For sales teams, connecting with your crazy-busy prospects is tough. Customers have always carefully protected their time, especially for live or on-site meetings. Thankfully, applications and technology have advanced such that virtual meetings – whether by phone, screen share, or videoconference – can be just as effective in closing the deal.

Join best-selling author, Jill Konrath this Thursday at 2 PM EST for a live webinar: Nailing It! How to Ace the Online Sales Meeting. Jill will share insights from her latest ebook of tips & tricks on how to ace the online sales meeting, including:

  • Zero in quickly on the value of what you’re selling with specific value propositions
  • Use quick, ad hoc online meetings to speed up sales cycles
  • Pick the right meeting technology, and know it like the back of your hand

Whether you’re new to sales, a sales pro, or just plain curious about this important trend, you won’t want to miss this event. Register for this webinar here. If you aren’t able to make it, check back here for a recap and a recorded version.


join.me adds single sign-on integration with Google for Work, Office 365 and more!



Our goal at join.me is (and always has been) to make online meetings as simple as possible for our users. That’s what sets us apart and makes join.me the leader in user satisfaction! And as join.me deployments grow within an enterprise, it’s important that we provide an experience that is equally as simple and powerful for administrators.

That’s why we’ve enhanced our single sign-on (SSO) capabilities that will make securely managing join.me deployments even easier for administrators. join.me now integrates with a number of the most popular enterprise application management platforms, including Office 365, Google for Work, Bitium, OneLogin, Okta and Ping Identity, and Windows ADFS.

Administrators can now leverage authentication, access and audit controls in these popular platforms to securely and easily provision and manage join.me accounts across teams, departments or even entire enterprises. The results are better meeting security, less manual work to manage accounts, and – best of all – peace of mind. Users benefit too, enjoying the seamless join.me meeting experience with one less password to remember.

Learn more about join.me’s new SSO capabilities here.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about how to best leverage SSO or just want share some feedback.


Tip Tuesday – Use these features for better virtual selling

A huge number of our customers are sales managers and teams, who use join.me as their go-to tool in sales pitches. The ability to show off the product as they talk about it and let their prospects test it out is a game changer for many of our customers (just ask Meltwater). So we’ve created some unique features specifically for sales teams who use join.me for their sales demos.

The CRM system most widely used by sales teams is Salesforce. So to help sellers work more seamlessly between their meetings and their contact database, we’ve developed a Salesforce integration in join.me Enterprise starting and scheduling meetings right from their lead screens. Learn how to install the plug-in and start your next join.me right from Salesforce in this video:

Another favorite feature of our pro users is join.me URL personalization. You can customize your join.me URL to whatever you’d like – your name, company, etc. This can be really helpful when running multiple sales calls and demos with a number of prospects – your dial-in information is easy to remember, and it helps get your brand name out there. Learn how to set it up in this video – plus how to personalize your background image, to create your personalized virtual meeting room!

Check out our YouTube channel for our full library of user tips.


Tip Tuesday – Make your meetings truly collaborative by sharing control!

As more and more businesses shift towards a collaborative atmosphere, less and less meetings are being led by just one person. Presentations are no longer one-to-many; they’re transforming into a conversation where everyone contributes. Some of join.me’s most beneficial features give you the ability to put anyone in the driver’s seat of the meeting, quickly and seamlessly.

The ‘pass presenter’ feature allows the meeting host to pass screen-sharing functionality from their dvice to another person’s device at any time during the meeting. Participants can also request access to takeover the present role. It proves extremely useful for team brainstorms, meetings with remote attendees, or to review multiple documents provided by various people. Everyone can contribute, and anyone take the lead in the matter of seconds. Check out this video to learn how to pass presenter control in your next join.me meeting:

We also understand that not all join.me meetings are the host presenting a document – sometimes it’s beneficial for the people in your meeting to get interactive with content or platforms. Our remote control feature allows meeting attendees to use the presenter’s mouse and control what’s on their screen and device. This feature has been a game changer for our customers who are giving sales demos. Allowing your potential customer to play around with your product, with you on the line to help, is a priceless value-add to your sales pitch.

Check out how to use join.me’s remote control feature in this video. For more user tips, check out our full video library here!


Tip Tuesday: Enhanced Collaboration

Here at join.me, we know sometimes it’s hard to keep meetings on track and get everyone on the same page. Some of the best features of join.me help you do just that. Did you know you could highlight a document or draw on the screen to keep your attendees engaged? What about send a presentation file or document to attendees during the meeting? This week’s Tip Tuesday is all about the features that let you make the most of your meetings and get stuff done, fast.

