[Infographic] Where Contact Centers Are Missing the Mark with Customer Care

Sometimes it’s easier to visualize survey data in infographic-form, which is how we compiled the results of a recent Ovum study. This infographic includes survey data from both customers and contact center managers about channel preferences. Listed below are a few highlights from this data.

Most alarming (but perhaps not surprising) is that 76% of customers have stopped doing business with a company following a bad experience. This should serve as a wake up call for businesses that have not yet optimized channel usage to meet customers’ support expectations.

Another takeaway is that 43% of customers surveyed find automated telephone systems annoying. Frankly, that number is low. Are there really that many people  who don’t find automated telephone system annoying? When a customer needs support quickly, they’re often looking for some form of human contact to resolve their problem quickly. (Is there anyone else out there who’s yelled, “I just want to talk to someone!” at the voice response system?)

Live chat for websites is an increasingly important channel for supplying that human contact. In the past two years, the number of customers surveyed who would use live chat as a support channel has doubled, increasing from 14% to 28%.

Customers seek personalization, which live chat provides. Meanwhile, the help desk is looking for greater efficiency, and with live chat software, support agents can easily handle multiple customer issues simultaneously without the customers feeling ignored or abandoned.

Download a full copy of the research report or view some highlights from the infographic embedded below.

LogMeIn Ovum Infographic

Jenn O'Donnell

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Jenn is a Senior Product Marketing Manager for BoldChat.