LogMeIn Introduces New Security Features


Well configured remote access solutions, like LogMeIn, increase productivity with no adverse impact on network security.  As we continue to advance our security features, we are committed to ensuring the ease-of-use for users combined with components that promote secure, safe, and wise use of our products.

According to recent research[1], security concerns are the number one roadblock for businesses moving to the cloud.  Taking the appropriate steps to secure your business is often simple –but 55% of businesses do not require two-step verification to ensure that extra layer of security and authentication[2].  Further, over half of businesses rely on either in-app prompts to direct users on updates and password strength or rely on employees to establish password strength and change passwords on their own[3].

With this in mind, we are excited to announce several new advancements to our Login Policy features that add additional security to prevent unauthorized access to your LogMeIn account and offer several verification options for end-users to gain instant access so that they are better equipped to be productive from anywhere. This is particularly important for those companies in regulated industries that require HIPAA and PCI compliance.[4]

What’s new with Login Policy?

Password Strength
Two new options are available for Password strength: ‘Standard’ and ‘Strong’.  Applying a “Strong” password policy will force users to create a robust, secure password meeting the following requirements.

  • Seven characters or more
  • Made of capital letters, lowercase letters, and numbers
  • Required change every 90 days
  • Does not match user’s LogMeIn ID
  • Does not match the LogMeIn ID or any of the user’s four most recent passwords

Your users will be affected at their next login after the feature has been enabled. If users have a password that does not meet the requirements, they will be forced to change their password.

Forced Two-Factor Authentication
Two-factor authentication adds a second layer of protection to your LogMeIn account.  Now, administrators can require this feature for all users. This added security process prompts users to enter a one-time security code with their password whenever they sign in.  Users have the opportunity to set this up from either a mobile authenticator app or via SMS text message.  Additionally – if the primary method is unavailable, users will be able to request a code via a backup.

All methods of two-factor are available for use. Users can use:

  • Security Codes via SMS
  • Google Authenticator (or Android/Windows equivalent)
  • Emailed Security Codes
  • LogMeIn Authenticator App  – NEW

login policy












LogMeIn Authentication App


To make our end users experience as fast and simple as possible, we now have our own LogMeIn Authenticator app which can be used to simplify the second factor authentication to a single gesture.

The LogMeIn Authentication App is a dedicated two-step verification tool for use with LogMeIn accounts[5]. Using LogMeIn Authenticator, users can verify their identity by tapping the notification that they receive when attempting to sign in to their LogMeIn account. The app will also generate security codes as a secondary verification solution when your phone is offline.


For a detailed overview of these Login Policy enhancements, check out our online guide for updates on Password Strength and Two-Step Verification or login now. Also download the LogMeIn Authentication App today!



[1] Edge Strategies and LogMeIn
[2] Ponemon Research and LogMeIn
[3] ESG Research
[4]  When used and configured properly, the technical security features employed by LogMeIn assist companies with their HIPAA and PCI compliance requirements. In combination with User Access through Group/Computer permissions, LogMeIn allows you to get HIPAA and PCI ready.
[5] Please note it will not work with external sites/apps.


Meldium Celebrates 2,000 Apps

Meldium_2kApps_1200x630 We’re excited to announce that  Meldium, our password management tool, has hit the 2,000 app mark – helping teams instantly access even more of the apps they can’t live without.  Logging into apps like Twitter, MailChimp, join.me, Basecamp, Slack, GitHub, Asana and more has never been so easy. Over the past year we have vastly expanded our catalog of available web apps and services.  New additions include Google Apps for Work,  TypeformMicrosoft Office365On24IntuitNanigansInspectlet,  AudibleSalesforce.comFacebook AdsWells FargoNexonia and more. Not a Meldium user yet? We want you to celebrate with us and are offering 2-months free for new customers by simply using the coupon code 2KMELD.  Don’t waste any time – get your team started today!


Stay Productive While Working from Home


Working from home has plenty of perks and has become increasingly popular among both employees and employers. A recent study by Global Workplace Analytics reports that the number of people who work from home once per week or more will grow to 26 million in the United States by 2016. This trend doesn’t even include the rise in working from home due to the weather currently plaguing parts of the US.  Still, many people are new to working remotely and don’t know where to start. The good news – if you have a remote access tool, working from home is a simple connection away. Make sure working from home isn’t a wasted day with these simple tips:

