Don’t be the fool. WFH tomorrow.

You know they’re coming. The office pranks, the creative marketing emails, the stunts meant to shock and surprise. Tomorrow is April Fools’ Day, and while it happens every year, there’s always one person or brand that manages to fool us every time. This year, don’t let April Fools’ Day get the best of you. Work from home where the only pranks you encounter will be the ones you read about on Twitter.

Knowing that 80% of people have worked remotely in the past six months, it’s likely you won’t be the only one who opted to avoid the pranksters and spend the day working from home. Not sure if WFH is right for you? Plot your way through our infographic below to find out if you have everything you need at home to get work done and be productive at home.



Katie Petrillo

Written by

Marketing Programs Manager of LogMeIn Access

One thought on “Don’t be the fool. WFH tomorrow.

  1. Hi Katie
    I like the idea of allowing employees to work form home…but not sure of the hardware requirements that would allow multiple employees to have access (possibly 3-4) at the same time..
    Or possible at a separate work location but having access to the same schedule and database…thanks

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