Customer Engagement Weekly Roundup

As the holiday season quickly approaches, we can’t help but think about the important role customer experience plays for both LogMeIn and our many B2C customers.  This week’s roundup takes a look at some blogs about technology leaders and how they are leading the charge in increasing brand equity and generating revenue.  Additionally, I’m sure many LogMeIn blog readers have seen the WestJet Christmas miracle video (if not, click here), which led to some thought-provoking discussions on memorable experiences that built brand loyalty. The LogMeIn Rescue and BoldChat teams want to hear from you.  Has your organization gone out of its way to provide a memorable experience that resulted in a win-win for everyone?  Let us know in the comments section below.

What Makes Amazon Customer Service So Satisfying?

In our first glance at this week’s blog posts, @Parature takes a look at Amazon and why they are so successful at customer service.  Parature first reviews the results of a recent Foresee Experience Index report where Amazon stands at the top of 100 known brands with some impressive numbers including 83% of Amazon customers more likely to purchase more and 77% are more likely to recommend the brand to others.  Parature highlights five areas of focus that makes Amazon customer service so satisfying, with one focused on convenience, which will cover in another story below.  Click here to read more.

 Even Steve Jobs put customer experience before product

GetSatisfaction found some footage from the 1997 Apple WWDC that evokes some fond memories of the late Steve Jobs.  In their retrospective, including a link to the actual video, they remind us that Jobs and Apple design around the customer experience first and foremost.  One quote that caught our attention was: “You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology.”  Jobs admits he has made the mistake himself by prioritizing technology.  It’s really interesting to listen to a man as successful as Jobs discuss lessons learned from failures.  Click here to read more on GetSatisfaction’s take of Steve Jobs’ response to a challenging question.

Customer Experience: What is the Opposite of Convenience?

Asphalt road with a crack caused by landslides, JaŽn, autonomous community of Andalusia, Spain

Kate Nasser takes a look at the role of convenience plays in meeting customer expectations.  While the example references fast food, this can be easily applied to the technology sector and more specifically mobile applications.  When people are on mobile devices, they are using most apps for convenience.  This can be a productivity app like LogMeIn Free for iOS, a banking app, or even an airline app enabling you to check in or book flights online.  When you are building your mobile app, you need to start with the convenience connection and design for optimal customer experience and behaviors for smartphones and tablets, not the web.  Click here to read more on building a connection to your customers through convenience.


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Benjamin Topolski is a Senior Manager of Business Development for LogMeIn's Customer Engagement Cloud. His responsibilities include managing 3rd party relationships and helping to define LogMeIn's Customer Engagement product strategy. Previously, Benjamin was a Senior Product Manager for LogMeIn Rescue + Mobile and has also led mobile specific business development activities across all LogMeIn product lines. He has over 12 years of experience in the mobile telecom industry, including a business development role within Motorola’s former Network Services organization.