If it can happen to the biggest companies, it can happen to any of us.


It seems that almost every week brings news of another security breach – most of which expose some form of bad password practices. It is happening to the biggest companies with the most sophisticated security controls, so it can certainly happen to any of us. The biggest reason for this is that humans create vulnerabilities, mostly unwillingly – all in the effort of getting their job done quicker.

Its always difficult to understand how and when a security breach specifically took place, mainly because these attacks are low-and-slow and very sophisticated in nature. What we do understand is that we should always make sensitive data, including passwords, difficult to find for any attacker. Unfortunately password security is an afterthought at best and a perceived productivity-impeding nuisance at worst.

The truth is that good password security doesn’t have to be difficult – and there are password management tools that can actually make our jobs easier while making us more secure.

One example is that in today’s businesses, we share and collaborate in the cloud and many times require multiple people to have access to the same app and account. Social networks are great examples of this – companies usually need multiple people to tweet under the same login. This leads to doing things like sending passwords around in emails or worse, storing password in a file marked “passwords” or “logins.” And often, because passwords are generated to be easily recalled by humans, those passwords are easy to remember, but even easier for thieves to exploit.

Wouldn’t it be great if we had a tool that automated all of this, in a secure encrypted manner?

Of course, we do.

Password vaults like our own Meldium, which is specifically designed for business and team use, automates good password practices and team management into a single, easy-to-use app.

The things that your business should be doing that a password manager actually does, includes:

  • Create a unique, complex password for every account, device and system.
  • Make sure shared passwords are only visible to the management tool and not everyone on the team or in the company.
  • Ensure that it is easy to provision passwords to new employees that need them and revoked from those that are no longer with the company.
  • Employ two factor authentication, which adds yet another layer of security on top of the password itself and can be used when suspicious activity is detected (like a browser change or access from an unfamiliar IP address.)

The good news in all of this is that password management tools are one of the few areas that can make us more productive while making us more secure. They reduce the annoyance of passwords and encourage good password hygiene. And in the worst case scenario of a data breach they can offer an extra layer of protection over sensitive information.


LogMeIn Introduces AppGuru

appguru-banner (2)

Empowering businesses to securely embrace the app-centric world.

We’re excited to announce our new cloud app management offering, AppGuru. Specifically designed for IT professionals, AppGuru will change the way companies detect and secure employee-introduced applications and help IT professionals regain control of today’s consumerized IT environments.

IT’s acceptance of consumer devices into their network during the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) era opened up the door for an empowered workforce to introduce a flood of cloud applications to their corporate network. This exponentially increased the levels of business data flowing into the cloud and created an inability to understand what apps their employees were using in addition to existing, IT provided solutions. LogMeIn’s recent study fielded with Edge Strategies, found that 70% of organizations have a presence of bring-your-own-app (BYOA) and that IT underestimates the sheer volume of apps being brought into their organization by 7X.

This BYOA trend represents the latest example of the “Shadow IT” phenomenon, and has placed IT at an important crossroads; they can either ignore a trend that can be a threat to their business or address the challenge head on to bridge the gap between employee’s productivity wants, and their IT security needs.

With AppGuru, IT can take a managed and secure approach to cloud app adoption. Here’s a closer look at how AppGuru enables IT to embrace, secure and take control of the app-centric world:

  • Discover: IT can discover what apps are being used on the network, by whom, and on what devices, in addition to monitoring how much company data is going into the cloud
  • Analyze: Evaluate the security risks of cloud apps in use and uncover efficiencies across the organization with similar apps in use.
  • Provision: Manage your company’s current apps and subscriptions with out-of-the-box support for today’s most popular cloud apps, including Basecamp, Box, Evernote, GitHub, Google Apps, Jive, join.me, Office 365, Salesforce, and Trello.
  • Control: Enforce your company’s security standards, manage the adoption of cloud applications, and control feature usage within app policies.
  • Use: This centralized approach allows IT to access all of their company apps in one place and provide your company with the needed to streamline the adoption of new apps

Looking to get ahead of the trend and keep your network, data and business secure? Please visit AppGuru.com for more information.

