Plans to Retire Cubby


Today, we began notifying Cubby users and customers of the decision to retire Cubby, our file sync & share offering. Since its debut in 2013, Cubby has provided a unique file sharing experience for millions of individuals and businesses and this difficult decision was made after much deliberation and consideration.

LogMeIn’s long-term investment strategy is focused on three key technology markets — Collaboration, Identity & Access Management, and Customer Support & Engagement – and we are aligning our product development efforts accordingly to best serve our customers rapidly evolving needs. With such focus comes tough decisions around the future of products that don’t fully align with our strategy, and after careful consideration and evaluation, we have reached the difficult, but none-the-less important, decision to discontinue Cubby.

Our users are our top priority and chief concern with this change, and we are taking steps we believe will help existing Cubby users safely and securely migrate to alternative cloud-based offerings, whether to LogMeIn or other trusted companies.

Cubby Free users will be given until November 16th to migrate away from Cubby, and can choose to move to another free service – LogMeIn is recommending Dropbox and OneDrive – or a paid service, including LogMeIn Pro. Cubby Pro and Enterprise customers will continue to have full access to Cubby, both their files and full product functionality, through their account’s expiration date plus an additional 30 days to allow more time to evaluate options and complete the migration of their files.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to move your files out of Cubby and into another service like Dropbox.

We understand that with any change comes questions and potentially concerns.  Here are a few FAQs to explain what we anticipate will be the most common questions for our users:

  • How are you notifying customers?

All Cubby users are being notified of this decision by email and in-product notifications. Our users are our top priority and chief concern with this change, and we are taking steps we believe will help existing Cubby users to safely and securely migrate to other cloud offerings, whether from LogMeIn or from other trusted companies.

  • Will you offer cloud storage and file sharing capabilities in any of your other products?

LogMeIn will continue to offer cloud storage and file sharing capabilities as key features in our other products – for example both LogMeIn Pro and both offer these features – but we will no longer package them as a separate product.

  • How long will Cubby users have access to their files?

Cubby Free users will be given until November 16th to migrate away from Cubby, and can choose to move to a free service – LogMeIn is recommending Dropbox and OneDrive – or a paid service, including LogMeIn Pro.

Cubby Pro and Enterprise users will have full access to Cubby – both their files and full product functionality – through their account’s expiration date plus an additional 30 days to allow more time to evaluate options and complete the migration of their files.

For more information pertaining to your Cubby Basic, Pro or Enterprise account, please read our detailed FAQs here:


Update on Cubby Access 


The issues impacting access to files in Cubby, as covered in a couple recent posts (detailed version, first alert), are now almost completely resolved.  As of Friday (10th July), our team has successfully restored access to 99.99% of all files impacted by this issue. And efforts will continue to restore access to any remaining files. Additionally, access to all recordings created this year has been restored, with the same restoration process actively being applied to older files.

While we’re happy to report a positive resolution, we once gain apologize for any inconvenience this disruption may have caused.  If you experience any additional problems going forward, please don’t hesitate to contact us via phone, online, or on our Twitter or Facebook accounts.


Cubby Service Impact

As of June 5, 4:13pm EDT we began experiencing an issue with Cubby which affects the ability to upload and download files and access previous recordings of sessions. We’re confident that your files are safe and secure, however access is currently limited from and the Cubby mobile and desktop applications. Our engineering team is actively working to resolve the issue and we will continue to provide updates as they become available. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.

UPDATE: We’ve made some initial progress — we’ve restored some key functionality — and continue to work tirelessly on the rest. New files can now be uploaded and downloaded from Cubby. New recordings are now accessible via their public links. P2P sync and share is now working.

We’ll provide further updates as they become available.


Cubby introduces new features


We are excited to announce new features to Cubby that will improve your individual file sync and share experience and bring more visibility to Cubby Enterprise team leaders. These new capabilities bring greater insight into history and archived items, real-time file use, visibility into team content and improved performance.

Cubby Enterprise – Access to Team Content

Team leaders now have the option to access to view their team members content. This allows seamless access to content for team leaders if a team member has left the team or the organization.

For team leaders:  How can you view your team members’ cubbies?

  1. Log in at
  2. At the top of the page, click Team.
  3. Click the your team tab.
  4. Click enable content access.
  5. For any user, click view cubbies and the user’s cubby list is displayed.

Items to note: As a team leader you cannot view a locked cubby unless specifically shared with you by a user. To view a locked cubby that has been shared with you by a user, go to your own personal cubby list and look for the locked cubby on your list.

For team members:  What can your team leader see?

