Effective Mobile Engagement (part 4 of 5): Let’s Chat About Email

This is part four of our series in which we discuss the findings of our recent Effective Mobile Engagement research report. In the last post we looked at how mobile impacts live chat success determinants. This time, we turn our attention to a different channel altogether – email.

One of the conclusions of the report is that a mobile engagement strategy must include text-based channels. We asked the survey respondents how frequently they engaged with companies using their mobile devices through a variety of channels. Of course, you’d expect the most popular method would be a voice call, and while calling was selected a large percentage of the time; it was not the far and away winner. In fact, when looking at the entire sample, it was bested by email for shopping-oriented engagements (49% vs. 58%) and tied email for support engagements (61%).

Click here to read the full post from the BoldBlog discussing which channels customers used the most to engage with companies.  To download a free copy of the Effective Mobile Engagement report, click here.

Ross Haskell

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Ross is the Director of Products, BoldChat