AppGuru Discovery


We’re Ready for Windows 8.1 and IE11


windows 8.1

New features include:

Support for Windows 8.1 and Internet Explorer 11 (IE11)

  • Launch remote control in any supported browser on a computer running Windows 8.1
  • Launch remote control in IE11 running on any supported Windows OS
  • From any client, control any host computer running Windows 8.1
  • Note: Windows RT is not supported


  • Cryptographic protocol enhancements

Host Fixes

  • Improved handling of the number lock key when using the “Use Legacy LogMeIn Mapping” option during remote control
  • Improved Wake On LAN capabilities when waking Windows hosts

Plugin Fixes

  • Improved color reproduction during remote control
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in failure when attempting to connect a drive during remote control

Support for iOS7 and iPhone 5S is Here

LogMeIn has continued to work with Apple’s devices and operating systems to provide you with the best access available.  We are pleased to announce that the LogMeIn App is now fully compatible with iOS 7 and iPhone 5S.


The newest update is now available on the App Store. Let us know what you think by providing reviews and ranking.

This app requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and optimized for iPhone 5.



Showcasing Rescue’s latest integration with ServiceNow!

This week the LogMeIn Rescue team continues life on the road, attending ServiceNow’s annual user conference in Las Vegas, Knowledge 13.  There is no better place to showcase the latest update to Rescue’s integration with ServiceNow’s Service Desk cloud service.  For those unfamiliar with the integration, here’s how it works and how your staff can work more effectively within the service desk.

SN-PINIf you’re an IT service desk using ServiceNow to manage your helpdesk service requests, your support staff can now initiate a Rescue remote support session directly from a ServiceNow ticket. Not only does this greatly simplify the technical support workflow, it also ensures that no vital information is lost along the way. Available at no additional cost to the organization, your ServiceNow administrator can add the Rescue integration by following the detailed instructions available on our recently launched integration portal.

The integration provides efficiencies within the helpdesk by allowing staff to:

  • Generate a LogMeIn Rescue session and SN-TKTcorresponding PIN code directly from a ServiceNow ticket
  • Email a link with the session PIN directly to the end-user from within the ServiceNow ticket, making it easier for the end-user to enter a remote support session
  • Post LogMeIn Rescue session details back to the ServiceNow ticket, including timestamps, chat logs, notes, as well as any customer fields and technician survey answers.

If you are at Knowledge13 stop by our table top for a live demo!


LogMeIn Readies Rescue, Parature Integration

For the LogMeIn Rescue team, it’s no rest for the weary.  Following five days at Mobile World Congress in beautiful Barcelona, the LogMeIn Rescue team traveled to Las Vegas for this week’s Parature’s annual user conference, ParaFest 2013.  And there’s no better place to preview our latest helpdesk integration with Parature’s increasingly popular customer service software.  That’s right, you’ll soon be able to combine the power of Rescue and Parature to bring integrated remote support capabilities directly from the Parature ticketing interface.  Here’s how it works and how you can take advantage of the new capabilities.

If you’re a B2C helpdesk using Parature to manage your customer service requests, you’ll soon have the ability to give your support staff the option to launch a remote support session directly from a Parature ticket.  The ability to generate a Rescue session will be available from within Parature without any setup required and only a single simple admin setting change from within Rescue.  Support technicians can collaborate with their customers in real time to quickly diagnose and resolve issues related to their products by viewing and controlling a user’s computer or smartphone, on-demand. The result is a faster and more reliable customer experience.

The integrated offering will be made available on our integration portal in the coming weeks to joint LogMeIn Rescue and Parature customers at no extra cost. Both product lines are SaaS-based, eliminating the need for onsite installations, resources or management.

