Central as a Platform is Live

Today, we’re excited to announce a new packaging structure is live for Central, giving our customers more freedom and flexibility to get exactly what they need out of our product. This new structure allows us to position Central as a platform and further expand as a more robust endpoint management solution with the ability to build on future modules based on our customers’ needs.

At Central, we know IT professionals wear a lot of hats, so we’re focused on ensuring our customers get the functionality they need to increase productivity, automate routine IT tasks, and optimize their resource allocation. Central’s new modules allow incoming new customers to prioritize what matters most and get the functionality they need out of their endpoint management solution.

Incoming new customers have the option to purchase our new Base package which has robust functionality and add-on one, two, or all three core functionality modules (Security, Automation, Insight) based on their needs and priorities.

To learn more, please visit: logmein.com/centralĀ 


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