Week of June 12, 2015

It’s the future of work fact that everyone is buzzing about: in 10 years, Millennials will make up over 75% of the workforce. What changes can we expect in the workplace over the next ten years, as the scales tip?

We published some new research this week about millennial work styles and mobile device habits, and what implications there are for will have on businesses. This is a highly mobile, highly connected, tech-savvy generation, with a collaborative work mindset and a desire to lead. As they become the overwhelming majority in business and take more and more leadership positions, the changes will be major – especially as far as productivity apps, mobile devices, and IT systems are concerned.
Check out our full eBook below, as well as additional articles about preparing for this shift – including some specific implications for IT departments, and how companies should prepare for the Apple Watch wearing employees.

joinmePreparing for the Millennial Workplace Invasion
This eBook combines original research with commentary from leaders about this fascinating generation. We evaluate trends in Millennial mobile habits, career aspirations, and workplacebehavior to help determine what to expect as the generational scales begin to tip.

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randstadThe Top 10 Ways the Millennial Shift is Transforming IT Departments
The millennial shift is affecting all departments of any business, including IT. This new infographic details how IT departments are preparing for this shift – and if not, how they should be.

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CMSwireGet Ready for Apple Watch Wearing Employees
Our research shows that 65% of millennials plan to buy a smartphone in the next 3 years. As they take over the majority of the workforce, is your company prepared for the implications of this new device?

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businessinsider5 Apps for Work Travel
As business travel becomes more common for employees at all levels, it’s important for people to stay connected and be productive on the road. Check out 5 mobile apps recommended by Business Insider to stay organized for work travel.

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Update.me – collaboration, innovation, and engagement

Week of June 5, 2015

This was an exciting and truly significant week for join.me, as we announced our mobile makeover! We launched our new app for Apple Watch, made upgrades to our iPhone app, and debuted a brand new iPad experience with mobile whiteboarding. If you haven’t already, be sure to download our new iOS apps and improve your mobile meetings!

Apple Watch is the hottest gadget on the market, and it’s changing the way people work and communicate. We’re so excited to bring the join.me instant collaboration experience to our users with just a tap on the wrist – we’re even giving away an Apple Watch to celebrate! Check out some of the latest buzz on Apple Watch below, including news for developers, marketers, and all the “road warriors” out there.

whiteboard tech crunchLogMeIn buys Zamurai to add Mobile Whiteboarding to join.me
“Both join.me and Zamurai recognize that how people work has changed. We meet and collaborate in real time and more often than not, we interact online. And we were both passionate about the simplicity of the experience for our customers,” says VP of Marketing join.me Michael Parker on yesterday’s acquisition announcement.

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developersDevelopers Wind Up for Apple Watch Update at Apple’s WWDC
Next week is Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer’s Conference, and developers are anticipating getting new access to the capabilities of the Apple Watch – including the sensors, microphone, and zooming/scrolling functionality. This will revolutionize the apps that programmers can build for the device.

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marketingBig Data Gets Bigger Apple Watch Internet of Things
The Apple Watch, which is touted as “the most personal device ever”, will have a significant impact for data-driven marketers, as it’s a whole new resource to collect insights about consumer habits and behaviors.

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Road WarriorsFive Apple Watch Apps for Road Warriors
Whether you are traveling for business or for fun, these Apple Watch apps are great suggestions to help you stay on track from flight takeoff to hotel checkout. If traveling for business, download the join.me app to start your meetings with just one tap on the wrist!

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update.me – collaboration, innovation, engagement

Week of May 29th, 2015

Stop waiting for the future of work – its here! With rapid advances in mobile technology and economic shifts away from location-based industries like manufacturing, American companies are redefining what work is, and how to work. This week Fast Company replaced old workplace “rules” with five new ones. Among this list was the dying concept of daily commuting to an office, replaced with the idea of working anytime from anywhere in the world. Companies making this shift to a more remote working style will likely encounter some bumps in the road, especially among baby boomers who have spent their entire lives commuting. Companies can “take the sting” out of this transition, with advice published this week in Inc. Magazine.

