BoldChat v7.6: Seamless transition from live chat to remote support


LogMeIn recently released a new version of BoldChat (v7.6) aimed to help businesses more effectively engage the rapidly growing number of mobile customers and visitors. In recent years, we’ve seen more and more channels become available. While these have made it easier for customers to engage with your business, it’s made delivering good customer service a challenge. To help alleviate these issues, we’ve integrated LogMeIn Rescue, our powerful and secure remote support solution, into the chat experience.

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Dave is the Vice President of Product Marketing for LogMeIn's Customer Engagement and Support Products - BoldChat & Rescue

2 thoughts on “BoldChat v7.6: Seamless transition from live chat to remote support

  1. I am looking for an online meeting program that will allow secure private caucuses between some of the meeting participants but excluding others with the ability to exchange documents and private chat and/or audio just with the private group. The meeting would transition between public and private sessions to allow negotiations to play out. The host would be on all sides of these communications but no one else. Can Join Me accomplish all of this?

    • Hi David, thanks for your comment. In you are able to chat with a particular participant or with the entire meeting group. In terms of exchanging documents, we suggest using Cubby to achieve this. Hopefully this answers your question. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us via phone or help ticket.

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