, and they worked.

      • I am having the same problem as Chris but I have a little more detail to offer:

        1) Firefox v26
        2) Made my first connection, installed the app, saved for permanent use in the future.
        3) Disconnected session
        4) Chose a different computer from my home list.
        5) Client side app started just fine.
        6) Disconnected session
        7) Logged out and closed Firefox.
        8) Started Firefox again, signed into Logmein and selected computer from home page.
        9) Request to download client side app was requested again!

        I have Firefox set to clear all cookies, history and other browser data when Firefox is closed. Perhaps config info for the client app is getting lost when Firefox is shutdown?

        Hope this helps….

          • Thanks Ben:

            Perhaps some of the people reporting the repeat download of the client app don’t realize that the installed state is cookie dependent.

            Thanks for your reply!

          • I can confirm that cookie persistence is not the issue. I created a brand new firefox profile and the problem persists.

  29. Wow. I just paid for my first pro subscription yesterday after my free trial expired because I liked how the service was run.
    I try to log in today and I cant use what I just paid for because I have to download an application. I enjoyed the hassle free browser experience. I am disappointed.

    Firefox is open source… Im sure plug in support can be added in by way of your coding team.

  30. What about compatibility of this solution? What operating systems will be supported by this plug-less solution? Some of our support staff have Chromebooks, but this doesn’t appear to work for them?

    • Interesting that you say that you haven’t rolled out the new solution to the Chrome browser yet, because that’s EXACTLY what we saw happen to all our Chrome browsers yesterday. Regardless of platform (Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8), ALL our Chrome browsers are now doing the download plugless app in a separate window now. Except on our Chromebooks, which try to do the plugless app but immediately fail.

      • Our current release already contains all the needed changes to offer the plugin-free client app experience for users on Chrome version 32 and above. It is not released yet (will come in January), but users on Chrome beta channel will already see the new flow.

        • Well, I for one am running Chrome 31.0.1650.63 m (not beta), and am seeing LogMeIn run a separate app and pop up a different window instead of using the plugin…but am noticing it isn’t happening all the time. It only happens when we try to remotely control a computer that has the latest (v3888) client.

          • My previous point that we’re seeing the plugless app pop up when we try to remotely connect to a current (v3888) client makes me wonder: is it the plan that the newer clients force the use of the remote control app moving forward?

            If so, back to my original question: on which platforms will LogMeIn create the remote control app? Windows, obviously, but what about Mac, IOS, and ChromeOS?

  31. LMI Central has been acting goofy for a month or more in Firefox. Think is started hanging around FF v25 at least. Sometime could connect to a client, sometime not. Got a not available window\error at various times.

    Now comes this “new world” of connection via this new client app. Does not work in FF 26.0 at all. Wants to reload the app every time. Works perfectly however,in IE 11.

    Are LMI and FF no longer best friends? Am I going to have to use IE to get a connection…OR am I gonna switch to Team Viewer? We shall see. As I said at the beginning, LMI has had some real issues, (this and not saving passwords for client logins), working with FF. One more hiccup, and I’m gone!

  32. The new client is a train wreck! Wasted hours trying to get it to run…
    Using FF26 I’m asked repeatedly to ‘Launch LogMeIn Client app’ which opens a new window that never fully opens to render the remote computers desktop – it just fails after a few minutes.

    And I pay for this!

    No I don’t want to call support – by morning I’ll be back at the office, further behind, just fix it! Or let us drop back to the plugin that actually worked!

    • Moe, if you are using a browser that still supports plugins you are able to use that solution for LogMeIn. However, once you upgrade, we are the mercy of the browsers. Please let us know if you continue to have problems and our tech support team would be more than happy to troubleshoot with you.

  33. If LogMeIn would publish a user’s guide to the new software people would know how it operates and what browser settings or capabilities (like use of cookies) are involved. Having to discover how software operates isn’t the best approach in my opinion unless common UI principles are used.

  34. I’m really unhappy with logmein and how they handled this new app feature. There was no notice of this new update so at first, I was worried it was a phishing scam. I use logmein for work and it’s now 940am. I had to google to find this thread because I could find nothing on the main logmein site about this update. The fact it was forced upon me is not cool. Users should be given a choice as to whether to remain with the browser feature, which I adored, as opposed to going with this new app window. Also, I am continuously prompted to install the client program each time I log on. I tried doing some of the above troubleshooting (closed browser, cleared cookies, checked task manager for open logmein items) but every time, logmein prompts for me to download the client. Which is another reason I thought it was a phishing scam. To work in the “reduced session” browser is unacceptable because the colours and resolution are horrible. I’m very upset because I use this every day for work and I loved the simplicity and ease of logmein. This new version is horrible. Frankly, I’d go on but I have work to get done… somehow…. I’ll have to put up with this for today but I’ll be researching other remote desktop programs over the weekend. I agree with other commenters; logmein inundates my email with Buy Pro offers, yet failed to notify us about this very significant change to your services. Very bad form and a terrible business decision.

