Three reasons to attend Ad Hoc Support: Taking IT Support to the Next Level

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Webinars are a great way to learn and share information. We don’t just host them simply to announce new features—our goal is to bring valuable knowledge and share new information with you. This week we’ll be covering Ad Hoc Support in-depth, with a chance for live Q&A with LogMeIn’s very own experts.

Here’s why you should join us on Thursday October 22nd at 2PM EST:

Learn how to gain flexibility within your IT operation
Over half of today’s businesses believe that mobility is critical to the productivity and efficiency of employees1.  But with an increasingly mobile and remote workforce, keeping IT support costs low and troubleshooting end-user issues has become more complex.  Whether you’re an IT operation of one or have a team of technicians, the ability to provide instant support to any end-user without pre-installing software will increase flexibility to do more with less time.

Pick up new strategies to improve end-user support
Many SMBs rely on a blend of full- and part-time employees to meet the needs of their businesses.  This can cause a strain on IT in terms of providing support with existing tools for individuals that are temporary or part-time.  So, whether your CEO breaks their laptop while they’re on the road, or the intern needs support, Central can provide the toolkit to support your entire staff.

Participate in a Live Q&A with LogMeIn experts
Our very own LogMeIn experts not only understand the pain points of providing IT support, they know LogMeIn Central inside and out.  Each of our experts has solid understanding of systems architecture, security and technical requirements needed to provide top-flight IT support.  This week is your chance to chat with them in our live Q&A portion of our webinar.

Click here if you haven’t registered! Even if you can’t make it, register and we’ll send you a copy of the webinar afterwards. It’s that easy.

See you Thursday!


[Webinar] Ad Hoc Support: Taking IT Support to the Next Level

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Solving end-user problems quickly is vital to providing top-flight IT support.  With LogMeIn, IT admins have a fast and reliable way to troubleshoot issues, but what if your end-user doesn’t currently have LogMeIn software installed on their machine? Enter Ad Hoc Support.

On October 22nd at 2PM EST, we’ll be covering this new feature in-depth, with a chance for live Q&A with LogMeIn’s very own experts.  At Ad Hoc Support: Taking IT Support to the Next Level, we will cover:

  • A demo of how to remote support machines outside your day-to-day list
  • Tips and tricks to make the most of Ad Hoc Support
  • Customer use cases and live Q&A

Many Central customers are already taking advantage of this great feature, available in every LogMeIn Central subscription.

“Ad Hoc Support has been a lifesaver for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, only 50% of the staff is full-time, so we have the ability to support temps or interns that are not necessarily users we consistently support” – Daniel Spees, Director of Information Services, Chicago Symphony Orchestra

You can register for the webinar here. If you’re not able to join us on October 22nd at 2PM EST a recording will be available shortly after the event for those registered.


Your computer in the cloud, thanks to LogMeIn Pro

Did you know your LogMeIn Pro subscription includes a free mobile app? With the LogMeIn app for iOS and Android, you’re able to access your entire computer – desktop, applications, files, etc – from your smartphone. As long as you have WiFi or an internet connection, you can remotely control your computer as if you were sitting right in front of it.

With summer in full swing, and vacations and long weekends in the future, the LogMeIn mobile app will keep you productive, whether you’re working from home, the beach house, or your client’s office. The app allows you to save directly to your device so you can work on the files offline, and you can also move and copy files between your computers and devices as needed. Download the app today to make your summer both productive and relaxing.

Don’t take it from us. Hear from LogMeIn customers who love their mobile app experience:

 “I’m able to “be at the office” from pretty much anywhere!” 

“This has helped me do lots of business remotely.”

“Best Remote App. I support all my clients with ease.”

Download the app, available for iOS and Android!








LogMeIn Central is excited to introduce an update to our Host Preference Package settings.  This settings option, which provides additional value to IT professionals, hides the LogMeIn Client making it invisible to end-users.  Once in place, host deployment becomes even more seamless, providing instant connectivity and support with limited visibility of the LogMeIn product.

Once an administrator chooses this setting, the LogMeIn Client is hidden from end-users in the Start Menu, desktop, and system tray. Administrators have two options: they can apply this setting to existing hosts through host preference package or to new installations through deployment configuration.

This settings option is available with Central Plus and Central Premier. You can find it, live now, in the Configuration menu under the ‘Appearance’ category.



LogMeIn Central Introduces Ad Hoc Support!

The LogMeIn Central team has been hard at work building a brand new feature, exclusive to Central Premier, to improve our customer’s IT support experience. Ad Hoc Support is a fast and reliable way to provide support to machines that do not currently have LogMeIn software installed.

