[Webinar Recap] 5 Ways to Deliver Exceptional Customer Care in 2015

We all know that customer service and support is shifting to a customer success management model. Delivering great, consistent customer experiences across all channels is critical to driving retention, revenue and margins. Without this, customer experiences will not meet expectations, resulting in decreased retention and, in return, revenue.

On Tuesday, January 27th, attendees tuned into our webinar, 5 Ways to Deliver Exceptional Customer Care in 2015 to learn about the latest in emerging trends and what business leaders must do to deliver exceptional customer care in 2015 and beyond. Constellation Research’s Dr. Natalie Petouhoff and Ray Wang discussed:

  • How digital disruption and the emergence of mobile has impacted customer care
  • Why next generation customer experiences have to be customer-centric
  • The importance of delivering ubiquitous customer care to customers
  • Why choice of support channel is up to the customer, not the company
  • How to perfect chat to reduce costs and improve the experience
For these five strategies and more, watch the on-demand webinar now.
Jenn O'Donnell

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Jenn is a Senior Product Marketing Manager for BoldChat.