  35. LMI opens fine, (within the browser…no app download), in IE 11 running on Win7X64 and Win8.1. In other words, it runs the same as always in IE. If the permanent solution is to use IE for all LMI sessions…I can live with that. However, I Will be back to being VERY unhappy if IE eventually starts using the download app…

    • Unless IE decides to remove ActiveX support in the near future, the current flow will stay the same. We are at Microsoft’s will if they are to make any changes that involve removing support for ActiveX plugins.

  36. I just got back from a week on the road where I was able to use LogMeIn from my laptop was unaware that there was a change.
    I got back to my desktop and the UI is completely different.
    I just got off the phone with a level 2 support person.
    The upshot is that I asked her if there was any documentation available as I am a support person and I don’t like when my clients don’t RTFM.
    She said she’d send it to me.
    What I got was a link to this.
    I am no closer to knowing how to do fun things like get to all of the options I had before when the remote control screen is running full screen.

    I am a support person. I want to RTFM.

    Where is TFM?

  37. Not to be a nag, but the CORRECT project flow for commercial software is to do the documentation for users concurrently with software development and to release it at least at the same time as the software is released (with prior notice) to end users.

  38. Ben, would LMI be so kind as to provide us with a link to the previous version that does not require the use of this client? I think that would help many of us until the new client is sorted out.

  39. Great summary of your process.

    I will start following it when using LogMeIn with my Mac, hoping it will avoid the problem I have encountered with not completely disconnecting from remote systems. For other Mac users, the equivalent to the Windows task manager is the Mac OS X Activity Monitor utility found in Applications/Utilities.

  40. Wow, you guys just caused me a LOT of grief. I work at a hospital and use LogMeIn to connect from my Linux machine at home to my Windows machine at work. It has always worked great. Last night I had to reboot our entire wireless network at 3 AM (because there were no surgeries scheduled for that time). I had 10 minutes to log in and restart the network. I went to logmein.com (like I have always done in the past), saw my work machine, and clicked on it. I was greeted with a box that said that I needed to run a Windows app (which, of course, I cannot do). There was a button for a “reduced experience”, but the windows kept reloading over and over, preventing me from choosing that option. I had to wake up another support person at 3AM to do MY JOB. I am not at all happy about this. I am not happy about the change, and I am not happy that I found out during a critical update. I will have to rethink my subscription.

    Gary Walborn

  41. Dear Sirs,

    Paying licence fees for LogMeIn Pro for several years, I used to be a happy and troublefree user… until the sudden new release of some undocumented “feature” or “improvement” which generates more trouble and problems than satisfaction.

    Since mid week, I get prompted for loading an executable module, which was a complete change of habits and was at first considered as a suspicious hacking tentative.

    On top, the web site did not show any information regarding this deep change: I eventually found this “blog” after searching the web for an hour or so, lots of time lost for a lack on information from LogMeIn.

    To help our clients, I had to ask them loading the Teamvierwer host module and forget about LogMeIn, which made several clients more than unhappy, as they used to receive instant support without having to fiddle with web sites, program execution warnings, etc.

    Our company used to give professional services with professional tools, but this time, LogMeIn just messed up with our image and just made our customers and internal support team angry.

    We use Firefox 26.0 on either Windows 7 Pro or Windows XP SP3 (all fully patched and up to date) and have to download and run (if it agrees to start !) your new “LogMeInClient” executable, which doesn’t seem to keep stored anywhere (it erases itself just after launching).

    Why the hell dodn’t you first warn your users and let them select either the old, efficient access mode or the new awkward, untested “features” ?

    We are seriously considering a switch to Teamviewer or another competitive product, as the way LogMeIn acted without any announcement or early warning is totally unacceptable.


    Bob J. Ward,
    M D & M sa
    Brussels (Belgium)

    • Hi Bob, sorry for the inconvenience you faced. We understand this is a change in the way our product normally offers but please note that we are the mercy of the web browsers and must adapt our product when they make changes. Should you continue to face any issues please contact us so our team can help you. Thanks!

