Don’t get caught without your files

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In 2015, we’re always connected – to our email, our family and friends, our bank accounts.  You name it and we can get to it at any time. One of the more elusive items to access is our files. That important presentation you just made for the bi-annual review meeting or the enormous excel file of your business’ entire inventory – can you access those on the go?

With LogMeIn Pro’s file manager and file share capabilities you can. File share allows you to access and move files between devices or people without the use of email or those outdated flash drives. All you have to do is launch Pro on your desktop, any web browser or your mobile app, and you have access to your entire file structure, including the ability to share easily with a simple link, email or copying to a new folder.

Imagine this… You stay at work a little late to finish a deck for a client. When you finish your edits, you convert it to a PDF and send it to your boss for review. Later that night in the middle of dinner with friends, your boss emails asking for the PPT so she can make some edits. Fret not, you have the LogMeIn app so you simply log into your computer, access the original PPT file and email it to your boss. No time lost and you look like a superstar employee.

Learn more about file sharing capabilities with Pro to ensure you’re never caught in a jam without access to the files on your computer.

Katie Petrillo

Written by

Marketing Programs Manager of LogMeIn Access