200x200_FastCoThese are the New Rules of Work

Forget everything you think you know about work – the rules have changed. Fast Company reviews the five new trends of the global working world, including working from anywhere, anytime.

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How to Take the Sting out of Switching to a Virtual Office

Not every employee is happy or prepared for the shift to a remote-based work environment! Inc. Magazine lists some tips and tricks to adjust to working on the go – including using join.me!

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200x200_predictions for future8 Predictions for the Next 10 Years

What lies ahead for the next ten years in technology? This list of predictions includes 100 connected devices and 8 billion “hyper-connected” people, getting online from numerous devices at unprecedented speeds.

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200x200 art and innovationThe Intersection of Art and Innovation

Innovators are more than just their title of developer, designer, or engineer – at the core of it, they’re really artists of their craft. At the World Economic Forum, Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde presents some unique examples of how art and innovation intersect, and how art can serve a true purpose in the future.

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Update.me – Collaboration, innovation, and engagement

Week of May 22, 2015

Since Memorial Day is the unofficial kick-off to summer and many people will be out of the office, we thought we’d focus this week’s update.me on remote working and how the modern employee is choosing to work. Employees today are choosing to work remotely because they have the tools that allow them to do so available to them. As a result, the workforce is shifting to a more mobile, connected, and collaborative environment. Here are a few articles around how millennials are driving this shift and some companies who have chosen to support it.

May_1_JM_Blog_200x2005 Big Companies That Support Remote Work
Companies both big and small understand the importance of a remote workforce. Being able to source top tier talent from anywhere in the world and having a more productive, loyal, and dedicated workforce are just some of the reasons why companies are moving out of the office—and into the home office.

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ITbiz_updatemeHave you met the 21st century employee?
While resistance to change continues to be alive and well in many organizations, the world is changing every day. We are in a time when entire economies, organizations and industries are transforming. And yet, we use antiquated organizational change management practices in our 21st century world. The biggest change leaders need to make is to have clarity on the shared purpose of their organization and how to deliver on it in a simple way where employees understand their roles.

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managersorg_updatemeHow Millennials are Driving a Remote Working Revolution
A tech-savvy generation of younger employees is reshaping the way we do our jobs. This UK article explores 4 ways to create an effective remote working experience.

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Update.me – Collaboration, Innovation, and Engagement

Week of May 15, 2015

Huge news in the digital media business was announced this week when Verizon, one of the largest mobile network providers purchased content producer AOL for about $4.4B. With this deal (pending regulatory approval) Verizon will acquire AOL’s online video services, content, news sites, and over $600M in advertising revenue.

This game-changing merger will allow Verizon to better create and manage content for tablet and smartphone users. Consumers can expect to see new, innovative ways to view content on their mobile devices – from TV, to movies, to news, and even advertising. This is just more proof that leading companies are moving toward mobile.

verizonVerizon Buys AOL for $4.4 Billion
Verizon is buying AOL for about $4.4 billion. The deal aims to create a major new player in the digital media business by combining one of the biggest mobile network providers with a leading content producer.

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Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 3.26.38 PMThrough the Enterprise Collaboration Looking Glass
CMS Wire recently hosted a live tweet jam with collaboration thought leaders about collaboration tools and best practices. Catch up with this recap of “Making Sense of the Collaboration Tool Landscape”.

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collaborationZDNetCollaboration Industry Continues to Flourish and Multiply

Has the collaboration industry reached it’s peak maturity, or is there much more on the horizon? ZDNet looks at the future of the industry, and how using collaboration tools can forge truly valuable new capabilities among knowledge workers – if used correctly.

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dominosCraving Pizza? Send an Emoji to Dominos

Talk about innovation. In a new development appealing to their mobile and social media saavy customers, Domino’s will now start fulfilling delivery orders to customers who simply tweet the Pizza emoji.