The new partnership allows customers to:

  • Generate a LogMeIn Rescue session directly from a Parature ticket.
  • Post LogMeIn Rescue session details back Parature tickets, including timestamps, chat logs, notes, as well as any custom fields and survey answers.

Stay tuned for the official launch, and if you are at Parafest stop by our table top for a live demo.


Introducing the New Rescue Integration Portal!

While Rescue may be your go-to remote support tool for troubleshooting PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets, we recognize it’s but one of the many tools you use to keep your helpdesk running.  We’ve spent a lot of time making sure that we can offer the best and most efficient out-of-the-box integrations between Rescue and the industry leading CRM, ITSM, ticketing, PSA solutions, and more – giving you new ways to get even more out of your helpdesk tool kit.  And now, we’re offering an easy way to make sure you quickly take advantage of these integrations:  the all new LogMeIn Rescue IntegratiIntegrationPortalon Portal.

The new portal features details and instructions on how to integrate Rescue with:

  • Salesforce.com
  • Connectwise
  • ZenDesk
  • Autotask
  • ServiceNow
  • Spiceworks

It also provides details of how best to take advantage of Rescue’s APIs to perform administrative tasks like adding or removing authorized technicians and creating groups; to logging into Rescue from other applications to escalate support and work seamlessly between tools; to integration with call center applications for transferring session data for central access and storage; to creating dashboards on session data, survey results and performance statistics.

Looking to add your applications to an integration wish list?  The new portal provides a simple means of requesting new partnerships and integrations with inputs that go directly to our development and BD teams.

Check it out, let us know what other apps you want to see added to our out-of-the-box checklist, and make sure to keep your eyes out for new integrations in the coming weeks and months.


LogMeIn Rescue for Summer 2012: Great new features, same great product!

It’s here! We’ve just released our latest version of LogMeIn Rescue for Summer 2012. You know by now that Rescue places the technician at the center of the customer care experience, and this version of the product is no different. Now you can use Rescue to bring in outside resources to solve customer issues even more efficiently. When 70% of a technician’s time is spent just searching for information, Rescue can help!

Here’s how:


Now you can use Rescue to invite external technicians, from outside your support organization, to join active sessions and help. We know you expect Rescue to be the best, so we’ve worked hard to maintain the balance between flexibility, security, and administrative control. As a technician, you have the flexibility to decide when to bring in help. As an administrator, you determine who can be invited, by whom, and how they can use Rescue in the session. We give you all of this while maintaining a careful record of the entire activity as usual.


Now you can access any web page like a FAQ or Knowledge Base, right from within the Rescue Technician Console! Technicians will no longer need to toggle between windows in order to access important information when in-session. What’s more, Rescue will also pass session-specific data from the Technician Console to the web page, making it much more powerful when using the portal to load a CRM or ticketing system.

We’re really excited about this version, and we’d love to hear what you think as always. For more information on the features, check out our New Features Guide.


The New LogMeIn Rescue – From Desktop to Handheld In Seconds!

These are exciting times for LogMeIn Rescue! Today, we are announcing game changing enhancements to our flagship remote support solution. With this version, we focused on helping you do more with the exploding population of smartphones and tablets, and making access to the Rescue Technician Console easier, faster, and more convenient.

So what’s new?

Well, we’ve enhanced mobile configuration capabilities for email, WiFi, device permissions, and device pass code issues. Put these together with Rescue’s integrated chat and you can now resolve mobile problems more quickly and easily than in the past.

We’re really excited about the new Rescue Desktop App. Using the App, you’ll be able to launch the Technician Console directly from your desktop without the hassle of a web browser. Don’t worry though, the browser version isn’t going anywhere – you choose which to use!

With these features and more, we can’t wait to hear your feedback. If you haven’t already, why not head on over and login or, if you’re new to the neighborhood, create a free trial account to try the new LogMeIn Rescue?

If you’d like to learn more, check out the video below: