The new BoldChat mobile release is now available!

The BoldChat team is excited to announce that BoldChat Mobile, previewed earlier this year, is now available! BoldChat now includes engagement directly within mobile apps (in addition to mobile sites) and deep mobile reporting across both iOS and Android browser and app environments. The full feature list includes:

  • In-app mobile SDK designed to make it easy for companies to deploy proactive and reactive chat within mobile applications, and give consumers another convenient way to engage with brands.
  • Sample iOS and Android apps to help speed mobile live-chat deployments and the associated time to value.
  • Mobile reporting across iOS and Android app environments, as well as mobile browsers to help businesses create targeted plans for optimizing engagements, while providing a more responsive, holistic and satisfying consumer experience.
  • Integrated support for customer interactions across SMS, live chat, email and social channels to streamline customer service and support management while offering multiple ways for customers to interact with a brand.
  • Mobile optimized proactive and reactive browser-based chat to help companies quickly tailor their web customer experience for mobile consumers.
  • Layered chat windows to provide a sleek, intuitive way for customers to browse and chat simultaneously, without having to switch between views or separate windows, by providing a sleek, transparent overlay on top of a browser page. The visitor can use familiar touch-based gestures to control chat-based conversations on their terms, including minimizing the view and calling it back up on demand through a slide swipe or tap.
  • Mobile indicator alerts to help customer service agents identify that a customer is engaging them from a mobile device, so the agent can modify the speed, length, and context of their response.

Boost customer engagement and conversions for your organization with these  new mobile capabilities. Interested in testing it out? Click here to request your demo today!


Jenn O'Donnell

Written by

Jenn is a Senior Product Marketing Manager for BoldChat.