LogMeIn Introduces Multi-Monitor Display

Whether you’re a small business or IT administrator, toggling back and forth between monitors slows down your remote access experience.

The LogMeIn team is excited to introduce multi-monitor display, a new way to remote control computers with multiple monitors. You are now able to seamlessly see and interact with all of your displays simultaneously. This is one of our top customer feature requests from our small business customers and provides our IT customers enhanced value.

“The new dual monitor support makes my remote experience productive and seamless. Now my local station and remote station appear indistinguishable and my work flow is greatly improved when remote.”

– Brian Seekford, CEO, Seekford Solutions, Inc

This new feature is available with LogMeIn Pro, as well Central Plus and Central Premier. Customers can easily begin utilizing real multi-monitor display so you can enjoy multiple remote monitors being presented 1:1 on your own monitors screens.

Want to see it in action?

Supported operating systems:

  • Host
    • Windows XP SP3 or newer
    • LogMeIn Host for Windows version 4.1.5022 or newer
  • Client
    • Windows XP SP3 or newer
    • LogMeIn Client for Windows version 1.3.773
    • Compatible with Firefox or Chrome LogMeIn Plugin
    • Internet Explorer
    • Mac (Coming Soon)

Versions Required:

To take advantage of the new multi-monitor functionality, both the LogMeIn host and client software need to be installed.  Please note that if you already have the LogMeIn host and client installed, these will automatically update to include multi-monitor in the coming weeks.

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Tara is the Vice President of Products at LogMeIn. Tara's team is responsible for cross-product coordination with regards to customer insights, product launches, data analytics and pricing and packaging.

12 thoughts on “LogMeIn Introduces Multi-Monitor Display

    • Apologies for the confusion. There are two features in Central: Multi-monitor support (toggle between two monitors) and multi-monitor display (simultaneous display of two monitors). If you place your mouse over the feature comparison chart, you will find more information about multi-monitor support. We will also be updating this chart next week to include multi-monitor display.

  1. Is it not possible to update manually? Running the installer tells me the software is already installed and asks if I would like to launch it. Of course I could uninstall it and reinstall with the MSI but then I’d lose my stored credentials, correct?

  2. Trying to watch your video on dual monitors for LOGMEIN but there is no sound. Went to Youtube to view and there is no sound.
    Is there any other way to view this?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Regina – Apologies for the confusion, there is no sound currently on the LogMeIn Pro Multi-Monitor YouTube video. We will be updating the video shortly.

  3. Can you email me the instructions on what to do on the host and what icon or process needs to be done on the remote computer. This is an awesome upgrade. I want to use right away. Need to know how.

    • Hi Pat – We’d like to assist you. Could you please provide your email address so we can follow up? In the meantime, please ensue that the host and the client are updated. Updating can be done right within the “about” tab on the control panel, as well as from the downloads page. Thanks!

    • Hi Leo Q.- We are currently compatible with Win7 Professional. Please make sure that you have the correct version of the host/client software and that you are using IE or a Mac client. For more information, please check our user guide: http://lgme.in/6126FBtr

  4. if the workstation that you are using has a single monitor and you are accessing a dual monitor station, what will the dual monitor display look like on the single monitor station.

    • Hi Julie – The display will appear as separate remote session windows, one per display at the host machine. Hope that helps! Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions.

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