It’s been five years since Broomfield Labs began using LogMeIn Pro and in that time, the company significantly grew its business worldwide while upholding a reputation for superior customer support. The Massachusetts-based design and manufacturing lab has been able to keep and add new customers on six continents with Pro’s reliable and easy-to-use remote access.

Broomfield originally wanted to use Pro to allow employees to work from home for weather or medical-related reasons. After using the platform, they realized the benefits that remote access can also offer to their customers, typically located in another state or even another country. With Pro, Broomfield is now able to support customers without the travel expenses of sending a technician or the shipping costs to send machines in for repairs.

“I can’t overstate the value of being able to troubleshoot and service machinery without having to travel to a customer site to do so. For Broomfield, LogMeIn Pro translates into lower travel costs and more productive use of our time.

– Tim Marston, Electrical Design and Service, Broomfield Laboratories

Beyond troubleshooting issues, Pro’s remote access gave Broomfield the ability to perform routine software updates on remote machines to stay ahead of potential problems. Not only did this result in faster support for clients, but also increased customer satisfaction.

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Katie Petrillo

Written by

Marketing Programs Manager of LogMeIn Access