LogMeIn Central Introduces Ad Hoc Support!

The LogMeIn Central team has been hard at work building a brand new feature, exclusive to Central Premier, to improve our customer’s IT support experience. Ad Hoc Support is a fast and reliable way to provide support to machines that do not currently have LogMeIn software installed.

With that said, we’re excited to introduce the new Ad Hoc Support feature which includes:

  • Powerful remote support for machines outside your day-to-day list
  • One-time deployment with File transfer, Background Access, and Reboot
  • A simple and intuitive end-user interaction to resolve issues quickly

 “The new Ad Hoc Support feature fulfills an important need in this fast paced, ever-developing field. With Ad Hoc Support we know that we can address end user problems quickly.  Deployment is super-simple and allows for an instant desktop connection once we get a request.  Combined with all the other great features of LogMeIn Central, Ad Hoc Support really completes LogMeIn’s remote support software package.” Bruce Sellnow, OTP3 – MIS/IT, GMI McDonald’s Office

The Ad Hoc Support option can be found on the left-hand navigation menu.







Want to see it in action? Check out our walk-through for admins below.

To see the end-user experience, click here.

Julie Carey

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Julie is a Sr. Product Marketing Manager at LogMeIn focusing on the IT Management product suite.

One thought on “LogMeIn Central Introduces Ad Hoc Support!

  1. Thank you for a great new functionality to LogMeIn Central.

    This is a really nice feature, and I’ll look forward to support my customers using this.

    I would like it to be changed a little, because not everybody has an working e-mail account on their pc’s – like a pc in a production environment (or if their e-mail is down, and they need us to fix it).

    I would be great if the customer could go to a website, or if we could give them a shorter link/support number ourselves and then start the remote session.

    A good example of this in real life would be if the customer could go to http://www.logmein.com (or even better our own web support site), and then type the security code from here. Then we would be up and running with Ad Hoc remote support of customers without e-mail.

    All the Best,

    Thomas Kragh

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