AppGuru – The App to Run all Apps.

Today’s younger, mobile workforce has pushed forward the consumerization of IT and bring-your-own-app (BYOA) trends.  Individuals no longer rely solely on IT-provisioned technology to get their jobs done.   In fact, 7X more apps are being brought onto the network than IT estimates, IT often isn’t consulted (55% of the time) on what cloud apps employees use, and the apps they purchase and provision are duplicated over 50% of the time1.

LogMeIn recently debuted AppGuru, a cloud-based app-management system built to change the way businesses address the consumerization of IT.  As today’s IT challenges continue to evolve, AppGuru allows IT professionals to take a significant step forward, increase visibility and control of their environment and embrace the realities of employee-introduced apps.

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Julie Carey

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Julie is a Sr. Product Marketing Manager at LogMeIn focusing on the IT Management product suite.