[Infographic] The New mCommerce Reality

Smartphones and tablets have changed everything: the way we communicate, the way we meet, the way we get around, the way we shop and more. The connected, on-the-go customer has literally shifted the balance of power in our society. Mobile users have easy access to information, unlimited options, and the ability to publicly and instantaneously express praise or dissatisfaction. It’s no surprise that mobile devices are changing the way consumers purchase online and in stores. It’s important to recognize, however, that mCommerce is one aspect of a larger commerce landscape. The following infographic illustrates this new mobile reality. To learn more about mCommerce best practices and how they can be used throughout the customer lifecycle, download the new mCommerce Reality research report here.

The New mCommerce Report Infographic




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Dave is the Vice President of Product Marketing for LogMeIn's Customer Engagement and Support Products - BoldChat & Rescue