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Recently, I’ve spent a good amount of time speaking directly with companies about challenges and opportunities with regards to today’s customer experience.  It’s surprising that regardless of the industry and even geographical region, most agree that while exceptional customer experience has always been important, it’s never been more difficult to achieve.

This is a fact of doing business in the world which we live in today.  Customer experience is rapidly changing by the likes of Uber and Amazon – customers expect everything to work effortlessly and instantly with a single click.  “Click” and a car arrives to pick me up….  “Click” and a box is delivered to my doorstep in an hour… It’s magic.

So when it comes to Customer Engagement and Support, it’s not surprising that customers expect the exact same thing.  And the expectations of today’s customer makes it hard for today’s contact center to keep up.

Given technology advancements, millennial trends or a number of other factors, a stellar customer experience is absolutely required in order for companies to either compete or go the way of the dinosaurs.  But as the world of customer experience continues to rapidly evolve, we have seen more than a few challenges in traditional customer engagement which are completely avoidable.   These include:

  • Siloed Communication – Moving from channel to channel was often not seamless. Customers who started their communication via Twitter might be escalated to a phone call. The problem is that the agent responsible for social was often not the agent in the call center – leaving the customer needing to explain their question or issue over again.
  • Inefficient Use of Channels – Simple questions, like a password reset for example, can generally be best answered through lower touch channels like an FAQ or Live Chat, but often higher touch channels like phone are being used for these simple questions. While those channels will certainly get the question answered, it is likely not the most efficient for the customer and more expensive for the company.
  • Disjointed Customer Information – In traditional multi-channel situations, information about a customer is housed in a variety of different repositories requiring agents to toggle between various locations to understand the full scope of the customer query and resulting in incomplete information and longer time to resolution.

If you can remove these barriers, you can begin to take back and own the customer experience.  This is where an omni-channel approach to customer experience is emerging.  One that provides the right channel to the right customer for the right situation.

We’ve been talking about the merits of an omni-channel experience to help our customers move beyond these challenges for a while and today we announced a brand new version of BoldChat that continues our mission to provide a market-leading live chat and omni-channel customer engagement solutions which gives businesses the control and flexibility to distinguish themselves in the marketplace.     The latest BoldChat adds new channels including video chat and auto answers – ensuring that whether the customer query requires a high-touch interaction, a self-service question, or anything in between, BoldChat can meet those needs.   We also added a new UI that provides agents a consolidated view of all customer communications and relevant information in order to provide a more personal experience with faster resolution times.

We’ve all been in situations where customer service has made or broken our relationship with a brand.   We remember those times, we tell our friends and families about those experiences.  Today’s announcement takes customer service to the next level.  By providing a seamless omni-channel experience for customers on the front end and all the tools agents need to do their jobs efficiently and effectively on the backend, companies can elevate and personalize the customer experience to a level that will make them stand out against competitors, boost sales and increase customer loyalty.  Making a strong relationship between the customer and brand, not breaking it.


69% of Orgs Will Adopt Mobile Customer Care Programs to Gain Competitive Edge

According to Aberdeen, one out of two businesses are using at least eight channels to engage their customers. Mobile is one of those channels, and it is rapidly changing the dynamics of the customer/company relationship by empowering today’s buyers with seamless access to information that influences their purchase and loyalty decisions.

This Aberdeen report, “Mobile Customer Care: It’s More Than Hype”, demonstrates how companies can establish a mobile customer care program to set themselves apart. Core components include:

  • Standardizing and centralizing data collected through each customer touch-point, empowering contact center agents to personalize each interaction and provide a seamless experience through the mobile channel.
  • Determining KPIs personalized to your business’ customer care objectives to determine strengths and weaknesses, and establish a customer-friendly mobile strategy.

To learn more about deploying a mobile customer care program for Best-in-Class results, download Mobile Customer Care: It’s More Than Hype. For a mobile-friendly service and support solution to seamlessly engage customers across devices, take a look at BoldChat.


New release of BoldChat offers superior mobile user experience


We’re excited to share that a new release of BoldChat, our live chat and multichannel customer engagement software, is now available to help businesses deliver a superior customer experience for the rapidly growing number of mobile web users.

Increased mobile web usage has quickly given rise to the multi-device consumer, fundamentally changing expectations and business needs. Because of this trend, businesses are  looking for robust customer engagement solutions that provide them with the ability to interact with customers on any device, at the right time and in the right context to increase customer satisfaction, boost sales and improve operational efficiencies. The latest BoldChat  enhancements empower live chat agents to control and consolidate the management of customer interactions into one easy-to-use tool – including mobile layered chat windows, enhanced routing logic, automated multi-lingual chat windows and data retention and deletion administration.

For more information, please see the official press release here as well as the full blog post on here.



[Webinar] Tips, Tricks, and Secrets to Live Chat Success


Join us on March 11th at 2:00 PM ET, for a webinar titled Tips, Tricks and Secrets to Live Chat Success.

This webinar will discuss how live chat is becoming the customer go-to for online shopping as companies increasingly look to differentiate themselves by providing superior customer experience and tips to using it effectively. Speakers include Lauren Freedman, President of the e-tailing group, our customer Jon Abt, President of Abt Electronics and LogMeIn’s own Ross Haskell, Senior Director of Products, BoldChat.

Please click here to register! We hope you will join us!


[Infographic] The New mCommerce Reality

Smartphones and tablets have changed everything: the way we communicate, the way we meet, the way we get around, the way we shop and more. The connected, on-the-go customer has literally shifted the balance of power in our society. Mobile users have easy access to information, unlimited options, and the ability to publicly and instantaneously express praise or dissatisfaction. It’s no surprise that mobile devices are changing the way consumers purchase online and in stores. It’s important to recognize, however, that mCommerce is one aspect of a larger commerce landscape. The following infographic illustrates this new mobile reality. To learn more about mCommerce best practices and how they can be used throughout the customer lifecycle, download the new mCommerce Reality research report here.

The New mCommerce Report Infographic




[Infographic] 6 Tips to Launch your mCommerce Business

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our 6 Tips to Launch your mCommerce Business series these past few weeks. Hopefully you’ve begun putting these tips into action! Check out the infographic in full below.


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6 Tips to Launch your mCommerce Business – Tip #6

Did you know 84% of mCommerce sites have a dedicated customer service area? It’s clear that customer service matters to your business – and customers appreciate it.  So last, but not least, please see Tip #6 in our 6 Tips to Launch your mCommerce Business series, below.


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6 Tips to Launch your mCommerce Business – Tip #5

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If you’re an internet retailer, have you seen shopping cart abandonment go down when you have fast checkout available to your customers?

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6 Tips to Launch your mCommerce Business – Tip #4

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6 Tips to Launch your mCommerce Business – Tip #3

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