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Update.me – Collaboration, innovation, and engagement

Week of May 8, 2015

Collaboration is essential to the beginning stages of a company, from ideation to product design to organizational planning. This week we’re sharing a number of articles about why collaboration is key to entrepreneurship and successfully starting a new business.

In a video interview with Inc. Magazine, Founder of The Huffington Post Ariana Huffington talks about redefined entrepreneurship that involves more flexibility, collaboration, and getting the job done on your own time (outside of the office). We agree that being an entrepreneur no longer means sacrificing everything for 18-hour days in the office, month after month. Leveraging digital tools like join.me can allow a startup team to stay productive, but with the flexibility that avoids burnout.

Entrepreneur Mag_update.meWhy Collaboration is Essential to Entrepreneurship
Every entrepreneur has to have the right mix of skills to get their ideas off the ground. Entrepreneur Magazine explains why collaboration is so important to success, including knowing what you’re NOT good at.

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NextWeb_updatemeDesigning Collaboration Inside a New Business
Collaboration is becoming standard in the development of new products and businesses, replacing the old-hat linear process. Learn how companies are using new collaborative methods in the earliest design stages of a product, from user interviews to data collection.

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Inc_updatemeWhat Ariana Huffington, Richard Branson, and Other Successful Entrepreneurs Wish They’d Known at 22
What business advice would you give your 22-year-old self? Inc. Magazine asked this of some of the world’s most successful people, compiling a list of advice for entrepreneurs. Ariana Huffington comments on the importance of redefining of entrepreneurship to include more flexibility and collaboration.

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update.me – collaboration, innovation, and engagement

Week of April 24

The collaboration landscape is ever-changing. In today’s workplace employees are using whatever devices and apps that are going to help them be more productive. With the advances made in consumer IT, employees looking to gain the benefits of more agile virtual meetings and avoid the headache of using traditional web conferencing tools have already turned to their own devices. The articles below are just a few that have been published over the past few weeks that focus on workplace collaboration, expectations of the increasingly mobile workforce and video conferencing.

CIO_updateme_200x2006 IT leaders share tips to drive collaboration
Collaboration tools are destined to fail when IT leaders look to solve problems that don’t exist. Here’s how CIOs and IT managers ensure their collaborative platform efforts aren’t futile. This article discusses three ways CIOs can ensure success.

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3.24.fortuneMeeting Expectations of the Collaborative, Mobile Workforce
Demand for ad hoc meetings is being driven by the rise of Generation Y in the workplace. As a growing part of many organisations, they’ve come to expect constant communication and instant connectivity, so waiting around for a meeting is avoided at all costs. Instead they prefer on-the-spot collaboration as a means to save time and money, and be more efficient.

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3.24.cioinsightsWith cloud video conferencing, the sky’s the limit
Research tells us this: Video conferencing is really moving to the cloud. According to the Nemertes Research 2014-15 Enterprise Technology Benchmark, which gathered data from approximately 180 companies, nearly 30% of companies have already implemented cloud-based video conferencing services and another 2% plan to do so in 2015. This article explores the factors driving video conferencing adoption.

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update.me – collaboration, innovation, and engagement

Week of April 17

There’s been a shift to cloud adoption, mobile working, and employee-introduced technology in today’s workplace. The rise of BYOA and the move to the cloud means today’s workforce is no longer governed by a 9-5 mentality. Being connected anytime, anyplace, anywhere is the new normal. According to industry analysts at Gartner, apps developed for mobile devices will outnumber those developed for the PC by four to one in 2015. At join.me, we believe in delivering a simple and instant experience for our users on both a desktop and their mobile device. Here are a few articles that discuss the importance of mobile, the cloud and some cloud apps that can help improve your productivity.

huffpost2_200x200How the Cloud Is Reshaping Business Communications
Big enterprise level companies discovered the “cloud” five to seven years ago for lowering costs, reducing head count and enabling virtual teams to work together more cohesively in and outside the company. The bottom line benefits for integrating the cloud with your business: improving your web presence getting access to more business applications you weren’t even aware of, lower cost/high value hosted communications and improved collaboration with your staff, customers and distribution channels.