  42. This all seems a bit rushed to because you obviously have to support IE11.

    As a user of firefox I cannot understand what the rush has been to force users of firefox version 26 to use the new logmein client, version 26 still supports the use of plugins. (I have rolled back to my system to version 25).

    OK force users of IE11 to use the new client but why force everyone else, at least give us a choice.

    IE11 has broken so much software in the field one can understand why many people avoid using it wherever possible.

    “For anyone experiencing problems with outlook 2003 sending emails – roll back to IE10)”

  43. Thanks a lot. Now my LMI used the stupid new client and returns a blank screen. And no, I don’t want to talk to you guys on the phone any more. Life is too short. How do I get a refund for the 4 Pro subs I have?

  44. Hello

    Since you introduced logmein client, I noticed a slower speed on working on remote computers.
    This not seems to be a better solution anyway.


    • Hi Sandu, not sure why you are seeing a slower speed when connecting remotely. I have submitted a help ticket on your behalf – look out for an email from our tech support team. Thanks!

  45. Well what a nice warning, you can send out constant emails offering ‘special deals’ on your products, you can place warnings about system updates, but you can’t let people know about a major change like this before it happens? BAD business, I mean this is horrible. Then to top it off, this app is the best you could come up with?
    How many people do I now have to contact to explain this to? BIG TIME fail in my opinion. I would expect to lose business if I ran my company this way.

    – No clean portability (install an app everywhere you go? every computer just to view? no thanks)
    At least with the previous setup you could have a portable browser with the plugin installed on a portable device with no need to install anything.
    – No Linux support (as many others have said)
    – No tabs, personally I can be on a remote session with multiple computers at once… to use this now I should use 5, 10, 20, 30 windows? all open at the same time? what a mess.

    What should have happened?
    Design a client that not only offers what customers were used to or a viable alternative, but add features, get community/user feedback – launch a beta program… and most importantly TELL YOUR CUSTOMERS.

    Things I would have added:
    – a client with an easy way to view multiple connections (tabs)
    – perhaps a ‘central interface’ on the app that shows all computers with quick access to remote computers and eliminate the need to jump from web browser to app and back.
    – a portable interface (this is done with so many VNC solutions, hard to believe this couldn’t be offered)
    – a password management system
    – Linux support
    – A manual/tech docs…. SOMETHING other than a blog and a horrible 1 dimensional example.

    I currently pay for this service to use with my techs and my clients. I will be looking for and entertaining new solutions, mostly because a roll out like this is horrible and inexcusable – but also if this is the best that can be offered, there may be better places to put my cash to get more in return.

  46. Hi. I’ m trying to run the downloaded application and it fails all the time. Running under administrative rights, pops up a message “Failed to create temp directory. The directory name is invalid.”
    Which is the valid directory name? What can I do to run it?

    Thanks in advance

  47. Well when I tried to log in today, I got the prompt to install a client. I messed with it for a while and eventually got it to launch, but then when I came back later it prompted me to download the app again. I see that it’s supposed to remain on the computer after it prompts you, and it did prompt me and I did tell it to stay on the computer. However, it continued to ask me to download the app again.

    Then, one time, instead of immediately prompting me to download the app. Firefox said that the link I clicked on required an application to be associated with it. I didn’t think I had the LogMeIn client executable anywhere because it had kept deleting itself after I ran it. I decided, however, that I would download it and then tell Firefox to associate with the file I downloaded. This worked the first time, but as soon as I closed it again deleted my “LogMeIn Client.exe” file.

    Afterwards, when I went to click on the “Remote Control” option, it just didn’t do anything. Then, after waiting for a while, LogMeIn popped up a message at the top of the browser suggesting that maybe I needed to download the application again.

    I then decided that I better see if I could troubleshoot the issue in a more involved manner. So I looked in the location that was supposed to be the default permanent location for LogMeIn and found that there was indeed a LogMeIn client application there. For me it was in this folder: %localappdata%\LogMeIn Client\. I then found Firefox’s default application settings by going into “Options” and the “Applications” tab. There, I found a content type labeled “logmein” and I was able to hit the drop-down option next to it, select “Use Other” and then browsed to the permanent location of the LogMeIn client file. Once I did this, I then attempted to start a remote control session and it successfully launched the LogMeIn client application without prompting me to download it.