  • When you are in a team, your normal cubbies can be viewed by your team leader
  • A locked cubby can’t be viewed by your team leader unless you choose to share it

Cubby Free, Pro & Enterprise Updates

Detected Changes

Cubby users can now view a list of sync events detected by Cubby on a PC or Mac that’s running the desktop app. Simply click the Cubby icon in the notification area (system tray) and select Detected Changes

The following activities are tracked:

  • Add file 
  • Add folder 
  • Modified file 
  • Removed file 
  • Removed folder

Items to note: Changes are only detected when the Cubby desktop app is online. When coming back online, only the most recent change is listed for any given file. For example, if your teammates make five changes to a single file while you are offline, only the most recent change is listed when you come back online.

changes detected


“Changed by” list for archived versions

When viewing the archive for a file or folder, the name of the person who modified the version is shown in the changed by column for each archived version.

archived versions

Performance improvements

Cubby now has improved performance when syncing 50,000 files or more

For more information please visit


Introducing Cubby Enterprise


Built with the simplicity employees love and the power IT needs.

We’re excited to share that a new business version of Cubby is now available to help businesses finally bridge the divide between IT demands and employee preference when it comes to cloud file sync and share apps.  Before we get into what you’ll see, it’s worth taking a look at why we did this, and why we believe this will help IT pros regain some control on the type app that personifies the bring-your-own-app (BYOA) trend and the inherent management challenges it brings to the table.

If you’re an IT pro, you’ve got personal and often consumer-grade tech walking into the workplace in every form.  And many of you have faced the binary choice when it comes to file sync and share: bring in an IT-friendly solution and try to get employees to adopt it or look for a consumer-grade solution and pray that you can manage and control it.  Unfortunately, we continually hear from our customers that pretty much every business-grade solution on the market fails the employee test – you have a managed solution, but no one uses it.  Worse, they bring in their own personal solutions.  Then there are the consumer offerings that talk the management game but have yet to deliver and, frankly, scare IT to death.

We believe we’re in a unique position to tackle this problem and give our customers some much needed piece of mind.  Cubby Enterprise brings together LogMeIn’s deep expertise with SMB IT management and its experience building intuitive, popular apps used by millions of business professionals.  As a result, SMB IT professionals are empowered to manage and secure company data shared between people and across devices, while providing employees with the ease-of-use they crave in their personal applications.

Here’s a closer look at how Cubby Enterprise gives businesses the user experience needed to quickly win over employees, while empowering IT to control how sensitive data is shared:

Features for employees:

Flexible and intuitive access:

  • Intuitive user experience: Cubby features a drop-dead simple experience designed by the same team behind the wildly popular LogMeIn, Ignition and apps
  • The ability to make any existing folder a ‘cubby’: Turn any folder into a ‘cubby’ with the freedom to make as many cubbies as desired
  • Access to files anywhere from virtually any device: Native iOS, Android, Windows and Mac apps, as well as access from any browser make it possible to work from anywhere across a blend of work and personal devices
  • 1 TB of cloud storage for every 5 users. Cubby Enterprise provides users with 1 TB to be shared per 5 users and can simply add users and additional space as desired (new users only)

Public and Private Sharing

  • Multiple ways to share files and collaborate with others:  Content can be shared with others by inviting them into a cubby, which lets both parties see, work with, and sync content; or it can be shared through simple read-only links to files and cubbies, an option that provides quick sharing even with people who don’t have a Cubby account

Features for IT management include:

User and Identity Management

  • ADFS Integration: Enable single sign-on (SSO) via Active Directory.
  • Domain-based administration: Automatically own and manage all employee Cubby accounts within a given domain, while providing the option for employees to merge and upgrade individual accounts with Cubby Enterprise
  • Desktop app deployment: Remotely install Cubby on employee computers to provide easy access to Cubby Enterprise while encouraging corporate use

Data Security

  • Device wipe:  Remove stored passwords and wipe locally synced content from employee devices, including PCs, Macs and tablets and smartphones
  • Policy settings: Enforce user policies to control how data is stored and shared, including the ability to constrain sharing within a corporate domain
  • Mobile passcodes: Protect mobile access by requiring a 4-digit pin before accessing Cubby files on your mobile device

Monitoring Activity

  • Activity log:  Monitor activity in real-time to know what content is being shared, how and with whom
  • Filtered activity search: Filter activity for easy monitoring by employee, event type or date


This is the first in a series of new offerings from LogMeIn aimed at helping IT professionals manage devices, data and apps in today’s SMB. Cubby Enterprise yearly subscriptions start at $39.99/month per groups of five users, prepaid annually ($479.88/year). Please visit to learn more about why Cubby Enterprise is right for your business!


Infographic: Cloud Computing Growth

We all know the saying “you’ve got your head in the clouds.” Well, maybe that’s not such a bad place to be…

According to AwesomeCloud, the total cloud computing industry is expected to reach $150 billion in 2014. With new technology allowing us to access the cloud wherever we go, it makes sense that 60% of server workload is expected to be virtualized by 2014.

Today, Cubby and work together to extend the collaboration benefits of each product and offer a simple, secure way to store your meeting recordings –and this is just the beginning.

How else has the cloud grown? Check out this infographic by AwesomeCloud to learn more:


Image Credit:


Cubby Desktop Software Updates


This week we released an update to the Cubby desktop software, giving users NAS support, public link improvements and more. You may recognize these features from our blog post in August, when we released them to our preview environment, where it was thoroughly tested by a dedicated group of users.

