Stay Productive While Working from Home


Working from home has plenty of perks and has become increasingly popular among both employees and employers. A recent study by Global Workplace Analytics reports that the number of people who work from home once per week or more will grow to 26 million in the United States by 2016. This trend doesn’t even include the rise in working from home due to the weather currently plaguing parts of the US.  Still, many people are new to working remotely and don’t know where to start. The good news – if you have a remote access tool, working from home is a simple connection away. Make sure working from home isn’t a wasted day with these simple tips:

  • Plan ahead.
    Make sure any computer you may need to access is attached set up for remote access so you’re ready to work. To add a computer, simply follow the steps after login in your remote access tool. Be sure to complete a remote access practice run for the new computer to avoid tech pitfalls. Once you’re set up, you’ll be ready to access any computer no matter where you’re located.
  • Choose your workspace wisely.
    Does your living room include a TV and rowdy children? If so, it’s probably not the best room for work. Find a nice, quiet corner where you can concentrate, preferably with a door so you can shut out distractions.
  • Wear proper work attire.
    While this may sound like an obvious one, plenty of readers are likely to be hissing at the screen right now. Getting dressed for an actual work day will reinforce your work routine and may help keep you productive throughout the day. Plus with virtual meetings becoming the norm, the last thing you want is to get caught in your pajamas when a video call pops up on your monitor.
  • Set up your employees.
    Make sure the remote access tool you’ve chosen gives you access to manage all of your computers, including your employees’ computers. Don’t leave your employees out in the cold. With remote access bundles like the LogMeIn Pro for Small Businesses, small business owners have ability to invite other users to your account and extend remote capabilities to up to 10 computers. Plus, as the account holder you can manage your user subscriptions by choosing the computers they can access and setting up separate passwords from your main account. Interested in adding the Pro Small Business Package  your office? Contact our team to get started with LogMeIn Pro.