  • Plan ahead.
    Make sure any computer you may need to access is attached set up for remote access so you’re ready to work. To add a computer, simply follow the steps after login in your remote access tool. Be sure to complete a remote access practice run for the new computer to avoid tech pitfalls. Once you’re set up, you’ll be ready to access any computer no matter where you’re located.
  • Choose your workspace wisely.
    Does your living room include a TV and rowdy children? If so, it’s probably not the best room for work. Find a nice, quiet corner where you can concentrate, preferably with a door so you can shut out distractions.
  • Wear proper work attire.
    While this may sound like an obvious one, plenty of readers are likely to be hissing at the screen right now. Getting dressed for an actual work day will reinforce your work routine and may help keep you productive throughout the day. Plus with virtual meetings becoming the norm, the last thing you want is to get caught in your pajamas when a video call pops up on your monitor.
  • Set up your employees.
    Make sure the remote access tool you’ve chosen gives you access to manage all of your computers, including your employees’ computers. Don’t leave your employees out in the cold. With remote access bundles like the LogMeIn Pro for Small Businesses, small business owners have ability to invite other users to your account and extend remote capabilities to up to 10 computers. Plus, as the account holder you can manage your user subscriptions by choosing the computers they can access and setting up separate passwords from your main account. Interested in adding the Pro Small Business Package  your office? Contact our team to get started with LogMeIn Pro.

LogMeIn Introduces Multi-Monitor Display

Whether you’re a small business or IT administrator, toggling back and forth between monitors slows down your remote access experience.

The LogMeIn team is excited to introduce multi-monitor display, a new way to remote control computers with multiple monitors. You are now able to seamlessly see and interact with all of your displays simultaneously. This is one of our top customer feature requests from our small business customers and provides our IT customers enhanced value.

“The new dual monitor support makes my remote experience productive and seamless. Now my local station and remote station appear indistinguishable and my work flow is greatly improved when remote.”

– Brian Seekford, CEO, Seekford Solutions, Inc

This new feature is available with LogMeIn Pro, as well Central Plus and Central Premier. Customers can easily begin utilizing real multi-monitor display so you can enjoy multiple remote monitors being presented 1:1 on your own monitors screens.

Want to see it in action?

Supported operating systems:

  • Host
    • Windows XP SP3 or newer
    • LogMeIn Host for Windows version 4.1.5022 or newer
  • Client
    • Windows XP SP3 or newer
    • LogMeIn Client for Windows version 1.3.773
    • Compatible with Firefox or Chrome LogMeIn Plugin
    • Internet Explorer
    • Mac (Coming Soon)

Versions Required:

To take advantage of the new multi-monitor functionality, both the LogMeIn host and client software need to be installed.  Please note that if you already have the LogMeIn host and client installed, these will automatically update to include multi-monitor in the coming weeks.




Entering in passwords for all of your everyday applications and web services is a pain. Worse yet, being locked out of an account and losing time during a busy business day trying to recover access is frustrating. With LogMeIn’s newest product, Meldium, eliminating the headache of keeping track of passwords has never been so simple.

Meldium, a password manager with single sign-on, allows you and your entire team one-click access to over 1,800 web apps and services like Google Apps, Salesforce, ZenDesk, Office365, ADP, WordPress, Evernote and more.  Your team can access all of their favorite cloud services quickly and securely, share access without ever sharing the actual passwords, and onboard new team members in minutes.

Already use join.me, Cubby, or LogMeIn?

Don’t have a LogMeIn ID?

Don’t waste any time get started today!


Introducing the New Central

We’re rolling out new versions of our LogMeIn Central product line, each designed to deliver unique value to our IT customers, while making it far easier for each and every Central customer to get the right product – and the right capabilities – to meet their specific needs.

What’s new?

Starting this week, there will be three new versions of Central: Central Basic, Central Plus and Central Premier. The foundation of this simplified and improved offering is our signature remote access capabilities, including even faster remote access, some great new features to help better organize large groups of computers, new options to further secure access to your computers with two-factor authentication, as well as mobile and desktop app enhancements. And if that is all you are using today, then the Basic version will likely be a perfect fit.  For those customers who are using Central to empower remote workers, Central Plus offers state-of-the-art remote productivity capabilities like remote printing, multi-monitor support, and file transfer capabilities across ALL computers in an account. Designed for business-critical IT management and automation, Central Premier  delivers  advanced alerts and monitoring, One2Many automated tasks (and scripts), simplified Windows updates, reporting, self-healing alerts (including new mobile alerts), and new premium customer support.

central GG comparison chart

When will this be available?

The new versions of Central are being rolled out over the next few weeks to ALL current Central customers. So if you’re a Central customer, you will soon experience the new version of the product that best meets your needs – and you’ll get this new version for the remainder of your current subscription at no additional cost.  Customers can also choose to gain access to other versions immediately, should they choose, by contacting their account manager.

How will this impact pricing?

The new versions of Central should not only simplify how a customer chooses desired capabilities, but also how they purchase – and scale – their Central account to meet their specific organizational needs. In other words, the pricing has been created to best pair needs with value. One of the biggest changes with this move is the elimination of purchasing individual seats of LogMeIn Pro (for host computers) separate from Central. Pricing will be set simply based on the capabilities you use which translates into which version you need and the number of remote computers you’d like to remotely manage, access or support. For some customers, this will mean not only a more simplified purchasing, but an absolute reduction in total costs.  For others, it will provide a much better way to simplify payment for the value they expect and count on with Central.