Need to send a quick message to an attendee or the entire group?  Find out how chat works in this video.

If you want to share a file or presentation with your meeting attendees, learn how to use file transfer in this short video.

Once you’ve mastered the meeting basics, take your collaboration to the next level with annotation by learning how to highlight or draw on the screen.


Tip Tuesday – Sharing is Caring! Share your Screen and Recorded Meetings

One of the fundamental benefits and uses of join.me is our easy and instant screen sharing. We are the simplest, fastest way to share content from your screen in real-time with whomever you need, wherever they are. But we go beyond the basics, providing individual window sharing and recording functionality that allows our users to improve collaboration, and host better meetings.

With just one-click, you can choose to share your entire desktop in your meeting or only one specific window or document. With this functionality, you can use your computer freely during the meeting – to take notes, review related documents, or keep an eye on e-mail – without any of your attendees seeing. Learn how to use join.me’s window sharing option in this quick video:

Given how difficult it is to schedule a meeting that everyone can attend, we’ve also made it really easy to capture and share recordings of your join.me sessions. Learn how to easily capture, save, and share your meeting recordings in this video. Share these recordings and absent team members won’t miss a beat!

For all join.me user tips and tricks, check out our full YouTube playlist.



Tip Tuesday – Simple Scheduling for Your Next Meeting

In today’s globally diverse workplace, we’ve all experienced the woes of meeting scheduling: calculating different time zones, last-minute conflicts, and unexpected cancellations. In this week’s Tip Tuesday, we’ll show you how join.me makes scheduling your next meeting easier than ever, working directly from the join.me app or with one of our plug-ins.

With the join.me scheduler, you can organize and set up your next meeting directly through the join.me app. You can select and send the appropriate dial-in numbers to all meeting participants, and keep track of all your past and upcoming meetings. Check it out:

Are you an Outlook user? We offer a seamless integration to instantly schedule your next join.me meeting right from Outlook. Click here to learn how to download and use the plug-in.

If you use Google calendar, join.me has a plug-in for that too! Watch this video to learn how to download and use the extension for your next meeting.

For all join.me user tips and tricks, check out our full YouTube playlist.




Tip Tuesday- All About join.me Audio

Do you know what day it is? Tuesday! This means it’s time for our weekly “Tip Tuesday” blog covering all the essentials of using join.me. Productive meetings are all about getting everyone on the same page and one of the ways you can ensure your meeting goes as planned is to make sure your audio conference is optimized.

This week we are sharing two videos that cover the basics of audio conferencing.Need a quick tutorial on starting audio? Start with “Get Started with join.me Audio”:

Interested in getting the lowdown on how to choose hold music or change your default audio settings? Check out “Awesome Audio” video on our YouTube channel here.


Tip Tuesday – Getting Started With join.me

Last week, we kicked off a new blog series called Tip Tuesday, to give our users insight into how to best use join.me to improve their meetings and collaboration.  We shared a video on how first-time users can easily download and install join.me, and start collaborating in just seconds. This week, let’s continue with some more basics of getting things started!

You may not be hosting the next join.me meeting you attend, but we’ve still made it very simple to join. Learn how to easily connect in to the next join.me you’re invited to with this short video.  You can share this video with any meeting attendees who are new to join.me, to show them how to join your next meeting.

Once you’ve joined your meeting, you’ll notice we provide a few options for audio, including location-based telephone conference numbers, and free web-based VOIP. Learn more about your audio connection options in this video.

For more tips, view the full User Tips library on our YouTube channel, and keep checking here on Tuesdays for your next tip!


New join.me Tip Tuesdays!

Our number one goal here at join.me is to help our users work better, meet better, and collaborate better. So we want to share all the ways that join.me can improve your communication and collaboration. That’s why we’ve created a brand new User Tips library on our YouTube channel. If you’re a new join.me user, you can learn the basics of starting, joining, and hosting your first join.me. If you’re a pro or enterprise user, these videos will help you learn how use all our advanced features including chat, annotation, audio, and more.

We’ll be bringing these new user tips to you every week in a new Tip Tuesday blog series, highlighting different product features you may not know about. As we make product updates, we’ll be sure to share them here.

In this week’s inaugural Tip Tuesday post, we’ll start with the basics! Check out this short video on how to download and start a join.me meeting and start collaborating in seconds.

Did you know you can send e-mail invitations right from the join.me app? Learn how, here: