MSP Marketing Madness – Identifying the Opportunity


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In this week’s MSP Marketing Madness, I’m going to provide you with a list of suggestions for you to think about while conducting your sales outreach and when identifying ways to reduce the friction in your sales funnel.

Sourcing the deal and finding your high potential opportunities is your first, and many times, most important step. Identifying great opportunities makes a significant difference in the length of your sales cycle and reduces the time you need to fight an uphill battle to get the sale.  Before the sale, think about these questions in an effort to truly identify if you have a solid opportunity:

  • Does this person have a problem that they need to fix?
  • Do they know they have a problem?
  • Do they want it fixed?
  • Can I fix it?
  • Do they want my help?
  • Do they believe that I understand their world/business/company?
  • Do they believe that I have the expertise to help them?

Trying to sell something to someone that doesn’t think they have a problem, want it fixed, or even want your help, is extremely challenging.  Sometimes you might be better off winning deals from the low hanging fruit, as opposed to trying to win the deal by convincing someone they have a problem that you can solve. When meeting with a potential opportunity, ask them:

  • Why are we here?
  • What are your top 3 hot buttons?

By asking these, you can sell to solve the bigger problems that they face (Be Human) and tell stories to evoke emotion (Back to Basics).  When you do find a problem you can address, quantify the sale.  Here’s a trick – ask them to quantify by the cost of doing nothing.

  • What is it currently costing them?  (Time, Money, Energy, etc)
  • What are the losing?
  • What is the risk to their business?

What are some of the questions or things you think about when talking to a prospect?  If you have additional suggestions on how to prospect and source high potential leads, let us know!


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Shannon is the Channel Engagement Manager at LogMeIn. She focuses on arming LogMeIn partners with in-demand products, education, and the tools they need to succeed in the increasingly competitive market. Prior to LogMeIn, Shannon was the Director of Marketing & Channel Relations for Datto Inc., a leading backup and disaster recovery company. There she helped Datto more than quadrupled its partner base, achieve its fourth consecutive year of 300% revenue growth, and win over 35 prestigious industry awards. Shannon was named a 2013 Channel Chief by CRN and has also been named to the MSPmentor 250, CRN’s ‘Top 100 People You Don’t Know, But Should’, and CRN’s ‘Women of the Channel’ lists.