Please note, that unless you choose to upgrade prior to the end of your current subscription, pricing won’t change until the time of your Central renewal.  To make the transition as smooth and seamless as possible you will  be notified 30-days in advance of your renewal.  We’ll provide you specific pricing information and details on the product you’ll have post renewal.

When and where can I learn more?

Once your Central account has been updated, you’ll experience the new features first hand We’re also carving out space in our community site, dedicated specifically to the new Central, where product specialists are happy to share more and answer any questions you may have. And in the coming days and weeks, we’ll be posting a whole new series on the Central blog featuring product demos, deep dives on new features, as well as tips & tricks that will help you get the most value out of your Central product.  So subscribe to the blog, check out the community, and keep a look out for the new Central update in your account.


Meldium App Trends, Top Apps of 2014


Top-Apps-2014-blog-graphic FINAL

Everyday thousands of apps are developed hoping to make their way to the masses and seamlessly into the workflow of individuals, teams, departments and enterprises.  Each month our team analyzes our own usage data to give you a look behind the curtain and identify the most popular and trending web apps and services.

In this special edition, we rounded up the Top Apps of the Year by category to give you an inside look into the top tools in Analytics, Communication, Collaboration, Development, Sales and Marketing, and Social Media.  As always, we gathered this data from an anonymized version of our comprehensive audit logs and score apps on a 100-point scale based on the unique number of people who used it.

Click here to view the full results, along with an infographic, on the Meldium blog.


New Year, New Central

In early January, we’ll be taking the wraps off new versions of LogMeIn Central designed to deliver new value to our IT customers, while making it far easier for each and every Central customer to get the right product – and the right capabilities – to meet their specific needs.

So what will this new Central look like and what’s in it for you?

We’ll be revealing the full details of the new offering early in the New Year, but at a high level, the new Central will be delivered in three simple versions, making it far easier for customers to get the right fit for their needs. The foundation of this simplified and improved offering will start with faster, more elegant remote access capabilities, raising the high bar on what you’ve come to expect from LogMeIn. From there, we’ve designed each distinct edition based on your feedback.  Just need to remotely access PCs and Macs without all the other bells and whistles? We’ve got you covered. Looking to extend remote access to your employees and customers so they can remain productive when outside the office?  We’ve got the perfect mix for you. Rely on Central for business-critical IT management and automation?  We’ve got the professional grade innovation ready to go in a nice simple package.

We’ll be sharing more in the coming weeks. So stay tuned.



We’ve getting reports from both LogMeIn customers and the general public about suspicious emails that are designed to look like they are coming from LogMeIn addresses — they have all the hallmarks of phishing attempts.  The email subject lines vary slightly, but include language about an ‘Invoice’ and ‘Credit Card Declined.’  We want to make it clear that these did NOT come from LogMeIn and people should not click on any of the links in the emails.

As part of our commitment to security, we want to make sure our users and the public are aware of these specific emails, and we wanted to share what we’ve learned, as well as provide an easy way for people to identify the tell tale signs of phishing attacks.

Example subject lines on the emails are:

Email 1: LogMeIn Payment Invoice #48209182 – Credit Card declined

Email 2: LogMeIn Central Invoice #67018011 – Credit Card declined

Intended behavior/action:

Tries to lure you to click on a link to a fake invoice page.

What they look like:

Email (text/copy):

Dear client,

Your LogMeIn Central subscription is due to expire on December 11, 2014.

We were unable to charge your credit card for the due amount.( Merchant message – Insufficient funds)

Please remit the payment for the due invoice before Dec 11, 2014 to avoid service interruption.

The payment invoice has been issued and can be downloaded from our website :


If the problem persists, contact us to complete your payment.

Thank you for choosing LogMeIn

As with all suspicious emails, please don’t click on any links or open/download any attachments in these messages.  We’ll update this post if we learn more, but please be sure delete these messages if you receive them.  We also recommend taking a look at our primer on how to protect yourself against phishing attacks.



We reviewed Meldium’s usage data in November to idenfiy popular and trending web apps and here’s what we found.


We’re up to over 1,600 supported apps in Meldium, which means customers had many new integrations to choose from. At the very top of our rankings, the same pack continues to be in the lead, with Twitter,MailchimpGmail, and AWS all gaining points in our index.

This month, we saw strong growth from some great apps. Jenkins the popular continuous integration service, Kimono Labs, a powerful tool to generate an API for any website, StatusPage, a simple service to keep your users up-to-date about service outages and finally OneSky, which helps translate apps, websites, and games.

Click here to read the full App Trends Report.