Effective Mobile Engagement (part 3 of 5): Mobile Changes Everything You Know about Live Chat Success

Part three of our series in which we discuss the findings of our recent research report on mobile engagement concludes our exploration of the mobilized live chat channel. In live chat deployments of size, we know that optimization of the operation is a multi-faceted task involving constant monitoring, measurement, training and testing. Over the years, providers like LogMeIn’s BoldChat and practitioners like our thousands of customers have come to understand the key success drivers of a live chat session. The Effective Mobile Engagement study sought to understand what happens to these factors, if anything, when you contemplate the chat session occurring in a mobile environment.

Click here to read the full post from the BoldBlog discussing the finding around a mobilized live chat channel. To download a free copy of the Effective Mobile Engagement report, click here.


Ross Haskell

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Ross is the Director of Products, BoldChat