    As an aside, I was initially very upset with LogMeIn for this hassle, but once I read this blog post, I can see that the issue isn’t with LogMeIn, it’s with the changing environment. As a fellow programmer, I sympathize with the difficulties of having to constantly adapt to a changing environment. I think LogMeIn made an excellent application in the past and I have been very happy with it. It looks like they are doing there best to work with the changes being forced upon them. After figuring out how to get it to open reliably, the app itself seems to run well. I’m sure LogMeIn will be working hard to get all the kinks out as people continue to try it out in different situations.

    • Hi Madison, sorry for your troubles but glad to hear you were able to get things working fine. Just one thing to note – the state of the download does rely on cookies so if you clear your cookies you will be prompted to download the .exe again. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you need anything! Thanks.

  48. Holy S**T, I hate Logmein for doing this without any warning.
    My desktop at work does not allow me to install any software or update any installed programs. So I use a thumb drive with portable apps. I trialed a free LMI on FF during November and was very satisfied. I *JUST* purchased a subscription and then you guys pull this shit. I try and run the new client app and it says I am disconnected from host. I try over and over. Nothing. I had to Google to find this thread.
    I hate you.

    • Hi Robert, we’re sorry to hear you are having trouble. This solution is not our own doing but simply because we are at the browsers’ mercy when they make changes to their product. If you are using an older browser that supports plugins you should be able to continue using the product the way you know how. Should you have any further issues we encourage you to contact us so we can help you. Thanks in advance!

      • So I guess it’s my fault? I should have have just known that LMI was going to change without warning? It’s my fault that I trialed LMI and trusted you by subscribing? It’s my fault for upgrading my browser (that still supports plugins)? It’s my fault for not constantly searching the web for problems that new LMI technology will cause me? It’s my fault that that your app downloads and does not work correctly on this (and others) computer? Is that what you are saying?

  49. Keeps asking me to download. Maybe because I’m on public wi-fi and invoked higher security standards?

  50. Log me in was a good product that never failed.
    Till this login me exe came along. I cant seem to fix it.
    I have to download this stupid 3.7 meg file which is slow on 3G connection and eats into the
    1GB limit per month.
    So Mr log me in. what the f&#K were you thinking. You need to have good look at your testing methodology. You are professional company. You need to fix it as there alot of people out there a little cheesed off with this change

    • Hi Roy, thank you for your feedback. Please note that the plugin-less solution is something forced upon us by the web browsers – we are at their mercy when they make changes in how they operate. We are doing our best to come up with a solution which works well for our customers. I have passed your feedback along to the appropriate team. Should you need any additional help, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  51. This is NOT a solution! The great thing about Logmein was that the remote screen appeared in my browser and I could have several remote machines on different tabs. .as far as I am concerned having an external window for each connection will make logmein almost unusable. When are you going to do the job properly and create an HTML5 solution. if not I will require a refund!

    • Hi Chris, sorry to hear you are having trouble. We are doing our best to provide the best user experience with the given change and will let the appropriate teams know your feedback.

  52. Like many others here I am quite flummoxed with how poorly this roll out was handled. One day LMI is working fine, and the next day it’s installing software and popping into a new window. Here I was thinking, “WTH just happened? What did I click?” I looked online for a solution, but only found issues for Mac/Opera users back in 2008. Submitted a ticket with LMI, then finally found this site that explained what was going on.

    I am sorely, sorely upset that I am being forced to use IE if I want LMI to work properly. I also work on multiple connection simultaneously, and these pop out windows are a cluster… You could have warned me, you know. I’ve wasted at least an hour trying to figure out why something was broken that you don’t consider to BE broken.

    Hopefully you all learn something useful from this experience.

  53. Unfortunately with the new LogMeIn Client.exe, I have been forced to stop using Logmein within Mozilla Firefox (v26). I use LogMeIn several times a day, and it just got to be a ridiculous process to have to download LogMeIn Client.exe every time I connect to another computer. I could not get it installed in Google Chrome at all. It still works fine in Internet Explorer (v10.0.9200.16750). without having to jump through hoops, but not an IE fan……

  54. Based on what I have read, Chrome will continue to support apps and extensions that are hosted in the chrome store. To my great benefit, I have been using the chrome browser and you LogMeIn Chrome app on my Linux machine to support our windows customers. Will this app continue to be available and will you continue to support it?

    You really need to provide a Linux-friendly solution and a local windows only executable is not the answer.

    • Hi Kenneth, thanks for your feedback. At this time there is nothing new to announce about Chrome. Should there be any updates, they will be listed on our blog.

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