This week’s update includes:

Support for network-attached storage and external drives

Now you can create a cubby on a fixed or removable disk such as an external hard disk drive, USB stick (pen drive), Flash reader or similar, including NAS (Network-attached storage). For more information about syncing NAS devices, please see Using NAS Devices with Cubby.

Detach account on a Windows PC

To make it easier to stop using one LogMeIn ID and switch to another, we’ve added a detach feature for Windows users.

  1. Right-click the Cubby icon on your system tray and select Settings
  2. On the general tab, click Detach next your LogMeIn ID
  3. The next time you launch Cubby, you will be asked to associate it with another account

Improvements to account switching

When re-installing Cubby or switching between accounts, Cubby now provides the option to rejoin previously synced cubbies.

Improved public link creation (Windows & Mac)

  • Mac users can now create public links directly from their Finder context menu.
  • For both Windows and Mac, after generating a public link you will be shown the link to the individual file, rather than a list of public links within that cubby.

Automatic “switch back to live” on Mac host

Mac users can now easily switch between the Preview and Live versions of the Cubby Mac hosts from the Settings > About page.

Sync-related improvements

We also fixed various sync-related issues.

Note that Cubby should update automatically to the latest version, which is


The Collaboration / Productivity Quotient


image source: project collaboration tools by live and love life (CC BY 2.0) 

“Improve the frequency and effectiveness of collaboration and your teams will be more productive!” My Flipboard and Twitter feeds are teeming with articles that tell me this must be true. Yet whenever I talk to our sales team, an analyst, or a potential customer, everyone seems to be looking for “the stat” that really proves this. You know which stat I’m talking about. It’s the kind of stat that entire products and industries get built on:

17.4% of global web traffic comes through mobile
Companies adopting social enterprise have employee turnover of 2% vs 15-20% elsewhere
93% of companies using Inbound Marketing increase lead generation
60% of the time, it works every time

The closest I’ve seen to someone really coming up with a Collaboration –> Productivity number was a McKinsey report that looked at collaboration as a percentage of a knowledge worker’s day. It concluded that by improving collaboration (14% of a typical information worker’s day) you could *potentially* make employees between 25% and 35% more productive within that category. So, you’re telling me that I can make 14% of an employee’s day 25% more effective? For a grand total of 3.5% overall? When you apply scale to this number (think WalMart-type scale), this number is meaningful and must be pursued. But will 3.5% make a dent in decision making for smaller teams and enterprises? Maybe, maybe not.

So while our crack analytics and research team looks for “the stat,” let’s let logic be our guide. If you respect and like your team, you’ll probably work better together. If you believe in your company and its leadership, you’ll probably be more committed to your work. Agreed so far? OK good. Now walk a little further with me down Logic Lane: people are happier and more productive when they can choose the tools they collaborate with.

Having worked on LogMeIn’s product for the last couple of years has really opened my eyes to this. Every day I talk to executives who are shocked that their half-million dollar deployment of WebEx is sitting on the shelf and that their employees are having thousands of meetings with It’s easy and they love it. They heard about it from a friend or trusted colleague, and it wasn’t jammed down their throat as part of a company-wide email. The result is more frequent, high impact interactions–including more ad hoc meetings–that help them get more work done faster without the headaches of a big formal meeting.

I know they’re more productive. You know they’re more productive. We know they’re more productive. It’s too bad just knowing isn’t always good enough.


Present Your Cubby Files from Your iPad Using

Did you know you can share your Cubby files from your iPad using With and an iPad you will never have to sprint back to the office for that last minute online meeting again. These step by step directions will get you presenting your Cubby files in no time.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Make sure you have the Cubby and apps installed on your iPad.
  2. Open your Cubby and select that game changing presentation that has to be shared with the world before it burns a hole in your iPad.
  3. Tap on the file to view the presentation within the preview pane and select the “open-in” icon in the upper right hand corner (the box with the arrow).
  4. Select “open in” option from the list.

join me cubby screengrab

The app will open and you’ll need to log in with your Pro credentials. Once logged in, choose to start the meeting with your personal link or one-time code.

join me cubby screengrab

5.  Click the start meeting button to begin sharing.

join me cubby screengrab

You are now hosting a meeting from your iPad and sharing that game changing presentation that was saved in your Cubby.

Want to try it for yourself? If you’re a Pro user test it out today! If you’re using the free version, set up a free Pro trial here:

For more information, visit our knowledge base at


Upcoming Cubby Maintenance

We are constantly striving to provide you with the best cloud service possible. In order to do this, we sometimes must take Cubby offline to ensure that all of the necessary improvements are properly implemented.

During this maintenance and all cloud-based services will be unavailable. This includes access to cubbies on the cloud, cloud-based syncing, and access from a mobile device. Local content and DirectSyncTM will remain available.

The scheduled maintenance will affect users for approximately 8 hours on Sunday, September 8, 2013 at the following local times:

  • 6:01 AM UTC – 2:01 PM UTC
  • 2:01 AM EST – 10:01 AM EST
  • 8:01 AM CET – 4:01 PM CET

We appreciate your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thank you,

The Cubby Team