With that said, we’re excited to introduce the new Ad Hoc Support feature which includes:

  • Powerful remote support for machines outside your day-to-day list
  • One-time deployment with File transfer, Background Access, and Reboot
  • A simple and intuitive end-user interaction to resolve issues quickly

 “The new Ad Hoc Support feature fulfills an important need in this fast paced, ever-developing field. With Ad Hoc Support we know that we can address end user problems quickly.  Deployment is super-simple and allows for an instant desktop connection once we get a request.  Combined with all the other great features of LogMeIn Central, Ad Hoc Support really completes LogMeIn’s remote support software package.” Bruce Sellnow, OTP3 – MIS/IT, GMI McDonald’s Office

The Ad Hoc Support option can be found on the left-hand navigation menu.







Want to see it in action? Check out our walk-through for admins below.

To see the end-user experience, click here.



ZoomSystems is on the forefront of automated self-service retail.  Working with brands such as Best Buy, Proactive, Benefit, Amazon, Essie and Nespresso, their self-service kiosks provide the convenience of online shopping with the immediacy of traditional retail.

With a growing number of kiosks located in airports, malls, and retailers, the ability to connect, support, and control all of them seamlessly was becoming a true challenge.  Visibility into customer purchases and performing machine maintenance was a very intensive software engineering process, they needed to streamline and address.Central_CaseStudy_ZoomSystems

“Managing over 1,500 kiosks was becoming unwieldy and overwhelming. We needed a tool to provide visibility, troubleshoot customer issues, and provide security and control. Streamlining our processes was our driver for LogMeIn, I can’t imagine life without it.” — Christopher Chambers, Network Operations Manager, ZoomSystems

With LogMeIn Central, ZoomSystems deploys the software across all of their kiosks for instant and reliable remote connectivity.  Their technicians have the ability to push updates and perform routine maintenance with ease.  Further, features like User Management limit access and provide control and Windows Updates and Anti-Virus Management aid in PCI compliance.

With the help of LogMeIn Central, ZoomSystems has increased flexibility to support kiosks across the globe, limited onsite visits, all while maintaining security and control their scaling business requires.

Click here to view the complete case study about ZoomSystems or check out the Slide Share below.


Meldium Celebrates 2,000 Apps

Meldium_2kApps_1200x630 We’re excited to announce that  Meldium, our password management tool, has hit the 2,000 app mark – helping teams instantly access even more of the apps they can’t live without.  Logging into apps like Twitter, MailChimp,, Basecamp, Slack, GitHub, Asana and more has never been so easy. Over the past year we have vastly expanded our catalog of available web apps and services.  New additions include Google Apps for Work,  TypeformMicrosoft Office365On24IntuitNanigansInspectlet,  AudibleSalesforce.comFacebook AdsWells FargoNexonia and more. Not a Meldium user yet? We want you to celebrate with us and are offering 2-months free for new customers by simply using the coupon code 2KMELD.  Don’t waste any time – get your team started today!




Entering in passwords for all of your everyday applications and web services is a pain. Worse yet, being locked out of an account and losing time during a busy business day trying to recover access is frustrating. With LogMeIn’s newest product, Meldium, eliminating the headache of keeping track of passwords has never been so simple.

Meldium, a password manager with single sign-on, allows you and your entire team one-click access to over 1,800 web apps and services like Google Apps, Salesforce, ZenDesk, Office365, ADP, WordPress, Evernote and more.  Your team can access all of their favorite cloud services quickly and securely, share access without ever sharing the actual passwords, and onboard new team members in minutes.

Already use, Cubby, or LogMeIn?

Don’t have a LogMeIn ID?

Don’t waste any time get started today!


Meldium App Trends, Top Apps of 2014


Top-Apps-2014-blog-graphic FINAL

Everyday thousands of apps are developed hoping to make their way to the masses and seamlessly into the workflow of individuals, teams, departments and enterprises.  Each month our team analyzes our own usage data to give you a look behind the curtain and identify the most popular and trending web apps and services.

In this special edition, we rounded up the Top Apps of the Year by category to give you an inside look into the top tools in Analytics, Communication, Collaboration, Development, Sales and Marketing, and Social Media.  As always, we gathered this data from an anonymized version of our comprehensive audit logs and score apps on a 100-point scale based on the unique number of people who used it.

Click here to view the full results, along with an infographic, on the Meldium blog.



We reviewed Meldium’s usage data in November to idenfiy popular and trending web apps and here’s what we found.


We’re up to over 1,600 supported apps in Meldium, which means customers had many new integrations to choose from. At the very top of our rankings, the same pack continues to be in the lead, with Twitter,MailchimpGmail, and AWS all gaining points in our index.

This month, we saw strong growth from some great apps. Jenkins the popular continuous integration service, Kimono Labs, a powerful tool to generate an API for any website, StatusPage, a simple service to keep your users up-to-date about service outages and finally OneSky, which helps translate apps, websites, and games.

Click here to read the full App Trends Report.