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Entrepreneur_updateme_200x20021 Apps to Boost Productivity, Accountability and Success
No matter how you work or what type of business you run, being productive is a must. But techniques and strategies aren’t enough if you don’t have the tools needed to implement them. This article shares 21 apps that are guaranteed to boost your productivity, accountability and success.

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CIO_updateme_200x200CIOs need to support B2B mobile innovation
Mobile is becoming a critical factor in driving product, service, and process innovation as well as in enhancing customer and employee engagement. As business enablers, all cloud initiatives must include a mobile element – and vice versa. Mobile devices, applications, and content management form the basis for any comprehensive strategy to address the B2B mobile mind shift.

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Techrepub_updateme_200x20010 ways mobile apps are bringing breakthrough technologies to business
Tens of thousands of mobile apps have been deployed by companies in the past three years. What we’ve learned from these deployments is that certain application scenarios are head and shoulders above others in terms of their usability and their ability to make a difference in the business. Certain mobile apps have worked exceptionally well and are beginning to provide us with some outstanding examples and mobile app best practices. Here are 10 of them.

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Update.me – Collaboration, innovation, and engagement

Week of April 03

Virtual collaboration tools in the workplace have become a mainstream topic of conversation in global news articles and blogs.  As the youngest members of the millennial generation grow up and enter the workforce, companies are heavily considering their work styles and communication preferences – including the technology and tools they use. Here are a few articles this week that talk about virtual collaboration, including why it’s preferred over a competitive work environment, and how it can work better than face-to-face communication.

04_03_um_INCWhy Collaboration Wins Over Competition
Millennials who will make up 50 percent of the workforce by 2020, overwhelmingly prefer a collaborative workplace over a competitive one. This infographic shows how collaboration wins in the workforce, and how advances in cloud and video technology are empowering employees by staggering numbers.

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Collaborating Online is Sometimes Better than Face-to-Face
When given the choice, most workers would prefer a face-to-face conversation as a method of communication, to enhance productivity and communication. However, there are some benefits to choosing online collaboration first, including appealing to various work styles, and convening dispersed teams.

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04_03_um_socialmedmonthlyMake Your Online Meeting More Social
Given that there are a lot of potentially sucky meetings out there, we like this post about how to jazz up your next global online meeting, including skits, toasts, and starting with some humor.

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Update.me – Collaboration, Innovation, and Engagement

Week of March 27, 2015

The almighty cloud! Cloud computing offers advantages in productivity and collaboration, making it an integral part of every professional’s day-to-day work.  Companies are re-evaluating best practices and business processes, while workers are leveraging cloud solutions to be more nimble and productive. The articles below are just a few that have been published over the past few weeks that focus on cloud computing, including it’s affects on specific business lines and how mobile workers are adapting.

3.24.fortune12 Apps That Let You Manage On the Go
Working on-the-go no longer means carrying around your laptop, if you’re prepared with the right apps on your smartphone or tablet . Fortune Magazine lists the top cloud apps to help you manage your workload on the move – including join.me!

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3.24.eweekCFOs See Cloud Technology Boosting Collaboration, Analysis
New data shows that financial leaders are seeing great improvement in their business processes by using cloud solutions. Adaptive Insights surveyed 250 CFOs across the US and found that team collaboration has increased by 25%, while dependence on IT reduced by 24%.

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3.24.cioinsightsGetting The Most Out of Apps in the Cloud Era
As the “power of the cloud” grows, tech leaders are at the front lines. This interview with Rod Smith, IBM’s Vice President of Emerging Internet Technologies, provides insight into the perspectives of and challenges facing developers and IT leaders.

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3.24.hbrFive Basic Needs of Virtual Workforces
As cloud-based solutions replace existing hardware and location-based solutions, more people are working virtually than ever before. Given this shift, HR leaders need to reevaluate their processes to continue to meet the needs of their mobile employees.

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