Effective Mobile Engagement (part 2 of 5): Mobile Changes Everything You Know about Proactive Chat


This is part two of our series in which we explore the findings of a recent and comprehensive research report on mobile engagement. In two different places in our survey, we challenged respondents to consider live chat, irrespective of device, and then we threw the mobile curve-ball – asking them to consider the question again, but precisely within the mobile context. In each case, mobile was a game changer. 73% of respondents, for example, indicated across the board receptivity to being proactively invited to chat. We then asked the question again, inquiring if receiving an invite on a mobile device would change their reaction. 41% of the universe said their reaction wouldn’t change. What this means is that for the majority of the population, (59%), the use of their mobile device changed their reaction to being proactively invited.

Click here to read the full post discussing the impact mobile has proactive live chat. To download a free copy of the Effective Mobile Engagement report, click here.

(Image source: Peter Hearn)

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Ross is the Director of Products, BoldChat